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Michael is VERY sexy ;) (only 18 and over, please)
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 If Only...

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PostSubject: If Only...   Thu May 26, 2011 12:51 pm


I've been dying to share about a night I spent w/ Michael Jackson. Of course, I expect everyone to say I'm lying; it's the reason I haven't said anything for so long. My name is Yvette. For obvious reasons, I'm not going to tell you my last name. Back in November of 2000 I was a very young but very wise and knowledgeable 18 year old. I tell you this, because I don't want you to think I was some young naive, little girl. You'll figure out why when I get to the meat of this story.

I'm 27 years old now and a successful songwriter/producer but back then I was just starting out as a song writer -- struggling really. So you can imagine how excited I was when I got a call from Dr. Dre. He had originally been asked to produce the Invincible album but declined. Anyway, he told me he'd run into Rodney Jerkins, who was currently working on the project; they were thinking about working on another project together and Rodney got a chance to hear some of my work.

He asked about me, and Dr. Dre said he'd get in touch with me. To make a long story short, they asked me to submit a couple of songs for the album!!!! I mean, I was on cloud nine but that's not what this story is about. After hearing the songs, Michael asked to meet with me too and we began working on some harmonies and vocals together for a couple of songs that he was thinking of including in the album. Just imagining Michael Jackson singing one of my songs was overwhelming but I decided to play it cool and not show my desperation. Really, I didn't want to be pushy about my songs, I was just so honored to be working with him!

We spent a lot of time together and of course, as you've all heard, Michael is very nice and every inch the gentleman, but after a while I got the feeling that somehow he liked me. You have to understand, Michael on stage is one thing but Michael in person is another. He's very polite and that in and of itself is charming. He's also very touchy feely, I swear! He's always touching you on the shoulder or on the knee, asking if you're okay, if you need anything. Any girl would feel totally charmed by him, so I was confused. I thought he liked me but I told myself that he was just being nice to me, as he was to everyone.

To be honest, I didn't think I was someone he'd be interested in. I mean I was very young and I wasn't White. There I said it. Rumor was that Michael was either gay or just into White women, and I'm afraid I kind of believed it. I'm a Black/Latina woman, so I didn't even dream that he'd be interested in me.

Well, on this night, the night that I'm speaking of, Michael was really paying attention to me. I mean like really. Every time I looked up, I caught him staring at me with his deep, dark eyes. You know in person, with out the makeup, Michael is really handsome -- more than he is on stage. That night he was dressed like a regular person, like he often was whenever we hung out after working in the studio. He was wearing his uniform, black pants, leather penny loafers, his Fedora and a red shirt with a white T-shirt underneath. People in the studio used to tease him all the time that he had at least 50 red shirts in his closet. Michael just laughed. He liked to laugh, and during the time I worked for him I never saw him get mad or offended, even though he was very serious about his music.

Okay, so you can tell that I liked him very much as a person,and it had occurred to me that maybe I was taking my like of him as a person and making it into something it wasn't, but I swear to you, he was STARING at me!!!

So on that night we finished up at the studio, Michael asked if I wanted to come back to his place to hang out -- I mean not just me, myself and a few of the other people who were there. So I said yes. Michael had a car waiting for him and a couple of us rode in the car with him. Everyone kind of piled in but Michael waited for me to get in and then sat next to me. It was weird feeling his thigh pressed against my own and I have to say for a slim guy, he's very muscular. I kept staring at his hands but I could feel his eyes on me. At one point, I swear he placed his hand on the back of my head and was stroking my hair but I was so shocked I swung my head in his direction and broke contact. He just smiled at me,and I smiled back.

