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Michael is VERY sexy ;) (only 18 and over, please)
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 He Always Gets What He Wants ;)

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PostSubject: He Always Gets What He Wants ;)   Thu May 26, 2011 1:00 pm

Vee was growing increasingly anxious about a mysterious man she ran into the other night while out on her nightly walk around the neighborhood. She had accidentally bumped into him while not paying attention where she was walking and the man seemed to be unusually ticked off about it, as if it was personal, but she did notice as she backed away from him, that his hand intentionally reached out and touched her right breast. She said, "Hey, what do you think you're doing"?! She tried to look him in the face as she spoke, but she could not see his face. The dark of night, not much street light, and him wearing a hood pulled down low on his face made it impossible to see him. She could feel him staring at her, his eyes roving all over her body, undressing her with his eyes. He smelled so good, this stranger, and the mysterious aura he gave off made him almost sexy to Vee, if not perhaps a little bit...Dangerous? He simply said in a low voice, "Excuse me, miss. Maybe you should be more careful, and not go around alone at night". Having said that, he stepped around her and kept walking...

Vee wondered to herself, "What the fuck just happened? Who is he"? as she watched his form until he was out of her sight. She began to feel fear gripping her, so she made her way home to the safety of her foyer, locked all her doors, and armed her security system alarm. She wasn't taking any chances. As Vee went upstairs to shower, while lifting her shirt over her head to take it off, she could smell the mysterious man's cologne somehow in the fabric of her shirt. "Oh great", she thought to herself, "I'm falling in love with a stalker". She laughed it off, but in the back of her mind, she wondered if it was actually true. Vee shrugged her shoulders to try to shake off that thought, and got into the shower. While she lathered up under the steady spray of hot water, she swore she heard something. She had no pets, no roommates, wasn't expecting anyone, and if someone had got in, why hadn't her alarm gone off? "Silly woman, scared of your own shadow", she laughed to herself, and continued on with her shower. When she finished, she stepped out of the bath, and put on her bathrobe, then wrapped her medium length, dark brown hair in a towel. She stopped to look at herself in the mirror, "Yep, still beautiful", she mumbled to herself.

Vee headed to her bedroom to dry off properly, apply her strawberries & champagne-scented moisturizer, and slip into the sexy new peach-colored silk gown she had bought just the other day from Victoria's Secret. It had spaghetti string straps and a v-neck, and it hung down to her knees, clinging to her every curve. Once in her gown, she felt like the sexiest woman alive, petite, curvaceous, and simply gorgeous. What man could resist her in that gown, she smiled to herself. Making her way across the room, she had the feeling that she wasn't alone in her home...then, she noticed that one side of her cover on her bed had been turned back, as if someone had been laying there. She knew this couldn't be because she always made her bed every morning after waking up. Her heart was now pounding with fear. She tried to calm herself, but just could not shake the feeling that someone else was in her home... And there was that scent again! The same scent that 'mystery man' was wearing and the same scent that was on her shirt after he touched her only a short while ago! He couldn't have! Would he? Maybe...he was...dangerous.

Vee ran from her room, searching all over her house, which was quite large. She yelled, "Hey, you! Mystery stalker! I know you are in my house! I will call the police if you don't get out this instant"! She heard no sounds, not a creak on her hardwood floor, not even a footstep; nothing. She began to wonder if she was imagining the whole thing...until she found a note on her kitchen countertop. "Yes, I am here. Find me if you can. If you find me first, you can punish me. If I find YOU first, I get to punish you, and I must warn you. No one has ever beaten me at hide 'n seek. Play my game with me. You won't be disappointed. Signed, MJ". "WTF"?! she muttered to herself. And wouldn't you know that even the damned letter smelled just like him, and he smelled like heaven! Fear rose in her like a volcano rumbling under the surface of the ground, but something else rose in her - desire. She yelled out once more, "Okay, I'll play your little game, but no one will be punishing me tonight. I will find you first, and when I do, you must leave". She started looking in all the closets downstairs and just as she was about to make her way upstairs, she found another note. "I play to win, Vee, and I always get what I want...ALWAYS, and I want YOU. When I find you, I guarantee that you won't want me to leave...EVER". Vee was shocked. Who was this man, she wondered, and why does he want her so much, and what does he want to do with her? She made her way upstairs...

