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Michael is VERY sexy ;) (only 18 and over, please)
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 Me, Mike, and an Elevator

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PostSubject: Me, Mike, and an Elevator    Tue May 17, 2011 1:41 am

Michael and I are on an elevator in an exclusive shopping center on the way up to an undisclosed store to do some heavy duty shopping when all of a sudden it stops! We are the only 2 people in the elevator. It is stuck between floors actually. I figure we have between 10 minutes to a half-hour before maintenance gets this thing moving again. And well, it's been a few hours since I had my last serving of this fine ass man, so I'm moving in for a 'quicky'.

I'm wearing a black leather dress with a split up the front and black leather boots. I am looking fierce. (LOL) and ya'll already know I don't do panties. Michael looks exquisite as usual. He is looking at me, staring at me, giving me those sexy ass eyes, looking all sleepy and sexy, like, "COME HERE, GIRL"! biting his lower lip, doing a little pout with it. I start walking toward him, raising my dress slowly and seductively as I move toward him....

When I get over to him, I am about to kick off my boots, but he whispers sensuously in my ear, "No, girl...leave 'em on...I wanna' fuck you while you're wearing 'em". I am feeling weak in the knees, and I start to fall, but he catches me and holds me up close to him, our lips touching lightly. I am unzipping his pants. His dick is as hard as a rock. Without warning, his hands move up my thighs, slide my dress up past my hips, and he lifts me up against the elevator wall, stares into my eyes...

He starts sucking my lower lip and my tongue, alternating between the two. He is gripping my ass in his hands and I am pinned to the elevator wall. The minute I feel the head of his dick searching for the opening of my hungry, wet pussy, I shudder with passion and anticipation. Chills run up my spine and down again. His 'magic stick' finds the 'entrance' to the 'candy shop', and he thrusts deep into me with what sounds like a low pitched growl. I think even my soul feels this shit! Damn!

"Ohhh, Michael..ooh...you feel so good in me...what if we get caught"? He is saying breathlessly in a low, sexy whisper, "Girl, I thought you knew me? I love to perform. I'm kidding, but just don't worry about it. Lose yourself in the moment. You KNOW I won't stop til I get enough". I can feel him deep inside me, and believe me, he IS workin' it! That thing he does with his hips, he's doing it now. Damn, he feels so good inside me...mmmm...his dick really IS sugar and spice and everything nice.

He is hitting every possible nook and cranny inside me, not missing anything. My arms are around his neck, holding on for dear life. "Girl, you look so sexy in this dress (thrust), and me fucking you (thrust) here in this elevator (thrust), and you wearing these boots while I'm all up in you (thrust) is making me want you even more (thrust)...damn, girl"! I can tell the front of his pants are wet with the passion exchanged between us. Still, he doesn't care...he's a beast...a sexy ass beast...

"Baby, I wanna' see that big, round ass of yours right now, here in this elevator, while you're wearing those boots. Show 'daddy' what you workin' with, girl"! He pulls out of me and I slide down onto my feet. He leans against the wall of the elevator, holding his dick in his hand, massaging it slowly, watching me intently. I walk a few steps in front of him to the other side of the elevator, and I lean back onto the wall, my dress already up around my hips, I widen my stance so that he can see me fingering my pussy in front of him.
While I touch myself, I am rolling my hips and moaning with pleasure, giving him my most sexy look, while licking my lips, begging him to come fuck me...I turn to face the wall while looking back at him defiantly, daring him to come get me. With one hand, I am sliding my dress up over my bare ass, rubbing on it, and I even give it a nice slap cause I know it is turning him on. I bend forward a little while squeezing one ass cheek so he can get a glimpse of my pussy from the back. He comes up behind me, dick in hand, and says, "Bend over and touch your toes....now! Do it"! I am bending over, touching my toes. He enters me in this position, watching himself go in and out of me. "Ohhh, girl...Oh baby...oooh...your pussy feels so good...you're so tight...so wet...so mmmmm...." I can feel our combined love juices running down my inner thighs, into my boots. He is gripping my hips, pulling me back onto him with every thrust.

"Ooh, daddy, fuck me...fuck me...oh please fuck me..." He pulls out of me now. I wonder what he has up his sleeve, then I feel that amazing finger inside me, and he's twirling it around, too! To drive me extra crazy, he is sticking his finger inside me, wetting it with my juices, and then sucking it off his finger. He does this about 5 minutes, then enters me again, pulling me back onto him with every thrust, but he is fucking me harder now, much harder. I am losing my breath...but it feels good

Next thing I know, while still inside me, he bends forward over me and grabs both my arms while I am bent over and pulls them up behind me so he is holding my arms behind my back. I am completely helpless. I love it! He hit it a few more times, really hard, and said to me, "Girl, I love your big ass! Damn! I wanna put my dick between your cheeks...Can I"? I said, "Anything for my King". Slowly, he pushed his dick into my ass hole. "Ahhhh"! It hurt, but he can do whatever he wants to me.

He is squeezing my ass and spanking it, while forcing his dick deeper into me. Then, he puts one hand around in front of me and inserts his middle finger into my pussy while he is fucking my ass. His finger is moving so fast, and I wanna' cum so bad, but I wanna wait for him. I don't know if I can...With the other hand, he takes one finger, brings it to the front from the other side and starts rubbing my clit. Now, I am screaming all over the mall from this elevator. LOL "Oh Michael...I cumming"

"Cum then, girl. You can't hold out". "Oh Michael...Oh Michael..ooooh ooooh...ahhh..." I guess him seeing himself between these two big beautiful round cheeks pushed him over the edge, cause he pulled his dick out of me, squirting his cum all over my ass, between the cheeks, and with two fingers, separated my pussy lips exposing the hole, and squirting what was left, on and into the hole itself, without entering me again.
I could feel it running down between my legs, even down the insides of my thighs. He pulled me up and turned me around to face him, and kissed me passionately, interlocking tongues with me as if this elevator would never open again. He hugged me tight to him, whispering 'I love you' in my ear, telling me I'm the best he's ever had, and how he can't even look at another woman. He was in the process of pulling my dress back down to it's original position when suddenly the elevator doors opened, and there stood the attendant, blushing and impressed but somewhat angry...

Upon surveying his face better, we saw it was the same guy from the movie theater where Mike and I got caught fucking in the back row. He and I blushed, and put our hands up to our faces, apologizing cause the guy had this "you again" look on his face. He said, "Mr. Jackson, when I told you last time to 'keep it in the closet', I didn't mean THIS 'closet', and Michael took my hand and we ran out of the elevator, laughing. The attendant just shook his head, secretly jealous.

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Me, Mike, and an Elevator
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