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Michael is VERY sexy ;) (only 18 and over, please)
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 A Night to Remember...

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PostSubject: A Night to Remember...   Fri Jul 22, 2011 10:47 am


Sitting stage left on a wooden fold out chair, a diet coke in your hand to stave off the heat of the day, you cannot remember the last time you felt this happy and at peace with yourself.

You are watching your new boyfriend at one with himself and in his element, entertaining nearly a hundred thousand of his loyal, adoring fans. In the early evening sunshine he looks ethereal, almost god-like, as he strides long legged across the stage. His entranced audience is totally under his control and in his power.

Rays of light are reflecting from the many silver buckles and studs on his stage outfit and bouncing back towards the heaving, swaying masses below, they are screaming his name, many of them crying freely as they sing and chant along with the music that is crashing heavily into their ears-he likes to have it loud.

Loud enough so even those right at the back of the packed arena can feel the bass penetrating their bodies. Thousands of cigarette lighters are held aloft in the chaotic, but beautiful display of love for the man singing and dancing his heart out for them. Men and women, black and white, old and young, he has them all enthralled-spellbound by his talent and his magical ability to make each and every one of them feel like he is singing directly to them alone.

The front rows pressed into the crash barrier look like they should be extremely uncomfortable, all tightly squashed together like they are, but they seem to be the happiest of all, for them, turning up outside the stadium the night before the concert was worth it. Waiting in line for an entire day was worth it. The scratches and bruises they will wear tomorrow are like proud badges of office. They got so close to him. To Michael.

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind with him, moving from city to city and country to country as the Bad Tour steam train rolls out across the world like an unstoppable force. Touching lives and hearts for the better wherever it goes.

You no longer work as a runner, Michael thinks it's unfair to have you running around after him and his crew when you have become so much more than employer and employee. At first you protested, you really did enjoy it but he has persuaded you that if you are not constantly scampering around doing errands for people you can spend more time together.

His free time is precious to him; there is always something to do and somewhere to be when you are the most famous person on the planet-be it a photo shoot, meeting important dignitaries of the countries you travel to, visiting hospitals and orphanages with gifts and words of encouragement and love, or rehearsing, rehearsing, rehearsing. He is a perfectionist after all.

He wants to spend the free time he has with you and with you alone. He is crazy about you and never lets a moment where he can show it, pass. His latest gift to you-an understated but beautiful diamond tennis bracelet, glints in the sunshine, he presented it to you the previous evening as you lay together in the big soft bed in his luxurious hotel suite.

Sleepy and happy after your latest bout of lovemaking, you were overcome when he wrapped it around your wrist and whispered into your ear "I love you so much, wear it always, and think of me".

"Michael I don't know what to say, thank you so much! I love it and I love you too. I'll never take it off". He pulled you into his arms and tenderly kissed your lips before covering up your tired, nude bodies with the soft satiny comforter, resting your head on his shoulder and wrapping his strong arms around you. "Good" he had murmured, drifting towards sleep. "Have happy dreams, baby".

Now you contentedly watch him as he spins, snarls, gyrates, and moonwalks his way through the set list of the show.
Every dance move is flawlessly executed; every note sung is pitch perfect. You marvel at how much talent has been crammed into the body of this man, his gift to entertain is enormous-you've never known anyone like Michael, his humility is only matched by his super stardom and his wonderful gift of making people happy.

"How did I get this lucky?" You often wonder to yourself, "the kindest, sweetest, sexiest man on earth is my boyfriend, how did this happen?" You don't realize that this is exactly the way he feels about you, meeting women has never been easy for Michael-do they like him for himself or for the status he can offer them?

Many women have thrown themselves at him over the years, groupies, psychos or just those that wish to have the kudos of fucking him etched into their bedposts. He trusts you; you are down to earth and unaffected by his celebrity status. You are intelligent, easy to talk to and you laugh a lot, a very attractive trait in anyone but he also rightly senses that you won't blindly agree with him if your opinion differs from his, you are an independent woman, and he loves your strength of will.

As the evening darkens the lasers and lights blazing from the stage illuminate the sky, the end of the concert is approaching and the finale fireworks will soon begin.

"I love you!" Michael shouts to the undulating sea of people who are hanging on his every word and gesture. "Thank you, I love you, goodnight!"

He blows kisses to his screaming, elated fans and waves to them before he jogs from the stage to take the proffered towel and bottle of water from the waiting stage hand.

