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Michael is VERY sexy ;) (only 18 and over, please)
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 Late Night Snack ;)

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PostSubject: Late Night Snack ;)   Tue May 17, 2011 1:28 am

Oh God...It's so hot in here. If you are thinking my central air must be on the fritz, you'll be mistaken. No, it's this fine ass man laying here next to me. I have kept my composure the past few nights, and I have kept myself from pouncing on him in the middle of the night, but tonight, I don't think I can miss this opportunity. It's all hot in here, he's laying out from under the cover, nothing on but some silk boxers...Suddenly, I am feeling...thirsty...maybe even a little hungry...hmmmm...Look at him laying here, making my pussy wet without even trying, without even a sound or a word, without even touching me. Damn him! It's payback time...I slowly sit up, and with the motion of our bed, he turns over on his back, unaware of my intentions, still asleep. Quietly, I move his legs apart so that I have no problem removing his boxers, and within seconds, he is completely naked in front of my eyes. I lay down on the bed between his legs so that my face is near his crotch...

Oh my God! His dick is so awesomely big and gorgeous. I can't wait to get it up and get it in my mouth. I lift it, and begin by slowly licking his balls and blowing on them lightly. He starts to stir in his sleep, so I stop until I am sure he is asleep again. Annnnnnnndddd...he's out! LOL I suck on each ball individually, just rolling them around in my mouth, playing with them with my tongue, even licking the sensitive spot between his balls and ass while gently pressing it with my finger...

Oh hell, why not throw in a surprise. ;-) While licking that little spot between his balls and ass, I let my tongue trail even further down, right to his ass hole. I hear him gasp and moan in his sleep, but he probably just thinks he's dreaming. ;-) I flick my tongue playfully over his ass hole, just barely touching it, but I am so filled with lust that I insert just the tip of my tongue into his ass hole, and his whole body shakes from the pleasure, though he is asleep. I lick my way back up to his balls right up to the head of his *magic stick*. (God forgive me, but I literally worship this man's dick). With my tongue, I lick along the ridge at the head of his penis, and flirtatiously nibble on it. I feel his body tense up every now and then. I hope he's still sleep, and not being nosy and ruining my 'late night snack'. LOL Mmmm...he tastes so fucking delicious. I wanna just bite it off! but no, must resist that urge. May wanna' ride it later. (lol) I am just taking my time with it ...licking it up and down like a lollipop.

I love tasting MY man. Hel-lo. Hell yes...I'm licking every vein, every mole, every inch. (If the phone was to ring right now, I swear I'm pressing a fucking button and blowing up EVERY gotdamn thing. Don't come at me while I'm talking to THE DICK. Fuck you. Just push on. LOL) I'm getting thirstier and thirstier by the minute. I gotta hurry this shit up. Vee gots to have her 'Mikeshake' (lol) I release him from my mouth, and begin blowing on his dick..

Oh God...it's actually throbbing in my hand! (Fuck this polite shit. Vee about to wake 'daddy' up!) With no warning, I swallow every inch of him, enjoying the feel of him sliding into my mouth, the fullness of him, the taste of him. It's like a drug rush, right to the head. He moans out loud, not fully awake yet, but aware of what is happening to him. While gripping it at the base of it, I just hold him deep in my throat, letting him enjoy the warm, silky wetness of my mouth. It's his 2nd home..

I feel his eyes on me as I move my mouth up and down on his super hard dick. I see him laying there, panting hard, trying to hold back his moans of pleasure and ecstasy, sexily biting on his bottom lip. Just seeing him do that is causing a brand new flood between my legs. I feel rather nasty tonight. Lemme throw him a bone. I reach between my legs, surprised at just how wet I am, and I saturate my hand with my juices, and then he watches me as I take that same hand and rub my juices all over his rock hard, throbbing dick. "Oh, girl...damn..Oh, please let me fuck you..please...please...I wanna be inside you", he was begging.

I just smile at him a naughty ass smile, and say, "Nope...you gotta wait". (This some gangsta bitch shit right hur LOL) I start sucking him really hard, got the suction going top to bottom, head to base. I ain't lettin up. All the while, I'm looking at him, giving him my sexiest look, letting him know I want my "Mikeshake" now! fresh and extra damn creamy. ;-)

Straight from the source. (lol) "uhhh...ahhh...damn, girl. I'm gonna' cum..I'm gonna' cum"! I just giggle to myself and say, "I know...I want you to". I quicken the pace of my mouth and tongue strokes, and release my grip a bit, just so I can slurp on it all nasty like; and maybe drool on it a little and lick it off. (If it were possible, his dick would be in my mouth 24/7. (lol) I don't need to eat or drink. His dick makes mouths happy.)

He reaches down and grabs my head making sure it stays down on his dick, and he begins thrusting his hips upward toward my mouth. I know he is close to climaxing, and the thought of it makes my juices start flowing yet again. I can feel 'miss kitty' speaking up now cause she wants her 'beating'. "Ohhh...ohhh...D, I'm cumming, I'm cumming...lemme fuck your mouth...I wanna feel my cum shooting into your throat"...Oh well, gotta do what Mike says, so I again swallow him, and that sent him over the edge. He starts thrusting wildly, and suddenly I feel a steady gush of hot, creamy cum burst forth from his yummy cock, and I am in heaven.

I just hold him right there, savoring every drop as if they were the most precious of diamonds. (I love this man...Oh God, I love every inch of him). "I love you, girl...I love you, love you, love you...I love you". After I'm sure he is all 'spent' and I have finished up the last remnants of my 'Mikeshake', I start to move back to my side of the bed, but he grabs me and he says, "Uh uh...where you think you going, girl? come here". He grabs me, and pulls me up over him so that my hips are situated over his face as he's laying on the bed. He grabbed hold of my hips and when his tongue hit my pussy, WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! if I died right now, it would just be okay. Fuck! He running his tongue up and down, back and forth between my pussy lips, just lightly grazing the hole, and I'm feeling this shit, no doubt. He's squeezing my ass while teasing me with his tongue, and it's so intense that when he finally hits my clit, I'm over the fucking moon, over the edge! "Ohh, Mike...oooohh, baby...oooh" "Yeah, girl, what's wrong? thought you're the only one needed a 'late night snack'?" D-zam, he sucking my pussy so good, I think I forgot how to speak English. (Como etsas, muhfucka LMAO por favor...aye papi LOL) Next thing I know, he had stuck his tongue up in me, and that was it for me. He's holding me down on his face, tongue-fucking the hell outta me...

When he curved his tongue, my body completely spazzed out, and I came with such force that I almost fell off of him onto the floor but he held onto my ass and kept me on point. The sensation AFTER I came from him sucking 'miss kitty', lapping up all her juices, trust me, there is no feeling like that shit. My climax has subsided, but he is still holding on to me, making sure he gets all the cream filling. When I'm sure he's happy and satisfied, I fall over onto my side of the bed, and we kiss a deep, wet kiss; me on his lips, him on mine; we taste ourselves on each other's tongues. We fall asleep, holding each other, but we both smile to ourselves, thinking "now that's what I call a 'LATE NIGHT SNACK' ;-)


Like a Star @ heaven

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Late Night Snack ;)
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