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Michael is VERY sexy ;) (only 18 and over, please)
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 'Head' Doctor

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PostSubject: 'Head' Doctor   Tue May 22, 2012 1:13 pm

'Good morning, Veronica. Please, hold my calls, and just so you know, I am not taking any appointments today. I have to get caught up on my paperwork and update files and such. So, no interruptions, alright'? I snarled at the office secretary as I was an impeccably clad blur passing by her desk and into my office, surreptitiously slamming my office door behind me. Through the closed door, I heard a faint, 'Yes, Ms. Ahmed'. I felt bad for having snapped at Veronica, I mean, it wasn't her fault that I was so busy these days. I longed for the day when I would finally open my own sex therapy office, and leave this one because they were piling too much work on me. All work and no play makes Vee...well, it makes me a first-class bitch, that's what!

I moved around my office like a whirlwind, cutting on lights, rearranging my desk and chairs for the best possible comfort and efficiency. Somehow, I just knew the day would not go as planned, but I kicked off my shoes under my desk, unbuttoned the first 2 or 3 buttons of my chocolate color silk blouse, which accentuated my black, knee length suede skirt. I had to admit the thigh high black stockings were a sexy but classy touch, smiling to myself because suddenly, I felt a bit naughty. I had no time to slip into fantasies or daydream, so I got to work on that stack of client files on my desk. It was kind of warm in my office, but I tried to ignore it, or maybe it was just me. I took my medium length brown hair and twisted it up into a rather efficient but sexy bun on top of my head using one of my office pencils. Still, I felt overheated somehow. Picking up the phone, I pressed Veronica's extension to ask her to see what's up with my thermostat in my office. 'Veronica, I can't work like this. It's too fucking hot in my office. Please see what you can do about getting me some a/c in here'. She said, 'Yes, ma'am. Right away'. Hanging up, I put my glasses on cause I'm near-sighted like a motherfucker, and I couldn't see shit without being all up on it. I lost myself in updating and working on those files, when suddenly my office door opened slowly, and someone came inside and had a seat in the chair right across from my desk. Damn that Veronica! I told her ass before I came into my office that I didn't want to be bothered and that I was not going to see any clients today, but just look. Somehow this one had gotten into my office. Sad

Without looking up, I said, 'I'm sorry. I am not seeing any clients today, but please, make another appointment at my secretary's desk just outside my office. I'm sorry for the inconvenience'. Silence from the other side of the desk. -_- I looked up from my files, over the top of my glasses, to give the person on the other side of the desk an annoyed look, and had fully planned to repeat the previous statement, but he said, 'Please...I need your help. Will you help me'? I knew that voice...

I stood up from my desk, completely speechless, and mouth standing agape like some dumb ass, just staring at that fucking gorgeous man staring back at me from across the desk. Suddenly, I felt self-conscious and like I wanted to button up my shirt, adjust my dress somehow, but I felt his eyes on me, as if sizing me up, trying to see whether I was the right person for what he needed. "Hello"? *snapping his fingers*..."Hello"?! he called at me, but it was like I was daydreaming while staring at him, and I finally snapped out of it and said, 'Of course, Mr. Jackson. What can I do for you'? He said, 'I have a problem, and I need your help. I think you're the right woman for the job, and I'd like you to give this job your full attention. Will you'? I didn't know what to make of his request, but I said, 'Yes, Mr. Jackson. Of course, everything is confidential here, and I will do my very best to help you.' 'Please, call me Michael. Okay? Mr. Jackson is so formal. Just call me Michael'. Blushing at the little sexy half-smile playing at his lips, I smiled shyly saying, 'Okay...Michael'. Smile He went on, 'What's your name, sweetheart'? I said, 'It's DelVita, but my friends call me 'Vee'. You may call me 'Vee' as well'. 'Hmmm...'Vee'...okay', he pondered my name in his mind, seeming to let it roll off his tongue when he said it. He sat back in the chair, very sure of himself and also looking a bit impatient. He spoke up, 'Vee', there's something that I need...and I need it...right now. Come to me...' I stood there, thinking the nerve of this man, but before I could form a comment, my body was already making its way over to him.

‘So, what is it that you want exactly, Michael’? I asked, folding my arms across my chest, stopping right in front of him. Staring up at me from his chair, he took all of me in with his eyes, eyeing me up and down, licking his lips once or twice before answering, he reached forward and took my hand, pulling me slowly toward where he sat, and said, ‘I work really hard, Vee, and I feel like I can’t unwind, no matter what I do. I need…a release. I need something I’ve never had before…’ Staring down at him, a lump in my throat, I ask, ‘What kind of release do you need, Michael? And yes, I know you work hard, but what does all this have to do with me’? He was silent for a moment before answering, and pulling me ever more close to him, ‘I need…the best blow job I’ve ever had…’ I was speechless and could hardly form words to speak to him, and I felt the floodgates open between my legs as just the tone of his voice coupled with his words made me ‘wet’. He went on, ‘Please, Vee…I’ll give you anything you want…just name it, and it’s yours’, and he pulled me down onto his lap in the chair, enveloping me in his arms, his face moved closer to mine as he looked into my eyes, planting the sexiest kiss I ever had on my lips…his tongue snaking its way into my mouth, sucking on my lips, soft, urgent moans escaping his sexy mouth, his breath more insistent. I could not resist, but resist I had to.

