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Michael is VERY sexy ;) (only 18 and over, please)
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 Michael: My King

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PostSubject: Michael: My King   Tue May 24, 2011 5:51 pm

My King is mad at me...I don't know what to do. He won't even look at me, nor will he speak to me. In fact, he avoids me like the plague. No words have passed between us for almost a week now. No words...the silent treatment. The silence is deafening. He won't let me come near him, won't listen to anything I have to say. Because of a certain man...a man that came to steal me away, a man that felt he had rights to claim me. Even though I am innocent in this matter, I have been banished, exiled...

I have tried to approach him, to even beg his forgiveness, but I am told I cannot see him, cannot even touch him. The last time I tried to run to him and embrace him, I was grabbed and dragged away by his guards as he turned his back to me. As my eyes filled with tears, I was thinking, "Please listen to me...please speak to me, say something...anything...just please don't be silent to me. I will die without you..." As they pulled me farther and farther away, I knew he would not change his mind.

Sitting alone in my room, I remember our times together; his laugh, his smile, those eyes, the sound of his voice, everything that made him HIM. Picking up a framed portrait of him, I traced the outline of his face with my finger as yet again my eyes filled with tears. I spoke to the picture as if he could hear me through it, "My King, please...please don't stay angry with me, please don't hate me. I love you so much. I will die without you. Please forgive me...Please"? I hugged the picture...

For almost a week, I have slept alone in this room, the one who my soul loves nowhere in sight. He wants nothing to do with me. Laying awake at night in the darkness, I think and feel many things, like what if he never speaks to me again? what would I do then? I'll tell you what I would do! I would climb out onto the ledge of my window, and jump to my death, no second thoughts. Again, tears are forming in my eyes. My heart is aching...I wish I could just drop dead right here...Who am I kidding.

I can feel him near my room. I wish he would just come in and talk to me; just listen to my heart and what I have to say. I get up from my bed, lay on the floor and peek under the door. Sure enough, his feet are outside my door, but after a few seconds, he walks away. Seeing this, I just fall over onto the floor, curl into a ball, and cry. I can't take this anymore, but I know that yet again, I will attempt to go before him, and again, he will Push Me Away, but I love him...I have to try...again

In preparing myself yet again to attempt to go to my King, I write a letter and fold it up so I can give it to him. Maybe if he can't listen to me or hear my voice, he will at least read the letter...I hope. I look in the mirror to make sure I look nice, and I do, but I know that won't matter to him right now. Sighing heavily, I step out into the long hallway, and with a heavy sigh, I make my way down the lonely, dark walkway, hoping my Love will have missed me, and that he will love me again.

Just like everyday, others are watching as I make my ill-fated, yet hopeful walk down this same hallway, and they know that again, he won't hear me. They know that within minutes, I will be dragged back down this same hallway, left sitting by my door, desolate...unloved...unwanted. I know they think this. It has been a daily occurrence for almost a week. I don't like being made fun of, but for him, I can do anything, endure anything. What does it matter if they laugh? I must still try...right?

At this time of day, I know he is in his library, so that is where I head to. The doors to the study/library are open, and the usual two guards are standing on either side of the entrance. They see me. I see them. I know they are thinking, "Ugh...it's her again. Won't she ever give up"? I can hear their thoughts and I answer, "No! I won't give up! He is my dream, my everything. He is my life, my love, my happiness...to give him up, I must die..." Tears formed again in my eyes...It's time...

I walk past the guards slowly, as if they can't see me, and I see him, there in the study, the one who my soul loves..He is so beautiful.I just stand there watching him. His back is to me, so I am hoping this is to my advantage. I slowly start to approach him, choosing my words and my steps, carefully. I have left my shoes outside the study door, out of respect and also to avoid making too much noise. I am now standing behind his chair, and I want to touch him so bad. I want to speak. "My King"?

I see his head raise up from his reading, and he becomes still as a statue, and just as I am about to put out my hand to touch his shoulder, the guards shout at me, and come to take me away yet again. "Please, Michael, my King...please listen to me...please"? I beg him, my heart pouring out of me like water, my tears flowing like an eternal fountain, "Michael, please...I love you. I love you so much...please, I will die without you...please don't throw me away. Please"? I know he hears me, but...He says nothing.

I break away from the guards momentarily, take out the letter which I wrote, and I toss it onto the floor of the study. Then I say, "My King, if you won't hear me, please at least read my words. Please". I let them drag me away again. This is so shameful to be dragged away like this, but I can't let that stop me. As I am being dragged back to my room, the others are watching, smirking. Now I truly do wish I could die. Again, I am left at my door, alone, not knowing what to do.

I enter my room yet again, alone, and go over to my window, the same window that I want to jump from, but I just look out into nothingness, remembering how happy we were before the strange man came making claims that I belong to him. Of course, I NEVER belonged to that man, but he was able to convince Michael of this. Then, my life changed. No, not changed. It was over. It then became like Michael never knew or loved me. I became invisible to him, and to me, that is a fate worse than death...

