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 *******THE BLACK HAT DIARIES, PART 7*******

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PostSubject: *******THE BLACK HAT DIARIES, PART 7*******   Wed Oct 26, 2011 5:44 pm

After spending weeks in the hospital due to a gunshot wound inflicted by his brother, Jermaine, Mr. M finally got discharged from the hospital. I was there to pick him up, of course, and all his syndicate members were there to witness his release, and to cheer him on for recovering so well. They really love him. Well, who wouldn't? he's a 'stand up' guy Wink The nurse wanted to wheel him out to the waiting limo, but I insisted that I be the one to do it. (You can't trust bitches these days. They are ALL after him anyway. Better safe than sorry Wink I'd hate to have to kill a bitch on hospital property…

One of his henchmen, Danny Aiello, assisted with getting Michael into the limo by opening the car door for us and helping to get him situated in a seat. I got into the limo after Michael did, sitting beside him because I missed him so much. 'Okay then, boss. You need anything, just let us know. We're here for you', Danny said. 'Thank you. Keep your nose clean and stay out of trouble. I'm warning you. Tell the rest of them what I said, too. Just do your jobs and everything will be fine, capiche'?, Michael said. 'Yeah, boss. I read you loud and clear. You won't have any trouble out of us', said Danny. 'Okay then. You can go now', said Michael. Danny turned to leave after closing the door to the limo.

It was a beautiful day outside. Michael was doing great and I was the happiest woman on earth. I must have been daydreaming while peering out the window because Michael said, 'Vee? Is everything alright? You seem kind of distant. Aren't you happy I'm coming home? I missed you so much, baby. Talk to me'. I turned and looked at Michael, squeezing his hand in mine, and I said, 'Yes, my Love, everything is fine. You're back with me, and your body has healed wonderfully. I am so glad to have you back. I thought I had lost you...I can't even think about it, but what if I had? Oh my God... :-*( What if you had left me that day? Michael, I swear, I would have killed myself! I swear! I swear! I swear! I can't live without you', I cried, tears flooding my eyes and pouring down my face. 'Michael, do you have any idea how much I love you? Do you? I could not sleep without you...it was very cold on your side of the bed...so lonely. You are all I've ever dreamed of and much more. You complete me, Michael. You do. Please? we have to stop this, baby. We have to stop this lifestyle. What if next time, your luck runs out? Then what? No, I can't do this anymore. I just can't'! I continued my tirade. Michael grabbed me, pulling me closer to him on the seat, holding me in his arms as I let all my emotions out full-force. I let him. I melted in his arms like butter, reveling in his scent, remembering the time, remembering how we met, remembering every minute of our coming together. He just held me and rocked me silently. The limo driver continued driving, but slowly as if sensing that we needed this moment, right then and there.

'Yes, baby...I know, I know...I understand', Michael comforted me, his voice soft and loving. He lifted my face, looking into my eyes, and said, 'Vee, do you really want us to give all this up, just for me, to save me'? I looked at him, studying his eyes, and I said, 'Michael, yes. I do. Baby, I know this is your 'thing', but when is it enough'? He looked at me, his eyes filled with so much love and understanding, he took my face in his hands and kissed my lips, slowly and methodically, planting kisses all over my lips, stopping only briefly just to look deeper into my eyes. 'I love you, Vee. I really do', he said, and then he kissed me more deeply, enveloping my lips with his mouth, entwining his tongue with mine; the sweet, spicy taste of cinnamon playing on his silky tongue. I gave in to him, allowing myself to forget, for the moment, all that he had been through those past weeks, and what I had been through, worrying about and missing him. I kissed him back, my arms holding onto him for dear life. My whole life is wrapped up in this man.

'Ohhhh Vee...I missed you so (kiss) much (kiss)...It feels so nice to have you in my arms again, finally...' Michael cooed in my ear, his voice sounding more like a purr than a whisper. His hand was on my thigh, making its way up underneath my skirt. I stopped him. 'Michael, you need rest. We can't even think about doing this right now', I giggle, moving his hand away. 'Vee, come on, baby. It's ME. I'm fine. See? Now why don't you come give 'daddy' a proper welcome', he said, naughtiness in his eyes and his mind only on one thing: what's under my skirt. “Michael, no”! I half-yelled, worried about how he must still be having some pain even now from the shooting. I was worried about him. I didn’t know how to just go back to how we used to do things…spur of the moment…spontaneous. *sighs*…

‘Vee, come here…come to me…’ Michael said softly, pulling my hands gently toward him, slow but with determination. I tried to resist, but the next thing I know, he had grabbed me forcefully, turned me around, straddling me over his lap, facing away from him. He slid down in the seat a little so his body was at an angle. I didn’t have time to even think about what was going on cause the next thing I knew was that he was lifting my skirt up over my hips, unbelting and unzipping his pants. “Michael, no…” I pleaded, worried that he would start bleeding internally or something. The doctor had told him to take it easy for a couple of weeks before releasing him from the hospital, and I KNOW how he likes to get down in the bedroom. He doesn’t play.