I pulled away from his kiss, and said, ‘Michael, I’m not sure you understand what I do here. I’m a sex therapist. I cannot do what you are asking. I do not have sex, oral or intercourse, with my clients. I’m very sorry’. Michael looked at me with those big, gorgeous brown eyes, giving not a damn what I had just told him, and said, ‘Please…for me’? Tell me why those 3 words melted my ass all over the office and made me feel as if he could make me do anything for him? I was unable to say another word, and I just got up from his lap and stood there in front of him. A playful smile graced his sexy lips, just before he said, ‘Get on your knees, girl…’, all the while undoing his belt and unzipping his pants. Seeing him pull out that gorgeous dick of his, my body instantly dropped to the floor in front of his chair…ready… to pleasure him.

He was holding that beautiful rod of perfection, stroking it up and down, eyeing me, and he said, ‘So…what do you think’? I could not form words for what I was thinking…staring at the length and width of him, mouth watering, my pussy getting wetter and wetter. He grabbed the back of my hair, releasing the pencil that was holding it up, so that my hair fell in ringlets to middle-ways my back, and he pulled my head closer to his crotch…gritting his teeth, pouting lips at the realization that he was about to be inside my mouth, and I could tell that he wondered what that must be like. I closed my eyes cause this had been a secret dream of mine, to pleasure Michael with my mouth as he reclined on a chair, me on my knees in front of him…Instinctively, my mouth opened as he sucked in a breath, forcing my face down onto his dick with force…He held my head down pushing and pulling my head up and down on his ‘magic stick’ as he moaned and moved his hips around, fucking my mouth.

I figured, hey, if he’s enjoying it this much, and I haven’t even really gotten into the moment, let’s see what happens when I put some extra effort into it. Taking him out of my mouth, he released his hold on the back of my hair, and I held him in my hands, sizing up the prize in front of me, thinking of the best ways possible to please him. His dick seemed to be pulsating in my hand, veins protruding through his skin, looking ready to explode at any moment.

I ran my hand up his chest, feeling his body through his shirt and he shuddered and whimpered at my touch, and I watched him as I unbuttoned his shirt, sliding my hand inside, running it all over his torso, tweaking his nipples. He started moaning and I could see he was looking at me through half-closed eyes, watching my every move, as low groans escaped his soft, sensuous lips. Sliding up his body, my mouth found his nipples and I began to lick and suck and gently bite them, as he reached around behind me, snatching my skirt up over my hips, and running his hands between my legs, exploring my soaking wet pussy with his fingers, sliding them back and forth inside me. ‘Ohhh…your pussy is so soft…and wet…can I fuck you later’? he questioned. I said, ‘We’ll see’ while giving him a lusty look, sliding my way down to his belly button. I kissed and licked his belly button as if it were the most beautiful belly button in the whole world, then I licked my way back down to his groin. I slid his pants down to his ankles, and started sucking and biting the insides of his thighs. He moaned his approval, and his knuckles turned white as he gripped the arms of the chair where he was sitting.

Reclaiming his succulent manhood, I held it in my hand, squeezing it at the base and I swallowed him whole. I thought he would levitate up out the chair, but I held him there, sucking the life out of him. ‘Oooh Vee…yes…yes, girl…suck it…suck it harder…harder, baby…yessss…’ he sucked in air through his teeth, his eyes closed, hands finding my hair again. He tasted so good that I was moaning while sucking him, and I don’t need to tell you that I was dripping wet with just the thought of what I was doing to him. I slid my mouth up and down on his dick, slowly…moving my tongue in alternating directions while he thrust into my mouth. I took him deep into my throat, letting the head of his dick caress the back of my throat, saying in my mind, ‘fuck a gag reflex’. I tightened up the suction in my mouth around it, and drew my lips upward all the way to the head of it, and released it suddenly only to quickly slide my mouth all the way down on it, keeping eye contact with him. I took it out of my mouth, staring hungrily at it, and I blew on it, all over it, on the tip of it, and stuck my tongue gently into the opening of it, flicking my tongue across it. He was growling then, watching me suck him off, and he was loving every damn minute of it. ‘Ahhhhhhh…no one has ever sucked me like this…don’t stop…please…don’t stop’, he cooed. Oh trust me, baby. I’m not stopping.