"You all right?" He asked me, and I said okay because I didn't want to tell him what I was thinking. It wasn't until we got back to his place that I really started to notice that Michael was flirting with me. And I wasn't the only one. A couple of other people winked at me during the night. One of the background singers said, "I think Michael likes you." I just sucked my teeth and said, "Pullease" but I was thinking the same thing.
As the evening carried on he seemed to get bolder and bolder. I mean we were having fun, drinking wine. I don't know how many glasses he had, six or seven, but at one point he leaned over and whispered in my ear, "I meant to tell you earlier that you look very nice today," and when I laughed and said, "Oh thank you" he said, "Don't be shy. You know you're beautiful." My mouth could have hit the floor! I almost said out loud, "I knew it!". But I said nothing even though I couldn't stop smiling.

Someone called him and he went and spoke to them but when I tried to pass him to go get another drink, he grabbed me around my waste and pulled me behind him and said, "Let me get that for you." He poured me a glass of wine, and poured himself one and handed it to me. I took it, and he said, "Cheers", as he brought the glass to his lips. I remember I was so busy watching his mouth, I almost forgot to drink, but at the last minute I caught myself and said, "Cheers" and took a sip of the wine. He laughed, and while staring at me again, over the rim of his glass, raised his eyebrows a little, as if he wanted me to know that he knew what I was thinking.

I can't tell you how many times that night I found him pressed up against me, as he reached to get something or turn something off. He always apologized and smiled but by the night was over, I knew for a fact that Michael was trying to tell me something. I mean, I never looked at him that way. I respected him as an artist and like I said, I was awed to be working with him; it never in my wildest dreams occurred to me that I'd be at his place, having the man come on to me.

Towards the end of the night, I figured I needed to get the hell out of there before my imagination carried me away. So other people were leaving and I approached Michael to thank him for the evening and tell him I was going to leave, too. I'll never forget this. He looked at me very slowly through his eyelashes and said in a soft voice, "You're leaving already? I kind of thought you might like to stay."

My mouth opened and closed several times with no sound coming out and somehow I managed to say okay. After everyone left, and a couple of them smirked and smiled when they saw that I wasn't leaving, we sat down and Michael started talking. I never realized how much he liked to talk. He talked about being a musician all his life, he asked me how I got started in the industry, I mean we talked about everything. Since both of us had a lot of wine, we were feeling really inhibited and nothing seemed to be off the table. So I wasn't surprised when he asked me if I had a boyfriend.

Quickly, too quickly I guess, I said, "NO!" and he laughed, and then, to cover up my eagerness in answering him, I said in a really bold, seductive voice, "How about you, Mr. Jackson, do YOU have a girlfriend"? It took a long time for him to answer me. I got the feeling that he wasn't going to answer at all. He just kept staring at me with those dark eyes. "No," he said finally, shrugging.

"Really?" I asked him teasingly, "But don't you get lonely"? I asked the last question in a sing-song voice. I was thinking of Janet's song, I Get Lonely, and kind of asked the question singing it in that melody.

He again looked at me for a long time with those dark eyes, so long I again thought he wasn't going to answer. He seemed to be thinking about something really hard. Then he said, "Yeah, I get lonely sometimes" and he leaned forward and kissed me. Michael lips were very soft, and he pulled my bottom lip into his mouth and sucked on it and then stroked the top of my lip with his tongue. God, he was great kisser. He must have realized that I was leaning into him and not pulling away because then all of sudden his kisses got harder and more urgent. He stuck his tongue in my mouth and he taste like wine and cinnamon, I guess from the gum he'd been chewing. His hands, those big hands I was staring at in the car, started moving under my shirt and across my back and over my ribs. He squeezed my waist and let out a groan against my lips. Tentatively, his hands moved up to my breast and when I didn't move away, he pushed his hands underneath the cups of my bra and put his palms on my breast and squeezed. Now I was groaning, too. He undid my bra and stopped massaging my breasts so he could unbutton my shirt.