He pulled my upper body back towards him so that the back of my head rested on his shoulder, and he frantically unbuttoned my blouse, almost ripping the pearl buttons off of it. When my shirt was open, he ran his hands over my chest until he found the hook of my bra in the front just over my sternum and he unhooked it so that my breasts bounced out; no doubt, that was his goal. I could feel his dick getting harder, almost pulsating, giving off a heat just between my thighs towards the opening of ‘miss kitty’. As he squeezed my breasts rather hard and to some sort of rhythm only he knew, he was sucking on my neck just below my left ear. He knows that’s my spot! Oh my God…

His hands slid down the front of my body, caressing me, finding their way to my pussy. I don’t wear panties anyway, so he had nothing to stand in his way. He gripped the inside of my left thigh with his hand while he used his other hand to massage my slit until I was practically soaking wet and dripping just for him. He ran his fingers, slippery with my juices, easily between my pussy lips, enjoying the creaminess he had produced. The knowledge that the driver was just in the front of the car, and could have been watching sort of turned him on even more. He then used his left hand to hold my slippery creamy ‘other lips’ apart as he used his right hand to finger my creamy middle, which was quivering at his touch, seemingly drawing his finger into it. He loved the way my pussy sucked his finger…I loved the feel of his long, sexy fingers up inside me, touching me in places no one has ever touched before. ‘Ohhh Michael…’ I moaned, my eyes closed, unable to move or protest. He licked the side of my neck, his breath hot on my skin, his heavy breathing played in my ear, pulling me closer and closer to the edge…’Vee…I want you…Right here…Right now…’, he whispered, hot and heavy.

I leaned forward not knowing what to expect as I was facing away from him, and he took his right hand, brought his fingers to his lips, licked my cum off of them, wet his fingers with his saliva, and then started massaging my clit. He alternated between rubbing it in circles and back and forth, flicking it. Oh yeah, I was ready. (LOL) He moved my thighs farther apart so that my dripping wet pussy was right over his one-eyed monster, and he held onto my hips, pulling me down onto him, hard. At the same time, he ripped up into me from below. He pushed my hips back and forth on him, so that my pussy slid back and forth on his dick. “Oh Vee…Ohhh…mmmmm…this pussy feels so good…oh my God, girl…’ Michael moaned. Just then, he sat up straight, still inside me, and he wrapped his arms tightly around my body, holding me down on him as he buried his face in my neck and back, seeming to lose himself for that moment…he moved his hips all around underneath me, in circles, back and forth, up and down. He wanted to make sure I’m feeling him. (Oh, I feel you, ‘daddy’. Don’t worry about a damn thing.)
‘Put your feet on the floor, girl’ he whispered in heavy tones. So I put my feet on the floor, my legs over his, and he’s still inside me.

‘Now…ride this dick…ride it’! he said to me in an authoritative tone, his teeth gritted, the most sexy sound in his voice and those hypnotic eyes boring into me. I hold onto his knees as I bounce up and down on his dick, my pussy making squishy, wet noises in the silence of the car. ‘Oh my God…I love that sound…’ Michael moaned…(damn, he don’t miss nothing, do he? Lol) He loved watching my pussy from the back, how I would pull up off his dick, slowly, rotating my hips around on it, my juices trailing up and down his dick, and how I’d just ungrip him, only to slowly slide back down on him. Oh yeah, he loved that … He even held my ass cheeks apart so he could get the full view of me riding him. He was breathing so heavy I started to worry about him, but he was enjoying every minute of what we were doing.

