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Michael is VERY sexy ;) (only 18 and over, please)
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 Pain and Pleasure

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PostSubject: Pain and Pleasure    Tue May 17, 2011 1:21 am

It was a dark, stormy night. Loud crashes of thunder were heard somewhere nearby. Michael and I were upset with eachother, so we slept in separate rooms that night. I just knew he was asleep in the other room, not even thinking about me while I lay awake, missing his touch. It had only been 15 hours since our last 'encounter', and here I was feenin' like a crackhead for him...I lay there in the darkness with my eyes closed, trying to remember how his body felt against mine...

missing the scent of his body, so beautiful yet so masculine. Would it mean that I lost the fight if I got up and went to his room right now? Did I really care? yes, it was the principal of the thing. Suddenly, my room felt hotter than it did a few minutes ago. (I had no idea Michael was out in the hall and had turned up the thermostat to my room lol He was standing right outside my bedroom door, butt naked) I began to roll all over my bed, because I was so hot and bothered, I couldn't stand it

I kicked the fucking silk sheets and comforter off my bed, and that still didn't help. So, I figured, what the hell? I'll just take off my nightie and lay there naked in the dark. Who would know? So I did. Still, the room only seemed to get hotter. I began to sweat and my body blushed from the heat. I could feel it in the darkness. Still, I tried to lay down and sleep. Somehow, I managed to fall asleep eventually, but was awakened by the feeling of not being alone in the room.

Somewhere in the darkness a candle was lit, but I could not make out who was holding it. I was scared, so I rolled over face down, pulled the covers up from behind, and buried my face in my pillow. Slowly, I felt the cover slide downward over my body until it was completely off. This was followed my the feeling of something hot being poured from the back of my neck all the way down to the small of my back. Candle wax! It kinda burned a little but felt so sexy...

Then, it was poured over my ass and down the backs of my thighs and legs. I was softly moaning cause it felt so damn good...a voice from the darkness said 'turn over, baby', so I did...Now I was laying on my back, eyes closed, wondering when the next drop of candle wax would touch my body. Even as hot as it is, it couldn't compare to Michael...A few seconds pass, and the next drops fall over my nipples, which instantly become hard, and I wince with the feeling of both pain and pleasure...

the next drops I felt went slowly down the middle of my chest and trailed down my abdomen...My back arched my body upwards, trying to meet each drop before they lost their heat. Then came that heavenly voice: "Baby, do you like what I'm doin' to you"? I opened my eyes to see it was Michael, hovering over me with a candle, looking so damn sexy by candlelight. "Yes, Michael, I love it...and please forgive me for our fight earlier. It was my fault". He said, "What fight? I don't remember any fight"

"Baby, close your eyes". So, I did. "I'm going to blindfold you. I just wanna' tease you right now". So I let him. "Now girl, I'm gonna' handcuff you to the bed. Don't be scared. 'Daddy' won't hurt you". I let him. Only my hands were cuffed. I was anxiously anticipating what would happen next. The next thing I felt was him knocking the hard candle wax pieces from my body, and then after a few seconds, I felt him trail a feather over my body, nice and slow.

I felt intense pleasure when he trailed the feather over my nipples, and then down to my hips. Is it too soon for me to ask him to fuck me? probably...I will hold out awhile longer. LOL The next thing I felt was him biting me everywhere...some hard bites, some light and playful. I cried out when it was a little bit hard, but he put his hand over my mouth. I didn't know where he would bite me next. It was a pleasant surprise each time. I was sure I had teeth marks in some places...I didn't care.

"Ohhhh Michael...please untie me...this is too intense, baby". "No, girl. Not yet. LOL Please just lemme do this". I heard the nightstand drawer open. Oh no! I know what that means!!! Hell no! LOL Then I felt him move my legs to open them, and I heard the sound of my vibrator! Damn him! Is he trying to kill me??? LOL He ran it lightly over the lips of my pussy, careful to avoid the hole, and then ran it directly over my clit. I was going wild then! LOL "Oh! Michael! Baby! Ooh! Please! Stop"

My hips were raising up off the bed, and my hands were tied, so I couldn't move the vibrator away. Oh shit! Then, he inserted a finger into me while running the vibrator lightly over my clit. His finger was moving in and out of my pussy while making swirling movements, and there were a few times I felt him curve his finger inside me. Oh damn! He hit my G-spot! "Michael, I'm gonna' cum...please! Stop baby, stop..." "No girl, just wait...don't cum yet...I want you to see heaven tonight".