Well, since he was undressing me, I didn't want to be the only one undressed, so I started undoing his pants. But he stopped me, and for a minute I thought I'd done something wrong. I looked up at him questioningly, and he said, "No, not here." Taking my hand, he pulled me to stand in front of him and leaned down and hungrily kissed me again. "Come on."
I followed him to his bedroom. At that point I wasn't even seeing or thinking straight. The only thing I remember thinking is that his bedroom was FULL of stuff. I mean there were toys, Disney stuff animals and religious pictures -- just a whole lot of stuff. But I didn't have time to take it all in because as we got to the bed, Michael pushed me down and took my clothes off so fast, before I knew it I was naked. I've never been undressed that fast.

I was naked and he was standing over me, looking down at me with the sexiest look I've ever seen on a man; as if I was the Christmas turkey and he was starving. I reached up and started taking his clothes off. He kissed my mouth and my neck as I unbuttoned his shirt and I fell to my back when he started sucking on my breasts so I concentrated on unbuttoning his pants. He was putting kisses all over my body and I could hardly think straight but I wanted him to be as naked as I was.

Well, when I got his clothes off, he was kneeling over in front of me and I couldn't help but gasp. It was kind of funny and we both laughed a little but my heart was beating very fast,and my eyes were wide. Michael looked down at my wide eyes and then at himself and he said, "So I guess you approve." I swallowed, nervous, wondering how all of that was going to fit into my small frame, but instead I smiled. All of a sudden I just wanted to taste him and see if he tasted as good as he looked. So I took him in my hands and brought it to my mouth. His skin was warm and hot, and I don't know how big Michael was, but I'd say it was nine inches at least, even nine and a half. He was so big of course I couldn't put the whole thing in my mouth, so instead I licked and sucked on the tip and down the sides and oh, boy, Michael let me know how much he liked what I was doing. He was groaning and moaning, sucking in the air through his teeth . When I tried to get as much of him into my mouth as I could, he made this high pitched noise that made the muscles in my vagina contract with anticipation. I wanted to laugh and I almost did because I was feeling so good that I had Michael Jackson moaning and at my mercy.

Finally, he couldn't take any more. I could tell, because he had become hard as a rock, and the veins were bulging along the sides of his neck. He pushed me down and made me lay on my back and spread my legs open. I can tell you that I didn't feel shy or nervous at all. Michael kept caressing my arms and my thighs. He kept looking at me and shaking his head and whispering, "God, you're soooooo beautiful." I was melting.

He started all the way down at my ankles, placing wet kisses all along the insides of my legs to my upper thighs. My legs were shaking in anticipation and I gripped the sheets to try to stay still. When he arrived between my legs, he took his fingers and spread me open. I gasped as his tongue flickered. It was like lightening. His tongue moved back and forth like the flutter of a butterfly's wings and an electric shock started at the base of my spine and vibrated through my body. I never knew someones tongue could move that fast! I was writhing and moving so much he put his forearms down on either side of my legs so I could stay still. Then, went I kept moving, he pressed his face in between my legs and locked his lips around me and sucked, HARD.

Everything inside of me started tightening and I could feel my muscles start to contract. I was dripping wet and Michael was sucking on me like there was no tomorrow. Then he moved his forearm off of one of my legs and stuck two fingers inside of me. He started stroking the top of my walls as he sucked and licked. I was in ecstasy. My muscles clenched at his fingers and I felt myself starting to climax. But before I could, he moved up to my lips and whispered against them, "You're on the pill, right? Say yes." He was already pushing inside of me. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" There were tears seeping out of the corner of my eyes.

"Ssssssssh" Michael whispered against my lips. The painful/pleasurable stretching continued until he was all the way inside. God, forgive me I couldn't have-- I wouldn't have said no even if I wasn't. When he was fully inside and I had stretched enough to accommodate his thickness, he kissed me deeply and PUSHED HARD. My walls started contracting and I started coming. "Oh, God!!!!" I screamed, "Oh, God!!!!!".