He was getting harder cause I could feel him stretching me wider and filling me up. “Oh Michael…Oh baby…oohhhh….you’re so big…’ I moaned. He was just all heavy breathing and sweat. I kept right on riding him. He reached his right hand around to the front of me again, and began rubbing my clit. His left hand gripped my breast, squeezing it, tweaking its nipple between his fingers and pulling it. ‘Ahhh..Ahhhh…Oh my God…Vee…oh my God…I love this pussy! I love it! I love it’! he moaned loudly. (Hope the driver wasn’t hearing all this lol) I came easily, which is something that only HE has been able to do to me. Knowing I just had an orgasm, he grabbed me, held me, and laid me down on the limo seat, spreading my legs wide as he pushed them up and out. ‘Hold your pussy open for me, girl…now’! he said, breathing heavy, sweat dripping off his body. I did as he said, holding my pussy open for him, legs spread wide before him. He was stroking that fabulous dick of his as he was on his knees between my legs, his eyes slightly open, his lips curled up in a sexy ass snarl…I watch him as his hand slides up and down his dick, wet and slippery and glistening with my cream, and I have never seen anything more sexy in my life. Somehow, his hair worked its way out from the band that was holding it, and his curls cascaded down past his shoulders. I looked at him, a wicked look in my eye, licking my lips, took one of my fingers and stuck it just inside my pussy, teasing him, and I said, ‘Come on, baby…put your icing on my cake’, winking my eye at him. Why the hell did I say that??? He held his dick in his hand just over ‘miss kitty’, over the my hole I was holding open just for him, and he came, hard and forcefully, his own cream shooting out of him and into me, all over ‘miss kitty’, making a pretty mess of her. I rubbed his cum into myself, pushing it inside of me with my fingers as he watched. He continued squirting me, all over my stomach, all between my thighs, on my breasts, and finally in the face. I opened my mouth wide to catch some of it, licking my lips, even taking my fingers from my pussy, the hand that had been playing with his cum and my wetness, and brought it to my lips, licking it off, even sucking it off my fingers. We taste good together. Wink

He laid down on top of me, our mouths locking in a French kiss, tasting each other, knowing each other. We fell asleep in each other’s arms. At some point, the driver arrived at our house, and not knowing what had transpired between us in the back seat, he opened the limo at the back where we were. We were startled, waking up to see him standing there gawking at us, half-naked, the back of the limo smelling like sex, and feeling embarrassed as hell. “What the hell’!? Michael yelled at the driver. “Can’t you knock first, use the intercom or something? You don’t know what people do in the back of limos’?! Michael demanded. ‘I’m sorry, boss’, the driver said, diverting his eyes. ‘So sorry…’, he said. The driver turned his back, not seeing anymore.

We hurried up and threw our clothes on, and got out of the limo. Michael’s fellas were there, awaiting his arrival. The whole house was lit up. We went inside, carefully. ‘SURPRISE’!!! they all yelled. Michael smiled, kind of blushing, as he saw all the flowers, ‘get well soon’ cards, gifts, etc. ‘What’s all this, guys’? Michael asked sheepishly. ‘Boss, fagiddabout it. We care. We wanted to show our support to you and to show you that we are here for you. Anything you need, just call’, said Jimmy Two Times. Michael smiled, feeling loved and appreciated by his group. ‘Alright, I want a drink. Where’s my glass’ Michael said, looking around to see who would be the one to jump up first to get it. ‘Here you go, boss’, said Frank Nitty. (He was called ‘Nitty the Enforcer’ because he was Michael’s best hitman). ‘Thank you, Frank’, said Michael. “Would you like a drink, too”?, Jimmy Two Times asked me. ‘Yes, please. Thank you’, I said as I took my glass of champagne. Michael was drinking red wine. He was busy greeting the guests and his fellas, and I was standing alone, wishing I could go shower, not wanting to be rude to the guests though. I felt funny…dizzy even. I must have been tired, I was thinking to myself. I made my way upstairs to our master bathroom to shower and maybe lay down. In the shower, I soaped myself up and rinsed off, washing my hair also, feeling increasingly drowsy and dizzy. After rinsing off, I got out of the shower, throwing on my robe, about to leave the bathroom. Turning the doorknob of the bathroom, I felt the room spinning or my head spinning, not sure which. As I stepped out into the hallway, I lost consciousness and collapsed in the hallway between the bathroom and our bedroom. I knocked a plant that was sitting on a marble pedestal over and the vase broke.

‘Where is Vee’? Michael asked Jimmy Two Times. ‘Ummm I don’t know, boss. I thought she was here drinking with us, drinking with us’, stuttered Jimmy Two Times. (He was called this because he sometimes said things two times in the same sentence). Michael was not impressed with Jimmy’s answer, so he went looking around the house for Vee. Not finding her downstairs anywhere, he made his way upstairs, and there he found her, laying on the floor, glass nearby (from the broken vase). He ran to her. “Vee! Vee! Vee’! Michael called, shaking her body, patting her face, his eyes clouding with tears. ‘Vee! Please baby. Please. What happened? Please! Wake up’! Michael sobbed. He ran around upstairs looking for a possible culprit, but no one had been upstairs but Vee. He checked in the bathroom. Nothing was there but the champagne glass sitting on the sink. He lifted the glass to his nose, sniffing it. Anger rose inside him like the flames of hell, his heart beat so fast that he felt as if he were running a race. In fact, he could hear the sound of his heartbeat in his ears. “Vee…Oh Vee…My Vee…” his voice quivered with the thought of her being…dead…He set down the glass, and went back into the hallway, lifting her head up off the floor, cradling her in his arms. ‘Oh Vee…no! No! No!!! Please wake up.. Please, baby…please? Please wake up…Please’! he cried into her hair, her body lifeless in his embrace. He laid her back down on the floor. Went into the master bedroom, got his machine gun out of the secret weapons closet that was at the back of his clothing closet. He had fire in his eyes, his face burning hot as he made his way down the stairs to where everyone was gathered.