He smiles and winks in your direction as Frank, chewing on his ever present stogie, pulls him to one side to go over a few quick details of the next show in a couple of days time. That done, he walks over to you almost cockily, a happy bounce in his step.

"Hi", he grins, "how are you doin'?" His lips are on yours before you can reply, greeting you in the most delicious way.
The fizzing, crackling and banging of the fireworks exploding high over the stadium provide a fitting soundtrack for the urgent kisses Michael is bestowing upon your lips, the slightest touch from him makes you yearn for more.

He pulls away and reaches out his hand to grasp your own. "C'mon let's go-do you have everything you need?" "Yes" you reply, everything's at the hotel apart from my bag". He reaches down and takes it from you swinging it by his side as you walk to the exit and the waiting car. "What are you doing?" You laugh, "I can carry my own bag!" "You're my lady" he replies, "I'm being a gentleman".

"Mike the show was fantastic, you're amazing to watch. What a rush that must be to do that in front of so many people!" He smiles broadly, and his handsome face lights up. "Yeah", he says "I love my fans, I've got the best fans in the world, and I love entertaining them".

You reach the stage exit and hurry into the open door of the glossy black stretch limo, the engine of which is idling gently, ready to whisk you away to the hotel. Michael climbs in behind you and closes the door, thanks the driver and asks him to raise the partition glass.

"Nearly alone at last", his grin is mischievous as he pulls you towards him. He is hot from the stage and his flesh exudes the familiar musky smell of his strenuous workout. His thick curly hair is stuck in loops and whorls to his perspiring face and neck, and his dark brown eyes are sparkling. He looks magnificent.

"I'm all hyped up" he explains as he begins to nuzzle your neck with his lips, I'm on a high and I'm with the most beautiful girl in the world, you don't know what you do to me."

"Really? What do I do to you then?" You boldly question him smiling slightly as he continues nibbling at your neck.
He looks up at you seriously. "You make me want to make love to you morning, noon and night every time I see you. You make me want to rip off your clothes and pleasure you all over until you beg for mercy."

His words have their usual effect on you and you squeeze your thighs together as a delicious tickling sensation begins in the core of your femininity. "Oh God Michael, you shouldn't tell me stuff like that when we're in the car, the poor driver must be blushing like mad." "The glass is opaque and soundproof" he explains. "He'll never know what we're up to." "And what are we up to exactly?"

Your mock innocence makes him smile the smile that never ceases to melt your heart.

"This" he says in his soft voice as he pulls you close, "just this". His lovemaking begins slowly, his kisses soft as his hands run over your body, teasing, almost tickling-delicate caresses that ignite your senses.

"I'm not gonna make love to you in the car" he breathes into your ear, "I want to get you wet all over in the shower back at the hotel and have you there, but I do want to warm you up first so you're begging for me". You breath catches in your throat at his suggestion. "That won't take long Michael; you turn me on so much". You hold his face and crush your lips to his, his hands stroking your neck and back as you slide your tongues together in harmony.

"I'm sorry but I've gotta touch you" he whispers as he lifts the hem of your knee length fitted black dress. You massage his shoulders and let out a shivery sigh as his long fingers caress the smooth sensitive skin on your inner thighs, making the muscles there twitch.

His grin is wicked as he watches your face contort at his touch. Your fingers dig into his shoulder blades as his fingers sweep over the crotch of your panties, searing your nerve endings. He is a master in the art of love and you are his willing pupil.

"Michael......" your voice trails off as his fingers slip inside your panties and start to tease your juicy throbbing clitoris
"Mmmmmmmm, don't stop" you whisper against his neck. He chuckles throatily, "baby, I haven't even begun." A long finger slides into your heat and begins to massage you. Gently at first, becoming more urgent as he slips a second digit in.

You melt into his embrace and kiss his lips feverishly as he makes love to you with his hands, thrusting his fingers in and out of you with consummate skill.

He breaks free of your grasp to sink to his knees before you, pushing your knees apart and lowering his shaggy-haired head. The masterful tongue flicks against the swollen bud of your clitoris, tasting your sweet juices as he kisses and licks your aching pussy deeply, his fingers still moving within your wet heat. Your fingers toy with the thick strands of his curly hair and you moan softly.

