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Michael is VERY sexy ;) (only 18 and over, please)
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 A 'BAD' Partnership ;)

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PostSubject: A 'BAD' Partnership ;)   Fri Jul 22, 2011 9:52 am


He walks down the long corridor from the stage to his dressing room, dripping with sweat and keyed up from his performance. Even though he is tired It will take him hours to wind down, performing takes a lot out of him but it also charges him up to the point where sometimes he can be awake for hours after a show.

You watch him as he approaches, still slightly in awe of him even though you've been working for him for a few weeks now. He has been nothing but friendly and natural with you but you still get sparks in your joints when you see him and speak to him, you've never been in the presence of a more attractive, or affective man and sometimes it's hard not to show it.

Your job is a "gofer", fetching things for people and performing small but invaluable tasks. Working for Michael and his team has so far, been a pleasure. "Give me five minutes and bring me something to drink would you?" Michael asks. "Of course Mr. Jackson" you reply.

He flashes an amused grin. "I wish you'd call me Michael; I don't go in for all that formal stuff." He lifts the snowy white towel from around his neck and wipes his face; he really is streaming from his efforts onstage. You smile in return, "uh, ok, Michael it is". His smile widens as he passes you and you retreat to the refreshment area to get Michael something cold, wondering why he needs you to do this as you know he has a mini fridge in his dressing room filled with drinks and snacks. No matter, you think to yourself you wouldn't pass up an opportunity to see him again no matter the reason.

You tap on the door, an icy cold bottle of Evian water in your hand. "Come in" comes the soft muffled response.
You open the door to Michael's dressing room, the heady scent of the many bouquets of flowers that fill the room washing over you. Michael stands before you, still dressed in his stage outfit, a silver shirt with leather straps and buckles, tightly fitting black pants adorned with yet more buckles and a chunky silver belt that rests on his slender hips. His eyes are amused, his hair is messy, and he still looks like he needs that towel.

"Thank you" he says, "you can put it down there". He motions towards a low glass topped table strewn with magazines and bric-a-brac in the center of the room. "Come and sit next to me" he says and sits down on a large comfy looking electric blue crushed velvet sofa.

You are surprised; surely he has people he needs to speak to and a limo to get into? Of course you oblige-what red blooded woman in her right mind wouldn't? "You've been working for me for a while now, how do you like it?" He looks deep into your eyes as he says this, searching for something. "It's the best job I've ever had Michael, everyone's so friendly. I'll be sorry when the tour's over".

"You obviously enjoy the job" Michael remarks, "I don't think I've ever seen you without a smile on your face. I'd be sorry not to see you around anymore either which is why I want to offer you a permanent position on my team".
Your eyes widen at this but before you can respond he continues, "I know it will be a big change for you and you will have to travel with me a lot, it means being out of the country a great deal too, do you think you can handle it?"

You think of your little flat above the betting shop in the center of town, small and dingy-brightened only by the pictures you like to paint. Swapping this life for the one that Michael is offering you is an easy choice.
"I would love to Mr. Jackso...Michael", you reply. "Thank you for the opportunity and I won't let you down, I promise I will do my very best for you". The beautiful smile beams your way again and you can't help but notice the sexy way his twinkly dark eyes seem to be laughing.

"Well that's settled then, let's have a drink to celebrate". He rises from the sofa and pulls a bottle of chilled white wine from an ice bucket on his dresser. You watch his big brown hands as he works the corkscrew, the muscles in his wrists and arms flexing beneath the silvery shirt. You realize he's been planning this all along and it makes your body flush with the wonder of what else he might be planning. No, no, don't be ridiculous you chide yourself, Michael is not making a move on you, he's just being friendly.

He passes you a full wine glass, relaxing back into the deep cushions of the sofa with his own. "Here's to us" he says, "the start of a beautiful partnership". Neither of you speak again for a few moments, as you sip your drinks and regard each other.

Finally Michael places his glass on the table. "You're really pretty, you know that? I mean I know it sounds like a cliché but you really are a stunning woman". You are so shocked at this you almost choke on your drink, Michael thinks you're pretty? A man who knows so many beautiful girls? "Sorry", he says noticing your reaction, "I just couldn't hold it in any longer, you're not offended are you?"

Despite yourself you laugh, a tinkling sound that makes Michael's smile if anything widen further. "No, of course not, I just would never have thought you of all people would say that to me". "Well why not? It's true, and I'd have to be blind not to notice a woman like you, you really are gorgeous". "Michael, are you coming on to me and is that why you offered me the job?" The words are out of your mouth before you have had a chance to throw your brain into gear and you instantly regret it.

He looks embarrassed, "no, no not at all. You've got the job on merit". He pauses to face you fully. "I have to admit though, the thought of getting to know you err, better had crossed my mind more than once". A warm tingle passes through your body at this admission, "oh wow, I umm, wow." "I don't want you thinking badly of me" he says, but I'm just a man and you draw me to you like a moth to a flame".