Upstairs was complete darkness, and she knew she didn't turn the lights off up there. She was backing up and turning around, trying not to leave any side of herself open to attack when suddenly, somewhere in the house, she heard a door close! She let out an anxious sigh, and quickly put her hand over her mouth as she backed up down the dark hallway, forgetting her rule of never turning her back to open rooms or spaces. Her heart was pounding as she continued backing up down that dark hallway, when suddenly, she backed into something...a tall something...not a something at all, but someone...before she could turn around, he grabbed one of her arms up behind her back, and pulled her close to him, then whispered oh so sexily in her ear, "You're it! Now I get to punish you". On her ear and neck, his breath was warm and inviting, and his smell alone made her weak in the knees. Even his voice was familiar somehow...

He pushed her along in front of him, still holding her arm up behind her back, kissing the back of her neck as they went along. When he got by her bedroom, he pushed her into it all the way over to her bed. He then released her. She turned to look at him, but he was still wearing the hood. "Who are you"? she asked, her voice trembling. "I'm not like other guys...I mean, I'm different. I will pull off my hood, if you won't scream and act like other girls when they see me. Promise"? he said. "I promise", said Vee. Slowly, the mysterious man made himself not so mysterious after all. Standing there in front of her was none other than Michael Jackson, in the flesh! Vee was more than a little...nervous, scared, excited, anxious, you name it. "Michael"? she questioned, and he said, "Yes, it's me. I have been watching you. I know you didn't know this, and maybe this is all a little weird, but I am mostly shy. I do have another side though. When I want something, I go after it, and right now, I want you..."

Vee didn't know what to make of all this, and before she could think further to try to figure it out, he reached around her and cupped one side of her ass in his hand, and pulled her closer to him. With the other hand, he reached down, slowly sliding his hand up her gown until he felt her pussy, which automatically became wet at his touch. When he felt this, he began to rub it and immerse his fingers in her juices, his forefinger playfully teasing the opening intermittently while massaging her clit. She tried to push him away, because somehow, this just felt all wrong, but she knew in her mind that it couldn't get no righter. He resisted her frail attempts at evading him, and continued his invasion of her most intimate place. When she wouldn't stop trying to resist him, he shoved that magic finger up inside her, twirling it around all the while staring her in her eyes, making those sexy ass bedroom eyes at her. She let out a cry that turned into the most feverish passionate moan she had ever allowed to escape her lips as he reached up further and further inside her, working the hell outta her G-spot. The wetness just continued to flow from her to the point where it was running down between her thighs, and he was enjoying ever sigh, moan, and cry that escaped her lips. "Come on, girl. Cum for me", he said as he inserted two more fingers into her dripping wet pussy, and worked them all inside her in different directions and at different angles. Vee began to feel weak in the knees, and just as she was about to fall to the floor of her bedroom, he thrust his fingers so far up inside her that she felt she saw heaven for a brief moment, and she came with such force that it felt like an explosion inside her body. He took his fingers out of her just as she screamed out "Michael"! and dropped to the floor, his hand soaked with her wetness. He just stood there with her on the floor at his feet, laid out as a dead woman, while he licked and sucked her 'natural honey' off of each of his fingers. "Oooh, girl! Damn, you taste so good. I'm not done with you yet. I'm still thirsty. Get up here, girl"! he demanded as he lifted her up from the carpeted bedroom floor, and laid her back on her bed.

Laying back on that bed, Vee felt like she was in another world, or at least another dimension. She couldn't move or speak, yet he had not gagged or restrained her, but certainly this was some *magic* that only he possessed. She watched him remove his hoodie, and undo the front of his pants. She watched as he let those same pants fall to the floor around his ankles. He was wearing black silky briefs, and she almost choked when she saw the front of those briefs. He was HUGE, his hard dick protruding out in front of him like a missile, somehow sensing it was on a 'search and destroy mission', one that it was apparently equipped to carry out without fail. She was afraid of it, yet she wanted it like nothing she ever wanted before in life. She wanted him inside her...now! but she knew he wasn't playing by HER rules...no...he had a plan of his own.