I think I had already seen it like 5 times already in those few minutes. The vibrator stopped, but my body was still going crazy with lust. My body writhed in ecstasy on the bed in front of him. I was hot and I wanted him to fuck me so bad..."Michael, please...baby...ooooooooh, please...please fuck me"! He climbed into the bed, got between my legs and laid down. He raised my legs so that my knees were bent, and he raised them in the air and open them wide...

then he thrust his tongue deep into my pussy, and wiggled it around inside me. My hips rose up off the bed again, but he held me down. He let down my legs, and while tongue-fucking me, he reached up with both hands, and squeezed my breasts and held them, all the while flicking my nipples with his thumbs. "Ohhh Michael...Oh baby...fuck me! Please fuck me! I don't wanna live if you don't fuck me now"! I was burning up now...He knew this so he stopped, but then I felt something cold running down my

body. This man had brought ice cubes upstairs to further torture me with! LOL He was teasing me with ice cubes! They kept melting when touching my body though, so he would lick off the water left behind. "Michael, please, baby! No more, please"! I was panting, out of breath. I felt him move off me for a minute or so, and I heard nothing. Then, I felt him get back onto the bed, pull the blind fold off my eyes, uncuff me, and then he laid down between my legs. He was face to face with me...

He started playfully biting my lower lip, while staring at me with those gorgeous eyes...he interlocked his fingers with mine and pushed our arms together out to the sides of the bed, and then he thrust into me with so much force, I cried out: "Michael!!! Oooh! No, daddy, no! Please, it hurts! ahhhhh....no baby, please (crying)...please Michael, take it out! I can't take it!..." In between nibbling my bottom lip, he was watching the pained look on my face, and dare I say, loving it??? lol

I could tell when it felt good to him, too, cause he would sort of grit his teeth, and make those pouty lips like he does on stage. He kept pulling his dick out all the way, and thrusting into me harder and deeper each time. "You feel it baby? I KNOW you do...ahhh...girl, this pussy is so tight...ahhhhhh...damn! ugh..." but oh God! when he started grinding me! His dick touched places inside me that I didn't even know were there, but I sure am glad he found them! "Oh, daddy! Ohhh daddy, yes"!!!

Our bodies were pressed together, stuck like glue, and we were both sweating from the intense passion and heat between us. He let go of one of my hands only to lift one of my legs up into the air over his arm, and he kept right on thrusting. Now, he was fucking me so hard and so feverishly fast that my head was hitting the headboard behind me! "You like this dick, don't you, girl"? "Yes, baby...Ohhh yess.." "Cum for me then, girl! I know you were laying in here, thinking about me fucking you.."

"Yes...ohhh God, yess"! Now, he started doing what I like to call 'triple thrusts', which is like 3 rapid thrusts and a hard-ass grind. (Basically, he was murdering the pussy. LOL I didn't give a D-ZAM! that little bitch was happy than a muhfucka! LOL) "Oh, Michael, I cumming! Ooooh...Ooh baby"! Just then, he pulled completely out of me for a few seconds, and rammed back into me with such force that my lower back cracked and my head hit the headboard and I got a knot on the top of my head.

"Sorry, baby. When I let 'Lil Mike' loose, he's a beast". He wrapped his arms around me, and then started fucking me slow and sensually. He was looking into my eyes, kissing my face, and moaning in my ear. He sounds so very sexy. "Make me cum, baby. I wanna cum while looking into your eyes..." I tightened my pussy around his dick with 4 quick grips followed by a release, and I repeated this 3 times, and "Girl, I'm cumming! How did you...How...oooohh ooohhhh....ahhh...damn...ooohhh"

I felt his amazing dick twitch and jerk inside me, followed by the warmth of his hot cum shooting up into me. He covered my mouth with his and sucked my tongue as the last drops of his 'magic potion' were spent in me. He was moaning while kissing me, "Oohh, baby...Ooohhh, girl...Ohhh...ahhh" When he was done, he just stayed inside me, even after going soft, and we fell asleep in eachother's arms. "DelVita"? "Yes, Michael"? "You hot as hell! You are a BAD BITCH"! "Shiiittt, I KNOW"! LMAO

I love you
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Pain and Pleasure
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