"Michael" you begin, "I don't know what to say but I feel the same, you're the most gorgeous man I've ever known and the sweetest too". Michael's tight shoulders relax at hearing your words; this is going better than he thought it would. "I'm not usually a fast mover with women but would you mind if I kissed you?"

There's no need for words as you place your wine glass on the table next to his. You turn to face him and look at his chiseled features closely, the dark eyes with their arched brows. The tumbling dark locks of curly hair that surround his face. The finely sculpted nose and plushy, sensual lips.

Still without speaking he leans towards you and brushes those lips across your own, feather light and teasing. He pauses to look into your eyes then settles his lips firmly against your own. The sensation sends jolts of electricity up and down your spine; it feels so good that your overloaded brain is having trouble accepting that this is really happening, that Michael Jackson is caressing your soft lips with his own. His pliant mobile mouth moves deliciously over your lips in a way that sets other areas of your body on fire.

He slips his tongue between your lips to stroke your own, holding your face in his large, strong hands, kissing you softly then firmly, softly again, heightening your passion, stoking the burning embers of your desire until you want to beg for more.

You wrap your arms around his back and neck, his slim body is firm, packed with the sinewy muscle that comes from years of dancing, it feels better than anything you've ever experienced before. Michael's hands drift downwards from your face to your shoulders, caressing you through the thin material of your white t-shirt. He pauses for breath, "God you taste good" he says. "I'll never get enough of kissing you like this", you murmur your agreement with him and you move back together, easing back into the huge velvet cushions.

His hands brush across your breasts, making your nipples tingle at his touch, a crackly, electrical feeling. He covers your firm mounds with his hands, squeezing them gently as his tongue continues to explore your mouth. Deep inside of you is churning sensation, delicious and urgent. You know then that you will do anything to please this man.
Your fingers twine into his tousled curly hair and gently grip his head. He smells good, musky from his performance. Lower down you feel your feminine juices start to flow, you want this to last forever but you can feel a burning need building up inside and don't know how much longer you can rein your lust in.

Michael's hands are stroking your thighs now, firmly rubbing up and down them, his fingers splayed to touch as much of you as he can. Your blue denim jeans are starting to feel uncomfortably unnecessary, you want him to feel your naked skin with those long slim fingers and soon. You graze your hands over his chest, feeling the muscles there contract at your touch. He gasps in a breath and shivers, he is wildly turned on already and is trying hard to pace himself, but he is reaching the point of no return. He flicks his tongue across your lips, once, twice, and again for a third time, groaning into your mouth at the pleasure of your touch.

He stretches, the stiffness in his muscles and joints a result of tonight's show. "Excuse me a minute" he says, he stands and unbuckles his big silver belt and drops it to the floor. "It's digging into my stomach" he explains, "and I wanna get comfy". He kneels before you, between your parted knees and pulls you towards him so you are sitting on his lap. "Now where was I? Oh yes." The most beautiful smile in the world is all yours as he fills your mouth with his tongue again, crushing you against him and rocking his hips gently. You can feel his hardness pressing against your most sensitive area and you pant for breath at the feel of it, he is huge. His broad hands are roaming over your buttocks, toying with the round globes of your ass. His fingers slide together, feeling the heat radiating through your jeans. "Mmmmph", he whispers "your butt feels so good". "My butt is yours Michael" you giggle. "Oh yes", he says, "it is, but what about the rest of you? Is that mine too?"

He strokes your womanhood gently as he waits for a reply and he means to have one. "Oh God yes", you groan. "I'm all yours, I'll always be yours". "Good girl" comes the reply. "I want to make you feel good. I wanna make you feel as good as you look".

You have never felt more wanton in your life, true you've known Michael a while but you've never moved so fast with a man before. It doesn't seem to matter now though as the wanton feeling is being replaced by the knowing that you couldn't wish to be anywhere else but here, rocking your pelvis gently over his, grinding yourself onto his lap, feeling his thick hard cock pushing against your willing cleft.

He reaches up and pulls your t-shirt over your head, throwing it down beside his gleaming stage belt. The two items of clothing on the floor look as natural as your intertwined bodies, like they are just meant to go together. His long fingers brush the lacy cups of your bra, his eyes drinking in the sight of you; your hands are clasping his broad shoulders, holding on tight while you continue dry humping the magnificent creature before you. Is it possible to come this way? You wonder this as the pleasurable sensations travel all over your body-without having him touch me where I need it the most? The answer will be yes if this continues much longer.

Michael seems to sense this as he unhooks the flimsy garment and removes it from your body. He gazes at your naked breasts for so long you want to cross your arms over your chest, is something wrong?

