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Michael is VERY sexy ;) (only 18 and over, please)
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 An Attempt to Translate Soul's Love

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PostSubject: An Attempt to Translate Soul's Love   Sat May 12, 2012 3:05 pm

Look, my love...look and listen, to where my heart has led me...look and know that you are the very beat of my heart...

At the edge of night, somewhere between dusk and dawn, my love, I wait for you...standing on the edge of madness, bordering on insanity, just for the touch of your ethereal lips on mine; a death most sublime and I gladly submit to it, but only in your arms...only...in YOUR arms...

The spirit of my beloved, drifts in...riding wind's breeze, and my soul is at ease, knowing it is you, my king...

The night air bringing your presence to me...moonlit black azure moondrops playing in your hair...how I long to touch you. Come to me, my love...come to me...

Outside this room, my love, the world is pitiless and unforgiving to soul-lovers, but here, here we are safe...No one can touch us here. There is only love between us, and magic sprinkled on night's air; I love the way the moonlight illuminates your eyes...I could die in them a thousand times, and each death would be more exquisite than the last. Sapphire night...fingers drifting toward my lover's hair, touching them at last...running my fingers down the length of them...moon's silk spun upon your head by the dew of night's longing. Your hair, my black forest of dreams...that I long to get lost in...

The air is thick with you, my love...in every corner a shadow, silhouetted specters dance to a tune that I believed only you and I could hear, but it seems that the universe is well-versed in the affairs of love...and the angels listen, to words exchanged between our souls without our lips ever having said a word. The sight of you draws out a voice from my spirit that only heaven understands. It has never been more evident than tonight that my words fail to convey my heart's true feeling when speaking of you...there are no words for my love concerning you. The words do not exist, my love. They simply do not exist...

Lost in your embrace...I care not if the sun ever rises again, or whether I take another breath...I just want to stay here, with you, just like this...the air still...silence all around, except the storm within our souls; your divine lips, whisper in my ear, 'close your eyes...come fly with me...trust me...', and I do, and the moment I close my eyes, you and I become one, in body and soul, and we escape this madness called the world, and life as we know it becomes a bearable tune, all played in the key of LOVE...

The way you make love to me...lifting my body and soul higher and higher, yet taking me down deeper and deeper into your love; you teach me the secret ways of touching your heart and mind...and know that I am your apt pupil, willingly learning the art of making spiritual love from your hands; the way you love me...the WAY you love me, my love...I haven't the words to describe it, but with mere language, I make an attempt; falling short, yet falling more in love, with you...my king, my heart, my soul; I want to go higher and higher, to the height of all heights, of being in love and making love...with you.

Is this madness? yes, yes, my love...it is, and beyond...beyond madness...beyond insanity...beyond anything ever described...and I love every minute and every second of it; I love the hunger in your eyes, and the urgency of your sighs...and when night turns to day, the magic of you remains...in pillows full of moondrops released from the dark locks of your hair, and in my arms that hold your shape...until your return...

Breathless...in your arms...the night is eternal in your arms, my king...and I would spend all my soul on thee...every last bit of me...for just one more...just ONE more...moment with thee; you ruin me, and I love...love...LOVE everything you do to me.

I love how we breathe...together...me, breathing in you...you, breathing in me; skin-on-skin, ecstasy; you make such an amazing mess of me...

Worshipping your body with my own...giving you all of me, every little bit of me. This body is your home...come, live in me; your love courses through my veins; flutters of passion, hours and days, later, still engulfing me; an invasion of my body; you possess me. Midnight...midnight brings you into my arms...and at your arrival, the night's possibilities seem endless...Fingers interlocking, enclosing upon soul's sighs, and the tears in my eyes reveal to you the pleasure I feel at the slightest touch of your hand...

I crave you...I crave your kisses...I crave the taste of you....the mere sight of you...I crave your sighs and your moans leaving me spent, yet wanting more, laying at moonlight's gilded door, and still I want more...of you.



P.S. I love you, Michael...with all my heart, soul, and mind, and you will always, always be the one for me. But, I have a feeling that you already know that. ♥

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An Attempt to Translate Soul's Love
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