When he was done undressing, he knelt down on his knees on the floor between her legs on the side of her bed, intent to finish licking and sucking her pussy dry of the wetness he caused before. He loved and thoroughly enjoyed the smell and taste of her womanliness. She could tell by how he took his time that he loved everything about women, their softness, the way their bodies were made, their smell, their taste, and how every woman is different in all those same areas. To her, it just seemed like it turned him on more to know he was exciting her and making her climax; in other words, he cared more for HER pleasure than his own. With every flick of his tongue, her mind moved further away from calling the police to wanting him to never stop. He buried his face in her juicy wetness, enjoying it, even savoring it, this flood he had caused between her thighs. He even loved her big, juicy thighs and she could tell this by how he rubbed and squeezed them while he was pleasuring her. As he ran his tongue along the slit between her legs, and parted it occasionally, she almost felt like she was slipping in and out of consciousness. She wanted to moan and scream and show him how turned on she was, but no sound that could come out of her seemed to be able to effectively convey the TRUE pleasure she was being given by Michael, but when he plunged his tongue into her, she let out a sound that she had never dreamed she could make, or that any woman had ever made before her...EVER! Her hips raised up off the bed as she came yet again at his insistence, and his mouth was there to catch every drop of her sweetness yet again. He slurped up her wetness as it poured out of her like a fountain, like he needed it to live or breathe. When he was done, he sighed with a look of intense satisfaction on his face, yet a hint of naughtiness remained. She knew what was next...

Before Vee could say anything, Michael had slid his body up onto hers, and was looking deeply into her eyes. He said, "I have went easy with you...until now. Now, your punishment begins. I hope you can handle it...I hope you can handle me..." She felt a rush of excitement tinged with fear, as he rolled up off her in a single movement, to remove his underwear. There it was...his *magic stick* in all its glory...big and erect, and tonight, it was all hers. Before she knew what happened, he had grabbed her by her arm and pulled her up to a sitting position on the side of the bed. Then he said, "I wanna' fuck your mouth. Open your mouth...wide. Do it now"! She opened her mouth wide as he commanded her to do, and she had not a chance to protest because, he grabbed the back of her head pulling her forward towards him with such force, and he thrust his dick literally to the back of her throat so that she gagged when this happened. She was a little angry that he was treating her in this way, but she let her tongue taste him, and she had to admit, if only to herself, that he tasted yummy. She wanted more of his 'candy'. As he held the back of her head, forcing her to suck him, she stopped resisting and closed her mouth around his dick, and let her tongue roam all over it, discovering every vein and texture there was on it. Then, she took his dick in her hand at the base of it and began sucking the life out of it. He was caught off guard, and let her head go, and was lost in the moment, his head thrown back as he stood there, getting his dick sucked so fucking good that he was practically standing up on his toes to avoid cumming so fast. Vee felt she'd play with him, and hum on it, blow on it, and playfully lick the head of it, letting the tip of her tongue touch the opening of it. He was moaning so loud and she wanted to make him cum, so she could know what that tasted like from him, but he pushed her away, and stepped back away from her. He had to walk it off because otherwise, he would have cum right then at that very moment. So, he paced around the room, releasing his frustration. There was no way he was going to be made to cum so fast when he hadn't even gotten the chance to fuck her yet. Oh hell no...

