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Michael is VERY sexy ;) (only 18 and over, please)
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 Friends With 'Benefits'...

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PostSubject: Friends With 'Benefits'...   Fri Jul 22, 2011 10:10 am


Snuggling up to each other on the sofa, Michael and I continued to watch the movie on the screen. Being the closest of friends, we were comfortable with each other.

Every so often, Michael would call me up to come over and hangout at Neverland and watch movies, so he could escape the chaos of his fame.

As my head nestled into his shoulder, I could feel Michael’s hand rubbing my shoulder as my eyelids began to grow heavy.

'Are you falling asleep?' I heard Michael’s whispery voice say.

'No...' I giggled, 'I was just resting my eyelids.

Michael cracked up laughing as he slowly stood up and headed towards the TV.

'You can keep watching the movie, Michael, if you want, don't worry about me', I said as I slowly sat up.

'I wasn't really watching the movie anyway', he replied as he switched the TV off and flicked the light switch on.

I brought my hands up to rub my eyes as the light came on, and decided to stand up and stretch my body as Michael came to sit back on the sofa.

I sat myself back down next to him and tucked my legs up against me as I looked at Michael. I could see that he had something on his mind, so I asked, 'Are you ok?'

'Uh...yeah...' came his short reply.

I turned towards him with a concerned look, 'You sure? Because it looks like something is bugging you'.

Michael turned to face me and asked 'We can talk about anything right?'

I was confused 'Yeah of course, we're friends'.

'I mean....' he started '...we can talk about absolutely anything?'

I became even more confused 'Michael, we are best friends, of course we can'.

Michael let out a sigh 'You know I trust you with everything that I am don't you?'

I brought my hand down to his, and took hold of it. I felt his thumb rub over my fingers as he held it tightly.

'And I trust you with everything that I am too Michael'…

Michael looked at me with his deep cocoa eyes, and I could see that he was bursting to talk about what was on his mind.

'What is it Michael?' I urged him.

'Well...' Michael started 'You know I haven't had many girlfriends...'

Still confused, I carried on listening as he continued to talk..

'...and the girls I have dated, well they always wanted more from me'.

I knew straight away what he was talking about 'You mean sex?' I asked.

Michael nodded and quietly answered 'Yeah...'

Michael continued '...you know, I have never really had sex...well actually I haven't'. Michael paused, then said, 'I'm 35 years old and still a virgin'.

I looked straight back at him and said 'Michael, I think it's a beautiful thing that you want to wait for the right time for you to share yourself with someone, I wish I did. I really hope that when you do find that someone, It is with someone you truly love'.

As Michael stared deeply into my eyes as he asked 'We're friends right?'

I replied 'Of course'.

Michael continued 'Close friends?'

I answered 'yeah we are the closest of friends'.

Michael shifted himself closer to me, and I could feel tingles rushing through my body, as I noticed that Michael’s breathing had become more shallow.

I felt his fingertips trace up my arm, over my shoulder, and gently brush my hair from my face as he whispered, 'If I ask you a favor, would you do it?'

I watched as Michael drew his face closer to mine, and I could the warmth of his breath on my lips as I answered with a smirk 'depends what it is'.

I felt Michael’s lips lightly brush against mine, then brush over my cheek, as he brought his hand up to caress my neck, then softly he whispered into my ear 'Teach me...'

I slowly raised my hands to cradle his neck as I felt him lightly kissing my cheek back towards my lips, and when our lips met, I felt my whole body throbbing for his touch.

Michael allowed my tongue to slip past his lips as I gently took hold of his hands and wrapped them around my waist. As our tongues met, I could feel Michael grasping at my hips as I slowly lifted myself upon his lap to face him.

I reluctantly drew away from the kiss, and I could see Michael's eyes were glazed over with lust.

I gently brushed a curl from his face and lightly stroked my thumb across his lips and asked 'Are you sure you want to do this Michael?'