He stood on the bottom step, facing everyone, loading the clip into the machine gun. He said, ‘Who poisoned my lady? Hmm? Who did it? If you don’t fucking answer me, I will fucking kill all of you here. I’ll count to 10’…Michael said through gritted teeth. As he stood there counting, his moments with Vee flashed before his eyes as if in a vision. Her laughter, her smile, her look, how they were together, how she completed him. He remembered everything in those 10 seconds. He wondered to himself, how life could be so cruel, and just then, his eyes clouded over with tears, and his heart broke inside him. His chest hurt so bad that he felt he could be having a heart attack, but he knew it was just his anger. ‘No one wants to talk to me? No one? Alright then…’ Michael said, coolly, always keeping his word. His men came before him, trying to reason with him, but he put his gun to their heads, ‘I will blow your fucking heads off. What? You think I’m stupid? You think I don’t know that you sons of bitches had something to do with this?! I KNOW you did! I know it! Can’t trust any of you motherfuckers, can I? Well, CAN I’!?? he yelled at them. ‘Boss, we didn’t do it. We swear to God’ said Tommy. ‘Jimmy Two Times set this all up. We had nothing to do with it, I swear’, said Tommy. Jimmy Two Times tried to make his way out of the room unnoticed, but Michael noticed. He ran up to Jimmy and grabbed him, forcing him back to the stairs. ‘Where do you think YOU’RE going, huh? Son of a bitch’! Michael yelled right in his face. “You killed my lady? You killed her?! You killed Vee’!? Michael yelled at Jimmy, tears pouring out of his eyes, and he aimed the machine gun at Jimmy where he stood, mowing him down with at least 20 bullets in his upper torso. Jimmy’s lifeless, worthless corpse fell to the floor with a thud. The room was silent. People knew not to say anything when Michael was angry.

“Come on…Come on, motherfuckers! I KNOW he wasn’t the only one. Step up! I won’t do another fucking countdown. Bring your ass, NOW’! Michael yelled. “Tommy, you better fucking tell me everything you know, or I swear to God you’re next’! Michael growled. ‘Ummm well, boss, the truth is, we ALL knew about it, but didn’t say anything. We’re sorry. Forgive us please? We didn’t know Jimmy would actually go through with it’, Tommy said. Michael stared at him, his eyes blurry with tears, his heart aching. ‘So Tommy, let me understand this. You KNEW, and you said nothing? You knew…you knew…’ Michael said as he grabbed Tommy in the collar, slinging him down to the floor. ‘Motherfucker, let me tell you something. You are a liar and a two-faced person, and you know enough about me to know that: 1) I don’t play and 2) I love that woman laying up there on that floor since the day I first saw her. Now, know one more thing: I’m going to kill you”, Michael said. He kicked Tommy about the head and neck, even kicked him in the face, beating him in the head with the butt of the machine gun. When Tommy was a bloody mess on the floor before him, he said, ‘And now, you die”, and he shot Tommy 7 times in the chest and abdomen. ‘Traitor’, Michael spat as he stepped over Tommy laying there on the floor. Other people who had came, ran from the house for their lives. Smart people. They weren’t mafia afterall and therefore, had no reason to be there and witness all this. There Michael stood, alone with his men, the ones left alive, as he paced the floor, machine gun slung over his shoulder. His men stood at attention before him. ‘Well, who else knew? I wanna’ know’, Michael said, head down, pacing in front of them. ‘Boss, shouldn’t you go check on Vee? I mean she could still be alive, just unconscious’ said Johnny Fingers. ‘You! Shut the fuck up’! Michael yelled as he put the barrel of the machine gun up under Johnny’s nose. Johnny was silent. Smart Johnny. “You fuckers, stay here! I will go check on her. If I she is not breathing, I will come back down here, and you don’t want me to come back down here..I know you know what I mean, and please…don’t try to run away cause I will find your asses’, Michael hissed. He ran up the stairs to the hallway where she was laying. He lifted Vee up into his arms, squeezed her, her head laying lifeless against his shoulder, her lips parted with some black substance leaking out from her mouth. “Please baby…please don’t leave me…please…please don’t go…” Michael cried, rocking her back and forth, holding her in his arms. He cried like a baby, and felt it couldn’t hurt to pray. It had been awhile since he prayed about anything, but he would do anything for her. ‘God, please don’t take her away from me. Please’? he begged God. Michael’s tears ran down over her face, her cheek cold against his, he completely broke down there in the hallway, feeling so alone. ‘Vee, please. If you can hear me, please come back to me. Please baby. Please..’ Michael cried. He lifted her up off the floor, carrying her to the master bedroom, and there he placed her in the bed, head supported by a pillow. He did CPR on her and tried mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. He even ran to the bathroom for ipecac syrup, and he forced it into her mouth and down her throat. He kept trying but she had no pulse. She had practically no heartbeat. “Vee! Please’! Michael screamed, shaking her. ‘Wake up! Wake up’! He cried. His men came running upstairs. ‘Boss, boss, she’s gone. We’re sorry, but she’s gone’, they all said. Michael fell silent, then said to them, ‘Oh you not sorry yet. You not sorry yet’!