He went around to the other side of her bed, and laid down. He said, "Come here. Now! Crawl over to me on this bed, and then climb on top of me and ride my dick. If it hurts, you just take the pain, and keep it going. Got it"? She just looked at him and nodded a yes. She crawled over to him, and he held his amazing cock straight as she climbed onto it, but he stopped her before she could put it inside her. No, he wanted the pleasure of 'hurting' her. As Vee straddled his hips, he said, "Position yourself right over me so that the opening is touching the head of my dick". She did as she was told and positioned herself over him as he instructed. He then grabbed her hips, and slammed her down onto his dick, and she screamed from the pain of it, as he held her down on it, all the way up inside her, and he even raised his hips up off the bed with her still on him, just making sure he was all up in her. He started moving her hips around on him, and he moved his hips around to, grinding her pussy until she was in tears. He didn't seem to notice or care. When he lowered his hips back down on the bed, he was still holding onto her hips, moving her back and forth on him, and occasionally lifting her up off him only to slam her back down onto his massive dick. "Oh Michael! Oh Michael! Please baby! Please stop! Please! I can't take it anymore"! she cried. He just kept right on fucking her, seemingly oblivious to her pain. "Just be quiet, girl. I told you I was going to punish you, but admit it...you love it. You know you love me all up in you". She couldn't lie. She did love it. He made her feel like a virgin all over again. This was definitely a new experience.

As she rode him, he decided to lift her gown up over her head and take it off so he could see all of her, and once he did, he loved the view. Her big, beautiful breasts bouncing in front of him as she rode him, he just had to squeeze them. Hell, who was he kidding? he had to lick 'em and suck 'em, too, and that's just what he did, allowing his tongue to play with her nipples and every now and then, he'd nibble on them and twist them between his fingers and pull on them, all in the name of 'punishment' of course. And Vee admitted to herself that she loved this 'punishment' that Michael was inflicting upon her, and was now willing to take whatever he was planning to dish out.

Before she could think twice, he threw her over onto the bed off of him, got between her legs, lifted her hips off the bed locking her legs around his arms, and he thrust deeply into her, pulling her hips up and off the bed towards him each time. He made a rolling motion with his hips, moving his hips around, working himself farther and farther up into her hungry, wet pussy. Truth be told, he loved the feeling of her inside. To him, it felt like his dick was between two velvety soft marshmallows. The thought of this turned him on even more, and he began to thrust away at her, fully wanting to rip her inside. He was uninhibited and primal in his passion. He wanted to draw blood, though he knew she was no virgin. His dick was throbbing, but yet, he wasn't ready to cum. He knew he had fallen for Vee, but right then, all he wanted to see from her were blood, sweat, and tears...

Michael laid down on his back, and ordered Vee to lay down on him, but in the '69' position. She did this, and he immediately began to devour her already beat up pussy. He held her hips down on his face as he slowly licked her up and down, not missing a spot. It felt so good to her that she could hardly control herself, and she started sucking him. It was literally vibrating in her mouth against her tongue. This intrigued her, so she held it firmly at the base and started licking it up and down like a lollipop, taking her time, her body flushing with the thought of what she was doing to him, and how he was making her feel. She deep-throated him in a sudden rush of passion as he stuck his tongue into her, moving it all around. It didn't surprise her when he suddenly hit her spot, and she started going crazy with lust and passion, and grinding her pussy against his tongue. She came and he was again right there to slurp it all up. She started sucking him really hard, gripping his dick tight in her fist, furiously sucking it, desiring more than anything for him to cum in her mouth. She had to taste it now! and taste it, she would! She kept going with the pace she had set to work him up into a lustful fit, and he could not resist what she was doing to him, although he wanted to be in complete control of this little 'liaison'. He let her have her way with him...he gave in to her...and when he came, it was like an explosion of white all over her face, in her mouth, and down her throat. She was not put off by this; she loved it, rubbing his dick all over her face, licking it, tasting his manliness, enjoying the smell and taste of him. She licked off every drop from the base of his dick to the head of it. He was shaking and breathing hard underneath her as the passion was subsiding from their encounter. "What a woman"! he thought to himself, as he lay there breathless...

Vee got up off of him, and went into the bathroom to shower. When she returned to the bedroom, Michael was up on his knees in the middle of her bed, holding a pair of handcuffs in one hand and the leather belt from his pants in his other hand, and he said to her, "Ready for Round 2"?

And my answer is: HELL YEAH! Wink

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He Always Gets What He Wants ;)
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