Holding his dick up straight in my hand, I slid my lips and tongue down to his balls, licking and sucking them, finally taking each one into my mouth, playing with them, rolling them around gently with my tongue….then working my way underneath them, slowly, making a trail of kisses down to that patch of skin just under them, between them and his ass hole, and I stroked it gently with my tongue, and he was going wild, working his way out of the chair down to the floor, and he lay there flat on his back, me still licking him. He reached up and opened my blouse, unbuttoning it all the way down, and releasing my breasts from my bra tweaking my nipples with his fingers, pulling at them, stroking them, caressing them. I was licking my way up his body to his chest and neck, licking and lapping all over him, like he was my caramel lollipop. I playfully nibbled his neck and ears, whispering dirty things to him, allowing my breasts to flutter across his chest, and he caught them and squeezed them hard, pulling me further up on him, taking my nipples in his mouth, letting his teeth graze them, sucking them and flicking his tongue across them while moaning my name….’Oh Vee…ohhh…ohhh…’, he groaned against my breasts. We kissed then, a deep soulful kiss, sucking each other’s tongues, biting each other’s lips playfully. My wetness was dripping down onto him, and he felt this, putting his hand between my legs, rubbing my pussy fast and hard, his fingers playing in my slippery wetness, he growled in my ear, a low animalistic growl, such as I never heard from a man before.

I licked my way back down to his heavenly rod, placing it in my mouth, sucking on it again, this time with more fervor, dying to make him cum. I asked him, ‘Are you ready, baby’? and he peered at me, and sheepishly said, ,’When I cum, will you swallow it’? he continued, ‘Most women don’t swallow, and they spit it out…’. I smiled at him, and said, ‘Yes, I intend to…’, and he seemed to relax, laying his head back onto the office floor, his body totally relaxed. Time for me to work my magic…

I took him back into my mouth, swallowing him whole, repeatedly…releasing a trail of my saliva coupled with his pre-cum up and down his dick, only to lick it up again, and turning my head to the side, while holding his dick straight up and down, I suck the length of him from each side while releasing hot air from between my lips, letting my tongue caress him. He moaned, his body stiffening, then relaxing again, shaking a bit. I swallowed him again, this time, keeping him deep in my mouth, my hand holding the base of his dick tight and firm, and I began to suck him up and down, furiously, while sliding my hand up and down on it, alternating twists and strokes, using my saliva as lubrication. I slurped on the head of it, grazing it with my teeth, only to ravage him again, sucking and stroking him into oblivion. “Ohhhh…damn girl…Ohhh shit! Ahhhh…I’m cumming…I’m cumming…’, he moaned loudly. I held the suction I had on him, feeling his dick twitch and jerk inside my mouth, and he grabbed the back of my head, holding me down on his erection as he thrust his hips upwards, forcing his dick further back in my mouth and into my throat. I gagged a little, but kept him nestled at the back of my tongue. I felt him orgasm, as his cum shot into my throat, I swallowed every drop, sucking the rest out of him as he moaned and writhed with pleasure under my mouth and hands. I licked him clean, licking my lips, making sure I didn’t waste of drop of what had just come out of this beautiful man…

I laid my head on top of his abdomen, keeping him inside my mouth, feeling him grow soft against my tongue. We lay still for what seemed like forever, but was really only about an hour. I stroked him, just looking at him, taking him into my hand again, massaging him gently, kissing it, planting kisses on his stomach as well. He pulled me up to him, holding me in his arms there on the floor, and kissed my neck passionately while whispering in my ear, ‘Thank you, Vee. I feel so relaxed. I knew you could get me right. Can you write me a prescription for 'you' once a week’? We laughed together, kissing in between giggles. We helped each other up off the floor and started putting our clothes back on properly, and I just wondered if that nosy Veronica had been listening by the door the whole time. O_O I went around to the back of my desk, and wrote something down, and handed it to him. He was like, ‘What’s this’? I said, ‘It’s the prescription you requested…be here every week at this same time for your ‘therapy’, and don’t be late, and for you, I do make house calls’. Wink He laughed and winked his eye at me, tucking the sticky note into his pocket. Just as he was about to walk out the door, he turned and said, ‘Oh, and don’t think this is over…be at my house tonight at 8. Don’t be late. And oh yeah, wear something easily accessible cause I'm gonna' fuck you on-sight. Oh, and one more thing, wear some red pumps. I want you to be wearing them while we… you know’. Wink Then, he left, closing the door behind him.

I don’t need to tell you that it was damn hard for me to work the rest of the day. All I could think about was the taste of him on my lips and tongue, and how that night, he would be showing me just what he does from the middle of the night until the break of dawn.

The End

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'Head' Doctor
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