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Michael is VERY sexy ;) (only 18 and over, please)
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 Bathtub Sex ;)

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PostSubject: Bathtub Sex ;)   Sat Jun 11, 2011 12:12 am

It has been a month, and I have been missing my man. Michael is on the way home from a tour today, and I can't wait to see him. I have been going crazy without him. My body is feenin' for him. I miss his touch...the taste of his lips and his skin...the feel of his...Damn it! I wanna' fuck him so bad!...oooh wee, let me calm down and get ready to welcome 'daddy' home properly. I'm gonna' put it on him, too. He will forget any little hoes he may have seen while on tour...that's a promise.

I am going around the house, hurrying the chef and housekeepers along. I want everything to be perfect when he arrives. "Mrs. Jackson, what would like for us to prepare for Mr. Jackson's homecoming dinner"? I think for a moment, smile and say, "Somebody should run out and pick up a bucket of KFC before he gets here"! Me and the staff are having a good laugh about that KFC thing. No one thinks he would actually throw down on some fried chicken, but he licks his fingers and everything.

"Yes, ma'am. We will do our part. Don't worry". The staff is smiling at me because they are crazy about him, and because they know I am going to put all of their asses out later on, as soon he steps in the door, cause I want us to have the house all to ourselves with no nosy ass employees around to overhear the sounds of our lovemaking, or inhibiting us from running around the whole house naked if we want to. Oh no! These muhfuckas gots to get the fuck up outta' here SOON!

I went out earlier and got my hair, nails and toes done, and picked up a few things from the lingerie shop as well as the adult store. ;-) Yep, I'm freaky like that. Right now, I'm headed to the shower to do my female grooming to prepare 'miss kitty' to meet her 'owner'. I'm showering with Victoria Secret's Strawberries & Champagne Shower Gel. This will be the theme of my evening with my man, lots of champagne and strawberries, and HE is the main course.

There are 2 hours before 'Sex on Legs' gets home, and I am putting the finishing touches on everything right now. The staff did their duties I requested of them and have all left now. I am the only one in the house. I have the candles all set up in the bedroom, and scented oil holders set about the house. I am throwing rose petals all over the bed, making a trail from our master bedroom into the master bath where our hot tub is. On our nightstand, I have placed flavored massage oil and handcuffs

Also, there a mini-whip, a feather, and remote controlled clit stimulator (yes, me and Mike be on some 'OTHER' shit.) I slip into my red leather crotchless thong and bra set, and my red leather thigh-hi boots, and I AM working the gold belly chain tonight. (yessir! ) I let my hair down and sorta fluff it up and make it look wild and fierce. I slip on my black silk robe and head into the bathroom, and start filling up the tub with Dom Perignon champagne. I dim the lights in the bathroom.

Downstairs in a flash, I run into the kitchen to get the champagne glasses and fresh strawberries the cook left in the fridge for me. I take these items into the bathroom and set them down on the small table next to the tub. Everything looks great! I check my make-up (yep, I'm looking fierce! ) and run back downstairs to wait by the door for His Royal Sexiness to arrive. He will be here in exactly 10 minutes!!! I swear I'm pouncing on his ass as SOON as he walks in! 5 minutes left!!!

I hear the keys in the door!!! It's him! It's him! AHHHHH!!! I hide behind the door, and he turns the knob and steps inside, and I step out from behind the door in front of him. He takes one look at me, drops his bag to the floor, lets the keys drop out of his hand, and I say, "Hi Michael. I missed you so much", and he grabs me by my hips and pulls me to him in a rather rough manner. We embrace each other, and he smells so good that I am intoxicated and feel weak in the knees. He holds me tighter

"Show 'daddy' how much you've missed him". He lets his lips linger at my neck, then steps back from me, and opens my robe to get look at what I'm workin' with. He licks his lips, and gives me those sexy ass eyes. I turn my back to him, and move my robe to the side to give him a glimpse of my 'assets'. I even give my ass a good smack while staring at him and licking my lips. "Damn, girl! You are workin' that lingerie! Too bad it's gonna be coming off soon..."

"Don't you want to eat first"? I ask him. He kicks off his shoes, and says, "Oh, I'll be eating alright..." he is staring directly below my waist. He leaves everything right there on the floor, and grabs my belly chain, and pulls me along behind him towards the master bedroom in the back of the house. When we get back there, he sees all the rose petals and candles, and he smiles a naughty smile at me, and says, "I see you had all this planned. You wanna fuck me bad, huh girl"?

