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Michael is VERY sexy ;) (only 18 and over, please)
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 Don't Talk Wit Ya Mouth Full ;)

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PostSubject: Don't Talk Wit Ya Mouth Full ;)    Mon Oct 17, 2011 4:00 pm

I don't know what's gotten into me lately. Michael is out of town on business, and I can hardly be still waiting for his return. Everything looks like a phallic symbol to me. The doorknob, that damn banana sitting in the kitchen on the counter, you name it. Let's face it. I'm horny. I want my man, and I want him bad. I can't wait for 'daddy' to get home. Wink And he'll be here in an hour. I want him so bad, and when he walks through that door, he will be all that matters. Everything and everybody else can go to hell. It's gonna be just me and him, and trust me when I tell you, we're gonna fog up the fucking windows in the house. Hell, the heat coming from us may just start a fire. We'll see Wink

While waiting for 'daddy' to get home, I'm making myself irresistible. I'm wearing a perfume of mine that I know turns him on. I am also making the house look more warm and inviting for him. I like to touch all 5 of his senses, and tonight, he's getting the king's treatment around here.

The hour passes quickly, and before I know it, here he is. I can feel my heart begin to race as he nears the front door. I lose my breath as I anticipate his hand on the doorknob. *exhales*...then, I hear the doorknob turning slowly, and the door opens, his scent wafting in even before he steps across the threshold. Just seeing his feet stepping into our home, I become weak in the knees. My God, the effect this man has on me...

He stands just inside the house, slowly closing the door behind him, and throwing his keys over to the couch. He gives me a look as if to ask, 'Vee, what are you up to'? Wink Hmm, well, you'll soon find out. You'll soon find out (lol) X-D

He is walking toward me and I am walking toward him, and before any words can be exchanged between us, we embrace, and in his embrace, I lose myself. Our lips touch, at first unfamiliar but then hungry for the other's mouth, our kiss became a frenzy of desire and passion. My body close to his, I slowly run my hands over his body while touching his tongue with my own, and then I suck his bottom lip gently yet with all the weeks of longing I have held inside til this day. He closes his eyes, enjoying my seduction of him, but I wonder who is seducing who here? .... I playfully nibble at his bottom lip, while stroking the front of his pants. Through his pants, I can feel his dick throbbing and growing harder and harder with each stroke of my hand.

'Come with me, 'daddy', I purr as I lead him by his belt into the bathroom...He comes along, no questions asked. So much sexual tension in the air, you can cut it with a knife. (I don't know how I wait for this man for weeks on end, but just the knowledge that he IS coming home is enough to keep me here. Having another lover has never entered my mind. No man can touch me the way Michael touches me. No man can make me feel the way he makes me feel. Sometimes, I feel as though he is a bit...supernatural...There is definitely something about him, something unforgettable).

Reaching the bathroom, he finds that I have lit candles and the shower has crevices made into the walls of it, and I placed candles in each one. They are situated so that the water from the shower will not touch them. I start up the shower for us. He has an intrigued smile on his face now, wondering what is next. After starting up the shower, I slowly go over to him, and I begin undressing him. He is rather shy, but it's just us in here. No one else. He stands there, a few giggles escaping his lips every now and then, and I keep at my task of unveiling this gorgeous man one piece of clothing at a time. Why should I rush? Undressing him is like unearthing priceless treasure. I love the sight of him. He's so beautiful. He doesn't think he's so great looking, and I can tell he thinks this, but in my mind, I'm thinking, 'God, he's perfect'. His skin is soft and he smells so damn good. He intoxicates me. It is a feeling I love very much but am also afraid of it at the same time. He stands before me, naked, his hair tied behind his head in a ponytail. I undo even that so that his hair falls free. My God...he is simply amazing. It's not that I haven't seen his body before, but just seeing him like this, standing here, unveiled, just for me...I am speechless...suddenly, my body temperature rises and I feel myself flush. He looks at me, knowing what I'm thinking. He comes over to me, slowly, but determined also, and he unties the black wrap-around dress that I'm wearing, and it simply falls to the floor. I wasn't wearing any underwear, so that was easy (LOL). He takes me in from head to toe, just staring at me, and he has seen me before, but the look in his eyes tell me he sees something different about me tonight. He takes my hand and leads me into the shower...