You are approaching the towering five star hotel now, it's cream stone walls looming into view. "We're nearly there" he whispers. "So am I" is your reply, your voice is shaking with lust and you want him to continue what he's doing to your body but the car is slowing to a stop at the back of the hotel where Michael and the Bad tour entourage have set up camp. He settles back, breathing heavily, and adjusts your dress before the driver opens the door to let you out.

You look at him closely, he is smiling to himself, with his hands now folded into his lap, his mussed curly hair and perspiring visage only enhance his physical beauty, he really is the most stunning creature you've ever set eyes on.
He climbs from the car holding your hand tightly, thanks the driver again and leads you quickly into the hotel, cleverly avoiding the photographers who were expecting his arrival at the grand entrance at the front.

An aide is ready with Michael's room key and the two of you enter the elevator that leads to his luxurious penthouse rooms. As soon as you are through the door of his suite he is upon you, smothering your lips and neck with ardent kisses, he is always urgent and slightly rough with you after a show, the adrenalin still coursing through his body from his performance and he can't wait to have you.

"Why did you tease me like that in the car? Don't you know what it does to me?" His soft laugh tickles the skin of your neck as he replies, "baby I know exactly what it does to you, that's what makes it even more enjoyable."

His hands peel the clothing from your body slowly, taking the time to stroke, kiss and caress every inch of the satiny flesh that he is freeing from the confines of your dress, brassiere and panties, dropping each article in a trail that leads to the marble floored bathroom with its deep roomy bathtub surrounded by crystal clear glass walls.

He selects the temperature and rate of spray of the shower system, helps you step over the rim of the bathtub, and watches your naked form keenly as he removes his own clothes, the water cascading over the curves and planes of your supple body. His eyes roam over your flesh hungrily and you shiver under the blazing stare of his lust filled eyes.

He has his usual stage gear on, the tight, studded, and buckle strewn black pants, the heavy looking chunky silver belt, and silvery, silky shirt that has more of the customary straps and buckles on the sleeves.

He kicks off his penny loafers, shucks his white socks and pulls his t-shirt and stage shirt over his head together, dropping them in an untidy heap as he unbuckles the large shiny belt at his hips. "God I want you so bad," he growls as he devours your body with his eyes, "I wanna make love to you all night, I wanna hear my name on your lips when I make you come." When he tells you what he wants it makes your body flush all over. The whole world thinks Michael is a shy man and by and large he is but when he wants something he is single minded in his desire to posses it. He wants you. He wants you now.

The burning desire he ignites in you is like nothing you've ever known. Michael knows exactly how to please you and you know you'll never get enough of him; he has made you almost greedy for his love and insatiable for his touch. Every time with him is magical; every time with him is the best time. He unbuttons and unzips his bondage pants and pauses to search your eyes with his own, his thumbs in the sides of his trousers. "What is it?" you ask as his burning gaze sweeps over your body.

"Nothing" he replies, "I just love to watch you, you're so beautiful, I can't believe you're mine." His eyes sear into your own and he smiles widely, his perfect even teeth exposed in a beatific grin.

You smile shyly back at him, "hurry up and get in here Michael, I want to show you how gorgeous you are."

He pushes the confining black pants down his slim muscled legs and kicks them away; as usual he wears no underwear and his tumescent manhood draws your gaze inexorably towards it. He is the most perfectly formed man you have ever seen and the sight of his naked body drives you wild. The long sinewy muscles in his arms and legs flex leanly as he climbs into the rounded marble bathtub to join you.

He lifts the wet hair plastered to your neck and gently kisses the moist skin beneath it. He has barely started with you and already you yearn to feel him inside you.

"There's no better way to wind down after a show than this." He kisses your lips hungrily, bruising kisses that make your senses reel as his big firm hands start to massage soap into the wet skin of your back and shoulders. You take his cue and start to lather his slim frame all over with a large bar of scented soap; his tired muscles and joints ache from the show and he welcomes your ardent caresses with a shaky sigh. His smooth brown skin is soft and velvety over the hard packed muscles underneath. Just touching him is paradise. The fabric of his slippery wet skin feels magical and you make love to it with your fingers as he sweeps his hands over your breasts and buttocks, kneading and squeezing your flesh until you can't bear anymore.

"Michael?" "Hmmm?" "I'm not sure I can wait much longer". The smile on his face is wicked and his eyes glitter dangerously.

His exploratory fingers have found that part of you which aches for him so much, stroking you softly, caressing your throbbing clitoris until you are gasping, his fingers slip easily into your lubricated heat and start to slide in and out of you gently but firmly, his free hand moving slowly over the back of your neck, massaging your taut flesh.