I just smile slyly and turn my head away, blushing. He is unbuttoning his shirt, coming towards me, looking sexy as hell. Damn, I am getting weak in the knees again feeling the heat of his body and he hasn't even made it over here to me yet. I feel the wetness start between my legs already, anticipating whatever is on his mind right now. He is standing in front of me now, and he doesn't waste any time putting his hand between my legs, moving his fingers around in my wetness...he sighs, "mmmm"

"Damn, girl. You wet already? I can't wait to lick you...come here". He moves me over to the nearby chair, sits me in it, asks me to lean back, and he takes my legs and puts one leg over the right chair arm and one over the left, and he grabs my hips and pulls my butt toward the edge of the chair seat. He sits on his knees in front of my chair, takes his finger and opens the slit in my crotchless thong, and starts sucking on my pussy lips, intermittently running his tongue up and down the middle

teasing me with the feeling that he may shove his tongue into my pussy hole at any given moment. My body is shaking with passion as he continues his tongue lashing. "Ohh baby girl, you taste so good...mmmm...I'm gonna' suck your pussy dry. Then, I'm gonna' make it rain, girl"! He grabs my hips and pulls me toward his face, using his tongue to get between my pussy lips, and shoves his tongue inside me as far as it will go. "Oh Michael...Oh...stop...please...I'm gonna' cum".

He pulls his tongue out of me, and starts licking my pussy up and down the middle slowly but very determined. I shudder with passion and lust, my hand instinctively grabs the back of his head and pulls his face closer, and he buries his face in it, moving his face around in my wetness. Damn, this man is so fucking hot! I want him to fuck me right now, here in this chair, with my legs spread so wide, but I am going to stick with my plans I made earlier about how this night will play itself out.

Oh my God! Now he is licking my clit playfully with his tongue, staring up at me with those gorgeous eyes. I honestly wanna' cum right now, but I gotta hold it. d-zam! he is fire! He encloses my clit between his lips and begins to suck it gently but firmly. I throw my head back on the chair and grab my breasts and squeeze them together. Fuck! he is sending me over the edge! Oh hell no! He thinks he is going to fuck me right now, but hell no! "Girl, you ever been to the moon before"?

Oh shit! I know what he's about to do. He plays dirty. Damn him! While sucking my clit, slightly brushing his teeth against it, he starts fingering me with that magic finger he likes to twirl on stage and drive the ladies crazy with. Then, he inserts another finger into my ass. "Ohhh Michael, no baby...please...please stop...I'm gonna' cum...Oh fuck"! He chuckles to himself and just keeps right on with what he's doing. "Oh...Oh...ooooh...yes...yes...oh shit! ahhh...Michael please"!

"I can't hear you, girl. It's been 2 months. I gotta have it. I don't wanna' hear it, just give in to me". Oh hell no...I didn't plan all this just to get nailed in a bedroom chair. I push him away, "miss kitty" is talking to my mind saying 'bitch, is you crazy??? this man was licking the hell outta me! what you go and stop him for'? Damn him! He got my pussy talking to me about him, putting in a good word for him and shit? oh hell no I'm trippin'! His eyes are on me, looking me up and down

I stand up and move across the room. I climb onto the bed seductively. I am on all fours, staring at him, licking my lips, moving my hips and ass around in a circular motion, and then I twirl a finger at him as if to say, 'Come get me, 'daddy'. He starts doing that trademark walk of his, walking all cocky toward the bed. He climbs up onto the bed and moves towards me, and I slide my ass right off before he can even get to touch me. He falls onto the bed laughing but kinda frustrated.

He is still watching me intently. Oh my God! Is he drooling??? I am standing in the middle of the room, just out of his reach. I am facing him, and I take a finger and slip it into my mouth, suck it while closing my eyes sexily, and I let my hand slide slowly down my body until I reach the crotch of my panties, and then I slip that wet finger into my thong, and start touching my clit and fingering myself in front of him, while moving my body in the manner of a stripper. "You know you want me"

I say, almost purring, while looking at him. He rolls over off the bed, and comes towards me. I let him get close to me, and he grabs the back of my hair, and pulls my face toward his, and bites my bottom lip and pulls it out, then covers my mouth with his and French kisses me. I can taste myself on his tongue. Damn! I AM tasty. He slides his hands up and down my hips, around to my ass, and squeezes both cheeks in his hands...

"Damn, girl! All this ass..." He goes on squeezing my ass, separating the cheeks and smacking my ass up while looking at me, gritting his teeth, doing that pouty thing he does with his lips. Next thing I know, he has lifted me up with my ass cupped in his hands, and carries me over to the bed, and throws me in it! wtf?! I'm laying there on my back, up on my elbows, one knee up, staring at him, my legs slightly parted so he can catch a glimpse of my sweet potato pie.