"You're so beautiful" he says finally, "you're perfect". He leans forward and kisses each nipple in turn before taking your pert willing flesh into his mouth. His free hand cups and strokes your other breast as he flicks his tongue over the sensitive bud in his mouth. You feel like you are melting, you are half naked and sprawled over the lap of the most famous man in the world and his undivided attention is on you. He switches sides, giving equal care to both of your breasts, filling his hands with their firmness. He moves his face up to kiss you again, squeezing your nipples between his fingers just enough to hurt slightly, making your nerve endings sizzle.

"Cliché time again" he says, "I don't want you think I make a habit out of this, I've never been with a member of my entourage before and I don't sleep around". "I'm glad you said that Michael", you reply, "because this is very unusual behavior for me too, "I just can't help how I feel about you, but I want you to know that I'm not some morally bankrupt groupie who gets my kicks from bedding big stars or indeed anyone else".

Michael's answer to this is to strip off his own shirts, the silvery stage one, and the glowing white t-shirt he wears underneath. "Good", he says, "I'm glad we understand each other, I prefer honesty in people".

You reach out and touch the toned smooth flesh of his chest, enjoying the feel of the quivering muscles there. Moving closer you plant a trail of kisses from his oh so kissable neck all the way down and over his chest. Michael buries his hands in your thick soft hair and moans gently. His cock is straining uncomfortably against the tight material of his pants and he feels suffocated down there. He doesn't want to rush in too fast but he needs to have you soon or explode. He can't remember the last time he was this turned on.

He pulls at the zipper of your jeans and lifts you up and off his lap so he can pull the fabric down and off your legs. "I love your legs" he says, "They're so toned, I want to kiss them all over". He does just this, starting at your ankles and working his way up the length of tour trembling thighs.

You are stood in front of him wearing only the wispiest pair of lacy black panties, not even a millimeter of fabric separates your most intimate area from this mans gaze and touch-the feel of it is almost too much to bear and your head is swimming.

He grasps your taut thighs in the hands that are soft yet firm, large and all encompassing and pulls you towards his face. His lips touch your pubic mound and if you had had any resistance left in you it is surely ebbing away now. Nothing else exists, just you and Michael, alone together in an exotic dance of lust.

Your head in thrown back in ecstasy-the blood pounding in your skull as Michael's lips and tongue explore you through the sheer fabric of your panties. He pulls your legs apart gently to access your cleft better and the touch of his tongue on your silky lips sets off fireworks in your body. You feel like you are in danger of collapsing into a puddle on the floor but Michael's strong arms keep you standing as he skilfully probes your soft flesh. The fabric of your panties is wet from your juices and Michael's lovemaking and he finally slips them down your legs, fully exposing your sex to him.

You are shaking with desire now; the flames of passion are burning your insides. You look down at him; his eyes have glazed over with lust. He is not Michael Jackson the superstar now in this setting but Michael the man, a man who (unbelievably to you) wants to possess your body and make it his own.

He strokes your juicy cleft, and spreads your lips with his thumbs. He swirls his fingers around your throbbing clitoris and moves his head closer. The first touch of his tongue fully against you jerks you into a powerful orgasm, the electrical feeling starting in your crotch and sweeping throughout your entire body in waves. "Oh God, oh JESUS!" You were totally unprepared for it and your body quakes in his grasp as you come, his tongue still lashing you delightfully and his long slim fingers thrusting in and out of your hot, wet tightness.

"That's never happened before!" "What? You mean you never had an orgasm?" "No, I mean not that quickly, you really are amazing Michael". He grins and pulls you into his lap, "oh yeah? Wanna show me how amazing?" He teases, stroking your bare skin all over with his beautiful hands. You smile and pull him to his feet. "I've shown you mine, now it's time to show me yours".

Michael bites his bottom lip "I'm kinda shy about my body can we turn the lights off?" "No way! I'm starkers here and you want to hide in the dark? I'll dim them but they're staying on, I want to see you".

He relents, you are worth it, and after all he won't be able to see you in the dark either. You twirl the dimmer on the wall downing the lights a little, you don't want Michael to feel self conscious even though he doesn't need to be, he has the most alluring body you have ever seen, broad shoulders, a toned chest and a hard flat stomach. His shoulder muscles and biceps begged to be loved and kissed and you intend to do just that.

You kiss him, tasting your own juices on his lips, exciting you further. Before he can take control again you slide down his firm muscular body, showering it with kisses, making him arch his back at the feel of it. Your hands come to rest on the fastening of his tight black stage pants and you run your fingers over the straining bulge that is only inches from your face. It is Michael's turn to quiver now and you smile to yourself at the feel of having him in your hands totally at your mercy.

You draw the zipper down, your breath caught in your throat at the thought of what you are about to do to this man. He wants to make you feel good. You want to reciprocate, your body is still thrumming from the orgasm Michael has given you and you need to pleasure him too.