Michael rose up off the side of the bed, picking up his machine gun again, and had it aimed at his men, tears flowing from his eyes, trigger finger itching like crazy. As he was about to pull the trigger, I coughed. I was gasping for air. He dropped the gun and ran to me. ‘Vee! Vee’! Michael called. I was so dizzy and disoriented that I couldn’t really sit or speak much. He held me up, his ear by my mouth listening for anything I might say. ‘Vee, did you say something? You came back to me! You came back’! Michael cried, his eyes smiling with love. He held me in his arms so tight. I held him back as much as I could but I was so weak. ‘What happened, Michael’? I whispered, weakly. ‘Vee, someone tried to poison you to death, doll. Don’t worry. I took care of them’, Michael said, reassuringly. ‘Come on. I’m gonna’ get you to the hospital’, he said, lifting me up off the bed and into his arms. He rushed down the stairs and out to the car, and his men opened the door for us. ‘Well, don’t just stand there, you useless bastards! Start the damn car’! Michael scolded them. They drove us to the hospital and I was admitted. They ran some blood tests, gave me IV fluids, and made me as comfortable as possible. “Don’t worry, baby, they will take good care of you. They had better. You will have security outside the room, and I’ll be right here with you until you are ready to go home’, Michael said. ‘Okay baby’, I said to him, smiling weakly. He always made me feel so safe. I know that, inside, he was chastising himself for not knowing this would happen.

After an hour or so, the doctor came in to speak with us about what my blood work results were. ‘Is she going to be okay, doc’? Michael asked. ‘Mr. Jackson, don’t worry. She’s going to be just fine. She’ll just need lots of rest and TLC, and she’ll be back to her feisty self in no time’, said the doctor, smiling. Michael squeezed my hand in his, lovingly. As the doctor was leaving the room, he turned and said, ‘Oh, one more thing, Mr. Jackson, please see that your wife receives the best prenatal care possible. She has suffered quite an ordeal for a pregnant woman’. He winked at us as he left. Michael and I looked at each other, very much surprised. Michael’s mouth dropped open, in shock, and he looked me in the eyes, his eyes dancing, the biggest smile on his face, tears forming in his eyes, and said, ‘Vee, you have made me the happiest man alive. I love you so much’. He rubbed my abdomen and kissed it, just laying his head over my lower abdomen where he was sure our baby must be. I just stroked his hair, my own eyes filling with tears, and I said, ‘I love you, too, Michael’. I could tell he was thinking about something as he fell silent. ‘Michael, what’s wrong, baby’? I asked, lovingly. ‘Vee…do you really want me to get out of ‘the business’, I mean REALLY’? Michael asked, searching my eyes. I thought for a moment, then I said, ‘No, Michael. I do not’. He leaned over and kissed me on the forehead, and said, ‘That’s good, doll, because…ummm…yeah, I’ll be back in an hour…I got to go ummm clean up some bodies…err…some THINGS at home’.

When Michael returned to the hospital where I was, he was dressed just like I remember him the first night I met him at that nightclub. Even he was wearing the black hat. He came over to me and sat on the side of my hospital bed, just looking at me, smiling, and he said, ‘What are you thinking, Vee? Tell me’. I just smiled back at him and said, ‘Oh nothing…just thinking how no one wears that hat quite like you do’. ♥

The End (maybe...)

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PostSubject: Re: *******THE BLACK HAT DIARIES, PART 7*******   Wed Oct 26, 2011 9:27 pm

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