He starts taking off his clothes. I ask him to leave his shirt on and open, and to put on the black fedora (hell yeah!) He smiles and winks, and runs across the room to get it, and he's back in a flash. I say "Put on the hat for me 'daddy', the way you do on stage". He grins and hits his trademark move, slaps the hat on, tilts it forward so I can't see his eyes, and slowly slides his finger along the rim. (I swear I could cum just watching him do that )

He climbs up on the bed slowly, looking like a beast stalking its prey. He sits back on his knees in front of me, between my legs, his hard dick sticking straight up, ready to murder me. What is he thinking? He grabs my hips and pulls my bottom up and toward him so that my ass rests on his thighs and my legs are wide open and out to the sides. With his hand, he curves his dick downwards, and forces it up into me. I scream with pleasure and pain. He holds onto my thighs while thrusting into me...

He is watching his dick slide in and out of me, watching me breathe hard, listening to me calling his name, and watching me bite my lip with each thrust. "Ooh, 'daddy'...ohhh ohhh...your dick feels so good inside me...ooooh" I am watching him through half-closed eyes, and he has a half smile on his face, and every time he thrusts, he grits his teeth and bites his lower lip. He moves his hands up to my breasts, squeezing them through my leather bra, and I wrap my legs around his waist...

"Ooh girl..damn! ahhhh...you feel so good inside...you're all wet and slippery and tight...mmmmmmm....ahhh..." He takes my legs and pushes them back toward me so that my knees are bent and opens them wide again, and slides himself in and out of me slowly, moving his hips all around, and then pulling almost all the way out and ramming his dick back up into me. He loves the view, cause every time he pulls out, he sees some of my cum clinging to his dick. He is bouncing on his knees now, hittin it..

just like on stage when he was holding that microphone down in front of his dick while he was down on the floor and he started bouncing with the microphone, looking like he was holding his dick and it was going wild. "Girl, you nasty. You dirty, but I'm gonna' make you all clean again". While I'm laying there, he takes off my lingerie and boots, and he enters me again, picks me up while he is still in me, and carries me off to the bathroom. Damn, Mike is a freak!

Once in the bathroom, he sees the setup I made in here, and he smiles. He also sees the tub is full of expensive ass champagne for us to play in. "Baby, you think of everything. You so know what 'daddy' likes. Come here, girl"! Our hot tub is made down into the floor, so he picks me up and steps down into the tub. The champagne is about room temperature. This shit is sexy and I feel so fucking rich and lucky as hell right about now. Once we sit down in it, it's kind of weird and bubbly but sexy.

I pull over the tray I sat in here earlier with the glasses, champagne bottle, and fresh strawberries. I open the champagne and pour it into the glasses. I hand him one. He takes it. I take a strawberry and bite into it. It is so juicy and I rub the strawberry all over my lips, take a sip of champagne, and move in to kiss him. He sucks the strawberry juice and champagne off my lips and tongue as I playfully lick and suck his lips and tongue. Then, I take the strawberry and rub it on his lips...

His eyes are closed as I do this. Another sip of champagne, and I'm sucking his lips again. A sexy sigh escapes his lips. He leans his head back so his neck is exposed, and I rub the strawberry on his neck, chest and nipples. Then I take my glass of champagne and pour it down his neck, watching it run down his chest and into the hot tub. It's cold. He trembles a little, a slight naughty smile playing on his lips. His eyes are still closed as I start to lick his neck and chest...

"Girl, this is some sexy ass stuff right here...damn" I smile to myself and keep going. I am licking and sucking off all the strawberry from his neck and chest. "You know I'm a slave for you, Michael" He is smiling with his eyes closed. When I get to his nipples, I wanna' bite 'em off, but I just rub strawberry on 'em and start sucking and nibbling on them, running my tongue over them real slow. "Mmm...ahhh..girl! Damn"! I'm going down under now. See how long a bitch can hold her breath

He is reclining back against the wall of the hot tub. I go down under the water (champagne), and I waste no time putting his dick in my mouth. I suck it really hard while holding it with a tight grip at the base. I can hear him moaning, and every time I deep throat him and slide his dick back out of my mouth, the champagne bubbles fizzle on his dick, and his body trembles at my touch. (Sorry girls. Nothing will be left, cause I am sucking the life out his muhfuckin dick today! real talk )

I'm workin his dick like G.I. Joe with the Kung Fu grip. His hand comes down to hold my head down on his dick, so I give him what he wants, even though my ass needs to come up for air, cause this is a fucking wonderful ass way to die, with HIS dick in MY mouth. Hell yeah! Every time I suck it all the way down to the base of it, I come back up on it slowly while swirling my tongue all around it. (Damn, is he crying? wtf?) "Ahhh...girl, shit! I'm gonna cum!" Oh no you don't!