Michael looked back at me with a playful look 'Absolutely' he answered.

Michael pulled my body closer to his as his lips met back with mine. Our tongues tasted each other passionately and I could feel Michael's hands glide under my tank top, and the warmth of his hands on my bare skin caused me to arch my back in pleasure.

Slowly, I got up off Michael's lap, and I could see the bulge in his pants straining to be freed. My eyes wondered over Michael's body as he slowly lifted his T Shirt up over his head and threw it to the floor. He was about to remove his pants when I decided to say 'Not yet' as I gave him a playful grin.

I slowly lifted my tank top over my head, revealing my black lace bra to Michael. I saw his eyes widen in amazement as he sat upright on the sofa 'oh my god' I heard him mutter under his breath

Slowly I unbuttoned my jeans, and he could see the top of my panties through the jean opening. I decided to leave my jeans on, so I walked back over to Michael and straddled myself over his lap. Michael's hands came up to caress my breasts, then around my back, then I felt my bra loosen as he unhooked it.

His eyes burned into my body, as I slowly slipped off my bra and threw it to the floor. All of a sudden I felt Michael's lips against my breasts, lightly kissing it, then I felt his tongue flicking over my nipple. 'Oh god...' I moaned as he lightly tugged at it with his teeth. I ran my fingers through his curly hair as he continued to tease my nipples.

I decided it was time for me to do a little teasing of my own, as I pulled Michael's face towards mine and gave him a deep kiss. Then slowly I started to trace my tongue down his neck, then giving his neck little nibbles. I could hear moans escape Michael's lips as I went further down his body. I traced my fingertips over his bare chest, and as soon as I ran my fingertips over his nipples, I felt Michael's body tremble in pleasure. So I started to trace my tongue over his chest then around his nipple. Michael's breathing quickened with each flick of my tongue, and I knew he was enjoying the sensation.

With my hand, I lightly started to rub over the bulge in his pants, and I saw him look straight at me with a look of pure pleasure. I slid the belt from his pants, and slowly removed his pants from him.

My eyes widened in absolute amazement at the size of his rock hard manhood before me. I looked up at Michael and saw that he was looking at me with anticipation, so I slowly brought my hand up to his shaft and gently wrapped my hand around his thickness.

'Oh shit' I heard Michael whisper as his hips instinctively bucked forward. I smiled at his bodies response to my touch as I slowly started to massage the tip of his cock with my hand.

Precum ran over my fingertips as I continued to stroke the length of his manhood. I watched Michael as his eyes were clenched shut and his lips were slightly parted as his hips moved with the rhythm of my strokes.

As Michael continued to dwell in his new found pleasure, I gently slipped the tip of his shaft past my mouths lips, and started flicking it with my tongue.

'Oh my god girl...' Michael whispered '...that feels so fucking good'

I continued to lick the length of his manhood, and then slowly I eased his cock slowly down my throat. I could feel Michael's hands holding my head in place as I sucked his cock even harder.

I slipped his cock from my mouth, grazing the tip of it lightly with my teeth. I watched as Michael took hold of his cock and gently started stroking his full length as his eyes stayed firmly glued to my body.

I put my hands to the waist of my jeans and slowly started to remove them before his eyes. He looked upon my naked body in amazement as he continued to stroke himself harder. 'Girl, you are absolutely beautiful'

I moved closer to him and once again straddled his lap. I grabbed one of his hands, and guided it over my breasts. Michael was drinking in my body as he watched me lead his hand from my breast, over my flat tummy, to the entrance of my pussy.

Michael looked at me as if he was asking for permission, at that I responded 'Go on Michael...'

As Michael's fingers brushed over my pussy, I couldn't help but arch my back in pleasure. I felt his fingers rub my slit so very gently, and then slowly I felt two of his fingers ease themselves into my wet cunt 'mmmm...that's it baby...just like that'

I could see that Michael was amazed at the response my body was giving to the touch of his fingers as he eased them in and out of her pussy.
Michael slid his fingers from my throbbing pussy as slowly I reached down to grab his rock hard cock. I raised myself above his manhood and looked him deep in his chocolate eyes as I asked 'You ready for this Michael?'