He put one of his hands under my head and held it to his shoulders and used the other hand to hold himself up off of me and started gyrating his hips against me. I mean, you've seen Michael Jackson dance, just imagine him doing that while inside of you. He did this until I didn't know who I was; I didn't know where I was or how I got there. When I was done coming, he moved his hand from beneath my head and put both of his arms underneath my legs. Pushing them up and far apart and he started pumping with fierceness. His brow was furrowed in the middle and his lips were curled up in a snarl. Sweat poured in droplets from his face onto my body. Every once in a while, he'd lean forward to kiss me or even suck on my nipples. He was going in so deep I thought I was going to die. At the time, I was no virgin but I promise you, I'd never been stretched so wide and penetrated so deeply. He looked so sexy as he concentrated on branding me with his body I felt myself coming again.

At the feel of my first contraction, he looked at me and started smiling that captivating wide smile of his. The waves hit me and rolled through me over and over. I thought he would be finished too, but he wasn't. Instead, he rolled over and put me on top of him. I started riding him. I'm a pretty good dancer myself so I made the most of my hips, rotating and rising up high and pushing down slowly, just as I had when he was in my mouth. He started making a lot of noise. He was growling low in his throat, deeper than I've ever heard his voice go. He was grabbing at me, massaging and sucking on my breasts, and I moved faster and faster as I felt myself climbing up to climax again.

"Ooooooh, it feels so right." He said and as his big hands clasped my hips and pushed me down hard. Then he pulled me off of him and got up. He turned me over onto my belly and pushed himself back in again. God, it felt good. Pulling me up onto all fours, I was shocked the first time I felt him slap my behind. He pulled out almost to the tip and slapped it again, and then pushed himself all the way in deeply. He kept doing that until he must have really got turned on because he just started plunging in faster and faster. By this time I was beyond thought but amazingly, I can remember it in complete detail. He pulled out and pushed in once, twice three times and on the last one, he slammed into me so hard and groaned so loud, I swear, I died! I saw the moon, the stars, the sun all at the same time. Trembling, I let myself collapse onto my stomach and he fell onto his back and pulled me against him. Kissing my ears, my neck, my face, my shoulders, his hands caressed my thighs and my stomach, and we fell asleep just like that.

The next morning was surreal. I woke up and at first didn't know where I was but quickly realized with a blush. Michael wasn't in the bedroom and I took a shower and got dressed and found him downstairs in the kitchen already dressed. He smiled at me and took me in his arms and gave me the biggest tightest hug you can ever imagine. Then he kissed me on the top of my forehead. "I've got to run but I can tell my driver to take you wherever you want to go." He stopped and smiled at me, "Or you can stay here til I get back."
I laughed, "When will you be back?"
"Oh, I don't know, next month, I guess." We both laughed and I told him that I'd rather take a cab if he didn't mind. There was something about being escorted home alone in his car by his driver that made me feel like a groupie. I didn't feel like getting the knowing looks I'm sure his driver would have been giving me. He would know, since he drove us here last night, that I'd been there since last night and was just now leaving. I wanted to be alone with my thoughts, to think about this amazing night I'd had with this wonderful man.

That day, I was in my apartment recovering from a night making love when the door bell rang. The night had been special, magical even, I didn't think anything could make it better, But at the door was a delivery man with a huge bouquet of flowers. I gasped when he handed me handwritten card that said, "Thanks for last night. You're beautiful, M.J." I still have that card to this day.

Of course, we had to work together again. I didn't know how I was going to face him but we both played it off. We actually finished working together on one of my songs, but we never hooked up in that way again. I've seen him at events and he's always been very warm and nice but it seemed pretty clear to me that he did not want a relationship. Even so, I don't regret having sex with him; it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and if he'd made even the slightest indication that he wanted to, I would definitely have been up to do it again. It would have been a very happy ending to this story if I could say he used my song for the album but he didn't. Still, I always wondered how many other women Michael hooked up with like he did with me. I guess that's why I'm telling the story. I don't want to think I'm special, but I've never run into another woman with a story like I have about Michael.
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