In the shower, we hold each other close, not speaking, the warm water running all over our bodies. It's like we were reading each other's minds. I have never had this connection with anyone else before. He takes my bath sponge, pours mango body wash on it, and begins rubbing it all over my body, slowly and deliberately. The suds and the water feel so good on my skin that I just close my eyes standing there, entranced in the moment. When he is done, I take his bath sponge, pour his favorite body wash onto it, and I gently rub it all over his body, enjoying the feel of him all wet and soapy. He grabs me close to him and kisses me hungrily, sucking and biting my lips as if this is our last night together. I felt myself drifting a million miles away in his embrace. Our bodies rub against each other, slippery and wet, soft moans escaping our lips. God, this man is hottt! He runs his hands over my breasts, squeezing and kneading them between his fingers, running his hands up and down my body, squeezing my ass and hips. His moans are music to my ears. I wanna' hear more...

I let my hands roam over his body, lingering on his sweet spots...He does not disappoint. His moans intensify. (We have the best foreplay. We connect on a spiritual level which makes the sex even better). When I touch his dick, he shutters as if an electric current goes through him. I can't wait any longer. I must have him, inside me or in my mouth...

We rinse the soap off each other, and I know just what I have in mind for him now...I want to hear more of his amazing sighs and moans. Wink

While he is standing there, I get on my knees in the shower, and he says, 'Vee, no, what are you doing ? Oh my God, girl, you're trying to take me over the edge'. I say, 'So you want me to stop'? He says, 'No way'. (Yeah, I thought not lol) While staring up at him, I kiss the head of his dick, planting soft kisses all over it, then incorporating my tongue into the equation. While staring up at him, I lick his dick up and down, all around. His face flushes while he watches me pleasure him. He is so 'hard' that I can feel every vein of his cock in my mouth. I desire to take him all the way into my mouth, but he's so big...I almost gag on it. Still, I lick and suck it like it's a lollipop, and I stroke it with my hand the whole time, up and down, alternating directions. God, I love the way he moans and sighs. It really turns me on. I can feel my own wetness between my thighs as I continue to suck him. 'Oh my God, girl...Ohhh ohhh...I feel like I'm gonna' explode', he says through clenched teeth. 'As long as you 'explode' in my mouth...' I say to him. His body is quivering now...he is on the edge, so I stop...and I start blowing on his cock while staring up at him, giving him a sexy look.

I wait for about a minute, then I start sucking him again, but this time, with more force. This time, I take all of him in my mouth, in spite of the gagging reflex. Up and down, I suck on his dick, even letting my tongue touch the hole in the head of it. He is really worked up now. I want him to explode...in my mouth. I want to taste every drop of him. I keep sucking him, and licking him, and stroking him with my hands, and then, for a little while, I take his balls into my mouth, one by one until both are inside, and I swirl them around with my tongue. He tastes so good...

He grabs my head, and forces his dick back into my mouth, and begins thrusting with his hips toward my mouth. I'm gagging, but he doesn't seem to notice and I don't really mind it. 'Mmmm...ahhhh...Oh Vee, ooooh....that's it, girl. Suck my dick...suck (thrust)....my (thrust)...dick (thrust)...choke on it'. His moans get louder and I know he is gonna' cum soon, I massage his legs and thighs and ass while I am sucking him. 'Fuck! Yess! Yess! Yess! ooohhh....' he yells, which sounds almost like a roar, his head thrown back in pleasure, eyes closed, still gripping the back of my head. His hot cum shoots at the back of my throat, each squirt making me hotter and hotter, each drop making me want him even more. I swallow everything 'daddy' has to offer me. (I would never spit out anything he's giving me Wink

Slowly, he recovers from his orgasm, his eyes slightly open, perspiring, his heartbeat coming back down to normal, he says, 'Wow...I'm gonna sleep good tonight. Thank you, baby' Wink I release him from my mouth, and licking my lips, I say 'Oh Really'? He says, 'Yeah, but only after 'daddy' makes you climb every one of those walls in our bedroom. Come on, girl! In the bedroom...NOW'!



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Don't Talk Wit Ya Mouth Full ;)
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