Michael looked back at me, and I could see the lust burning deep in his eyes. He cocked a smile as he replied 'You know it'

I slowly lowered myself onto the length of Michael's cock as it squeezed tightly into my pussy. The feeling of him inside of me sent shock waves of pleasure through my body, and the look on Michael's face was of absolute pure sex.

I felt Michael grabbed the small of my back as I started to slowly rock my hips against his, and I could feel his manhood moving inside of me. 'mmmm...Michael you feel so good' I whispered as I leaned into his body. I could feel Michael's heavy breaths against my shoulder as I continued to ride him gently. Michael's arms came up over my back as he drew me closer to him, and I could feel his hips rocking up towards my pussy as his length plowed deeper within me.

I pulled him over me as I lay myself down on the sofa, and the warmth of Michael's body as it touched mind, sent my hormones raging through my body.

I looked up at Michael's face, and I could see sweat droplets on his forehead as he smiled back at me. I closed my eyes as I said 'Your turn Michael'

I felt his length easing in and out of my wet pussy, and I could feel my throbbing clit rubbing up against his body. With every thrust, my back would arch in pleasure. I started to rock my hips up against his as his thrusts quickened

'oh my god...yes...uh...yeah' Michael moaned as he drove himself harder and deeper

'That's it Michael...oh fuck yeah...mmm...yeah'

I could feel the intensity start to pulsate through my body, and I knew Michael was also on the edge of his orgasm.

I pulled Michael closer to me as his moans started to come from deeper within

'That's it baby...oh fuck...mmm...' I could feel myself becoming light headed as my orgasm started to rocket through my entire body...'uuhh...Michael...fuck...yes...oooohhh...oooohhh'...I held my breath as the force of my climax released all over Michaels cock as he, himself started to cum...'OH MY GOD GIRL....OOOOHHHH...OOOOHHH...UUUUHHH'

With one mighty thrust, Michael's hips began to buck wildly as his orgasm took over his entire body. He pressed down hard against me and I could hear the force of his breath escaping his lips as his thrusts started to slow.

My pussy contracted around his cock, milking his hot load from him, as we slowly came down from our climax.

Michael lifted his head and stared back at my through his half opened bedroom eyes. The smell of sex filled the air as we gave each other loving smiles.

Once we caught our breath, we slowly sat up on the sofa, and embraced each other tightly. Michael drew me in for a kiss, as he brushed my hair from my face.

'Thank you' he whispered softly '...that was the most amazing feeling I have ever had...I truly do love you..'

I looked back at Michael and smiled 'and I truly love you too Michael, thank you for sharing yourself with me'.

After a while of hugging and embracing each other, we slowly got up and got ourselves dressed.

Once we were dressed, Michael came in for another hug 'You are such an amazing friend, I am glad that we have each other'.

'Me too Michael' I said with a deeper understanding.

I gathered my things and started to head out the door as Michael followed close behind. Once out the doorway I turned to Michael and I could see that he was beaming 'I wish I could stay for the night Michael, but I have to be up early in the morning'.

'Its okay, I understand' he replied.

There was a slight hesitation, then Michael asked 'So...how did I do?'

As I began to walk away I quickly turned back and said 'Lets just say, that when you and that woman get married next week, she definitely wont be disappointed'.

Michael cracked up laughing, and at that I waved a quick goodbye, hopped in my car, and headed home.

Our friendship ran deeper than any relationship we have ever known. Knowing that we will always be there to confide, and share with each other was something that would never be broken between us. We are the closest of friends, we love each other.

What a Face

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PostSubject: Look into his eyes, and become HIS...   Fri Jul 22, 2011 10:16 am

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Friends With 'Benefits'...
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