I grab the head of his penis between my fingers and squeeze it tight, and that makes the urge to cum go away after a few seconds. He's cool now. (Okay, I can't hold my breath no longer, so I'm done playing 'head doctor' for now. ) I come back up and have a sip of champagne, and he grabs me. He takes cold champagne and pours it from my neck down, uses up several strawberries rubbing them all over my body, and he starts licking and sucking me, working his way from my neck down.

I am in heaven. He gets to my nipples, and takes another strawberry and rubs it all over them, and then starts biting them lightly before sucking them hard. He squeezes my breasts together and puts both nipples into his mouth, and sucks them. I am grabbing the back of his hair, pulling him in closer to me, and I can feel his tongue running all over my nipples, and it feels so damn good. I want him to fuck me right now! "Ohhh, 'daddy', fuck me! Fuck me now! oohhh"! he says "Wait for it, girl"...

He starts kissing his way down my abdomen, licking my belly button, sending shivers up my spine. He takes me and sits me up on the edge of the hot tub wall, opens my legs, pushes me back onto the floor next to the hot tub, and I feel him pour cold champagne all over my pussy. It tingles, but it's nice. I see him take a strawberry, bite into it a little, then put it right into the center of my pussy. He pushes my legs up and out so I am wide open before him, and he starts eating me out.

He is literally eating the strawberry piece by piece from inside of my pussy. I am impressed with his skills. When he is done with the last bit of it, he plunges his tongue deep into me, and I arch my ass upward, but he holds me down by my hips, and he just keeps slowly tongue-fucking me. "Oh my God, Mike! ..I'm gonna cum! oooh! Baby, stop, please"! he said, "Now girl, you know I won't stop til I get enough. Just wait for it, girl. Don't cum yet". I can feel him curving his tongue inside me...

Oh my God! How is he touching my G-spot with his tongue!!?? Damn it! I can't hold it anymore! "Ohh! Ohh! ooooh! Sorry baby, I can't hold it"! He grabs my hips and pulls me toward his tongue, and sticks it as far up in me as possible, sending waves of passion through me to the very core of my being. "Baby girl, your cum tastes so sweet. mmmm...You know I gotta get it all...mmm" He is swirling his tongue all around inside me. I think my ass is dead now. If I am, I don't even fucking care.

He isn't through with my ass yet though. He pulls me back into the champagne-filled hot tub, and pins me up against the wall of it, gets up between my thighs with his knee, lifts me slightly, and rams his dick up into me. He is so hard, so amazing....damn it! how the fuck am I ready to cum again so soon!? I have my arms wrapped around his neck, holding on for dear life, and one leg up and wrapped around his thigh so he can get all up in this. It's fun to fuck in a big ass tub of champagne!

"Oh DelVita! ooh girl...ooh...mmmm...damn, I swear, every time I get up in this pussy, I don't remember shit! the day, the time, the year, my name, my shit is gone! Damn! this some good ass pussy right here"! (Okay Mike, my damn ego just officially went through the roof now.) I start moving my hips around, tightening up those pussy muscles, while lightly biting his ear. "Girl, no you didn't! No you didn't! uh uh! hell no"! He flips my ass around so that I'm facing out, and enters me from behind.

"Oh, Michael...Oh...mmmmm...fuck me, 'daddy', fuck me! Oh yes"! "Don't worry, girl...'daddy' got this ass covered! 'daddy' got you sprung, huh girl"? "Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh Michael..yesss"! "I know, girl...I know...'daddy' knows, child". (lol) Everytime he thrusts into me, the champagne bubbles up between us. The shit is fire. He reaches around to the front between my legs, and starts rubbing my pussy and clit with his right hand, while squeezing my breast with the other, still fucking me good.

He knows I just came again, and it turns him on so much that he cums too. "Damn, girl! ooohh....ahhh....oh God"! I feel his white hot cum shoot up inside me precisely hitting its target. I know he wants a kid, so I'm gonna give him whatever he wants. He stays inside me until he is sure he's empty, and he hugs me from behind. "DelVita, I love you so much. I love you...love you...love you, girl. Damn, I love you"! He can't see this big ass smile on my face, but it's there. "

And Michael, I 2 luv u"
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Bathtub Sex ;)
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