Easing the pants from his hips you gasp, he isn't wearing any underwear and his cock is suddenly pointing straight at your lips. You look up; Michael's hands are on your shoulders, his large brown eyes melting into your own. You lick your lips and Michael groans at the sight of your pink tongue, knowing he is seconds from feeling it on him. You smile at each other and you lower your head again to his engorged manhood.

You lick the smooth skin at the tip of his maleness, and open your mouth to him. He sighs as he feels his cock being welcomed into your hot wet mouth. "Ohh, ohhhhh" he whimpers. Your eyes flicker up to watch him, his eyes are closed, and he is biting his bottom lip hard as he eases himself in and out of your mouth. His eyes open and lock with yours as he watches his thick length thrusting in and out of your mouth. He doesn't want to come yet, he wants to make love to you first. But he also wants to enjoy your mouth a little longer-God it feels so good, so fucking good.

One of your hands is wrapped around that essential part of him, stroking and squeezing in time with the movements of your mouth and Michael's thrusts. The other is caressing Michael's firm buttocks, reveling in how amazing his body looks, feels like and tastes.

It's too much for Michael and he suddenly pulls you to your feet, "I need you, I need to be inside you, I need it now".
He draws you in for another deep kiss, your tongues dancing together as you stroke and caress each others body.

Both fully naked now you move once more to the big soft couch. Michael lays you down and soaks up the vision of your body. "I want to please you so much" he says "I want to make you scream with pleasure". His eyes are shining and his perfect body is trembling slightly.

You answer by reaching up for him and pull him into your arms, he slides himself between your parted legs and raises himself up over you so he can watch your face. "Oh Michael, I want you in me so much it hurts" you plead, he smiles and nudges himself against your juicy opening, you both suck in a breath and sigh as he slides his heat into your heat. "Oh God your cock feels so good" you moan as he continues to slide his length into you.
"Yeah?" He replies, "your pussy feels better, in fact, it feels fucking incredible".

To hear him use those words only cranks up the eroticism of this moment and you pant and gasp with pleasure as he expertly fucks you, thrusting hard and deep into your willing tightness as you clutch his firm ass and pull him in further. You watch his face as he rocks his hips, filling you with every inch of his hardness. You've never felt anything like this, his cock is huge, stretching you open as he repeatedly slams it into you holding your thighs wide so he can look at the juicy pouting lips accommodating his long thick shaft , your head is buzzing again and a scream is indeed about to be born on your lips.

Just when you think you're about to reach your peak again he withdraws. "Turn around" he says, "I want to fuck you from behind". You grin and kiss his lips before you turn round and get on your hands and knees for him. He sighs appreciatively and reaches out for you, caressing your juicy slit with his fingers, and stroking your firm round ass. He bends and kisses each globe before pushing his cock deep inside you again. He grasps your hips and fucks you deeply, almost desperately,

"Ohh, it's never felt like this" he grunts, the sweat running freely down his beautiful face, "your pussy feels like it's on fire, it's so fucking tight"...

"Oh God Michael don't stop, I've never felt this good", you thrust against him, increasing the power of his own strokes. He wraps a handful of your hair around his fist and pulls your head back.

"You like the way I fuck you?" He demands of you, you whimper "yes, it's better than anything", he's riding you faster and faster now, deeper and deeper, building up into a mind shattering climax for you both. He spreads your ass cheeks wide so he can get the best view possible of your trembling body as he feels his orgasm approach.

With a final few sharp thrusts he spills himself into you, his cock welcoming the clamping spasms of your vagina as you experience your own orgasm, even more powerful than the first. You dig your fingers into the fabric of the deep blue cushions underneath you and groan as wave after wave of pleasure wash over your body.

Michael releases his tight grip on your hair and strokes your smooth back tenderly as the last vestiges of the best orgasm he's ever had fade into a mellow afterglow.

He withdraws and pulls you to your feet. "Did I hurt your hair?" He looks apologetic all of a sudden. You beam him your own beautiful smile as you reply "no, I enjoyed it actually".

He grins, flashing his perfect even, white teeth. "Ohhh you like the rough stuff eh?" You playfully slap his arm, "yeah but don't tell the boss, he thinks I'm a good girl". "Oh he still does, he told me". Michael's eyes flash wickedly.
"He also told me he wants you to join him right now for a nice hot shower and he wants to soap your gorgeous body all over until you squeal". "In that case I'd better go and do what he says, I like my job and I want to keep it".

You take his strong hand and let him lead you towards his bathroom, swinging the wine bottle in your free hand. Being Michael's employee looks like it's going to be thirsty work.

Yes, it really is the start of a beautiful partnership. Wink

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A 'BAD' Partnership ;)
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