Your hands reach down and grip his engorged flesh, still surprised now after several weeks of intimacy at how big he is. You can't close your fingers together around his girth. At your touch his breath hisses between his clenched teeth and his soft brown eyes close. You stroke his length firmly up and down, your thumb circling the swollen tip of his hardness. As he moves himself in and out of your hand to increase the speed of your fingers, his beautiful head rolls back, teeth chewing gently on his bottom lip, in the familiar gesture that makes you crazy with longing.

As his eyes open to meet yours again he reaches out to take hold of your shoulders, he turns you around, raising your arms and placing your hands high against the wall. He pulls your hips towards his own and runs his hands all over the soft, naked wet flesh before him, his fingers find your juicy cleft again and resume their expert work on you, thrusting in and out of your tightness faster now, with more urgency, he can't wait much longer either.

Panting hard you look over your shoulder and watch him, his breath is ragged with passion and his eyes are everywhere, devouring your body hungrily.

"Michael, please....", you whimper as you feel his thick hard cock pressing against your throbbing opening.

He thrusts inside you in one quick movement, driving the breath from your body. His long hard fingers dig into the soft flesh of your hips, hooking into your skin as he pumps himself into you, pulling you away from the wall and bending your body forward, so he can slide his full length in. Your fingers graze the bottom of the rapidly filling bathtub as he fills you with his hardness.

Your pussy is aflame, he's so big, and he's fucking you so hard that it's almost painful but he shows no mercy and continues to thrust into your aching womanhood, harder and deeper, faster and faster. Wildly turned on, you thrust back against him, loving the feeling of his thick cock plunging into your juicy tightness, nothing in your life will ever compare to how amazing being fucked by this man feels. Spurred on, he fucks you harder and harder, his huge cock ramming into you over and over making the blood rush to your head and groin, heightening your pleasure and his too as he feels the heat his cock is wrapped in increase. One of his hands reaches around your body and finds your eager welcoming cleft, with his deft long fingers stroking your swollen juicy lips, he spreads you open, one of his fingertips rubbing circles all around your creamy aching clit as he continues to plunge deeply into you over and over.

Your screamy breaths turn him on even more and he cups and squeezes your soapy, slippery breasts with his other hand, pinching and rolling your nipples between his fingers, enough to make them sting as the hard, deep thrusting continues.
Your mouth is open and your throat dry. "Oh God. Oh God....yeah, that's soooo good"...His sexy whispering chuckle washes over you, "oh fuck yeah...it is.....it's so fucking good".

His hips buck against you rhythmically over and over, the pace he's setting is almost too much for you to keep up with, and your limbs are starting to feel heavy as the hot water crashes down over your bodies and pools around your legs.

The first spasms of your release are starting, your last reserves crumbling under the onslaught of the man who is pounding into you almost fiercely, punishing your flesh deliciously. You turn your head to look at him again-his face is all concentration-his top lip is slightly drawn back from his teeth in an animalistic snarl, his eyes are glittering bottomless dark pools as they fix on you, searing straight through you, almost burning you with their intensity.
His long curly hair hangs in wet clumps around his face and he's never looked more primal, almost feral, he is beautiful in his ecstasy. He pulls your chin further round to face him so he can kiss you as hard as he's fucking you, murmuring your name as he nears the end of his own resolve.

Your orgasm washes over you-flooding your jittery senses and making your body quake. As it reaches it's almost painful crest Michael reaches his peak too. Burying himself in your body he shivers under the impact of his shattering climax.

Moments pass before either of you move again, you are content to be locked together, your limbs wrapped around one another, but finally after withdrawing from you gently he holds you close in his arms, and kisses your lips, caressing your mouth with his lips and tongue tenderly and apologizes for making you so sore. He tells you he knows what he has done to your tender flesh but he couldn't help it, will you forgive him?

"There's nothing to forgive-I enjoyed it as much as you did, and anyway-you can kiss it better after we've eaten because I don't know about you but I'm starving after that."

Michael shuts off the shower and pulls you down onto his lap in the now full bath, wrapping his arms around your still shaking body. He kisses you softly, tells you how much he loves you and settles you both back into the soothing warm water.

"Room service sounds like a great idea" he drawls. I can't wait to see what your naked body looks like covered in strawberries and cream."

It's going to be a long, hot and pleasant night again.

The End.

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A Night to Remember...
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