Shaking my head in disbelief of the past week's events, I go to my bed and just fall into it heavily. I won't go down to dinner tonight. This is all too much for me. I think I won't ever eat again, or even desire food, not even a sip of water. I wonder if he will even read the letter I wrote? probably not. He no longer cares for me. I am nothing to him anymore, just a ghost floating around his home, unloved, unwanted, invisible, nothing...I resign myself to sleep, hoping for death instead...

It is morning now, and yes, I am unfortunately still alive, again to bare another day of being banished. I am starting to feel cold and numb inside. Am I heartbroken? hmph...that doesn't even begin to cover my feelings. Daily my heart resurrects itself with hope, hope for the love which it lost to be returned to it, but instead, it is broken anew, each and every time I go to him, but go to him, I must. What is left of my heart whispers 'Go to him...' I have no choice now but to go, yet again...

I skipped breakfast this morning because nothing shall pass my lips unless and until my King will speak to me. I prepare myself, and make my way out to the lonely, dark, mockingly haunting hallway. At this time of day, he will be in his inner court, sitting on his throne, thinking only God knows what. Again, the others are watching me as I pass, knowing my fate will be the same as it has been since a little over a week now. I don't care. Let them watch me make a fool of myself. I love him...

I make it to the inner court, and those same guards are standing there by the entrance, probably expecting me to turn up, and indeed here I am. I say nothing to them, but make my way past them, into the inner court, leaving my shoes behind. There he is, my King, sitting on his throne, in deep thought about something. I take a deep breath, and begin walking slowly toward him, head bowed. When I make it to him, the guards begin shouting and running toward me to drag me away yet again...

I run to him quickly, and throw myself down on the floor placing my head on his feet, wrapping my arms around his ankles, I speak, "Please, my King. Please don't let them take me away from you. Please hear me. I love you so much. Yes, I know you have heard any number of women tell you they love you, and you've heard it all before, but your heart will tell you whether I am any different. Please, Michael" (sobbing)..I feel him pulling his feet away from me...(oh no! he doesn't want me anymore) :-(

Holding on to his feet for dear life, as the guards are trying to pull me off, I am crying and my tears are falling on his feet, and I kiss his feet one last time. I whisper one last time, "I love you, Michael...more than anything." I let go...at that moment, I feel my heart break into pieces, and I feel myself losing consciousness. I am so cold now, and I feel light as a feather. I realize that I am not in my body. I am outside of it, watching what is happening. Even in death, I love him...

I see a light now, and in that light, others are calling me toward them, and I hesitate because I want to stay with him, but then, I remember he doesn't want me anyway, so I turn away from him, and go toward the light, toward the others. I look back at him one last time, my spirit's eyes filled with tears, again reminded that I am nothing to him, and I continue on toward the light, tears falling as I go. I think to myself, "At least now, he won't be bothered by my coming to him daily"...

Had I stayed behind, I would have seen what happened next. When the guards discovered I was not breathing and not moving, they ran to get help. I was left there with Michael. He got up, and stood over me, staring at me, his eyes filling with tears, he fell down beside my body there on the floor, and he wept the saddest tears that ever came from a man. I could hear him from where I was, weeping and screaming there, saying 'I'm sorry!!! I love you!!! Please wake up! Please come back!!!"

But I could not. He lifted me up into his arms, holding me and rocking me back and forth, crying pitifully there sitting on the floor, the King finally understanding the gravity of what he had lost. And this loss he felt deeply, his tears falling onto my face, finding their way into my own eyes and down my cheeks. "Please come back, my dearest DelVita. Please? Don't leave me like this. I'm so sorry. I know you love me. I do. I love you, too. Please come back, my Love..."

Suddenly, he remembers that he didn't even read the letter I wrote him days ago, and he happens to have it on him, so he takes it out and opens it up, and it reads, "My dearest Michael, I know you probably will not read this letter, but I had to tell you how I adore you. I love you so much. My heart could never belong to another man. I am yours only, and that is for always. I feel so lost without you. Even I feel invisible and hated by you, but I love you with all my heart and soul...DelVita"

He considers her words, and how he believed a strange man's words over hers, and he wept even more. "Baby, I'm so sorry...please, come back. You can't leave me! You just can't! I can't forget you! Please! My dearest, God knows that the love I feel for you cannot even be put into words! I swear! Please! Come back to me"! he went on wailing as the guards approached. "Your Highness, we're very sorry, but the doctor is not available. What should we do next"? Michael thought about it for a moment...

Finally, he said to them, "Leave me", and they turned on their heels and left the inner court. Michael got to his feet while holding my body up, and he picked me up into his arms, and to the amazement of everyone, he carried me down the long, dark hallway, but this time, to his room, and he laid me on the bed. He began pacing the floor, praying about what to do next, and it came into his heart to call his mother, so he did just that. She always knows what to do, and she would help him, no doubt.

"Hello, mother? Mother, I...I don't know what to do. She's gone...she's gone"!!!, he wept into the phone. His mother said, "Michael, calm down. Please tell me what happened". Michael said, "A man came here a little over a week ago, and he began to say things about her to me, and he made claims that she belongs to him, and that he had came to take her away. This hurt me very very much, so I...I...shut her out of my life. I wouldn't talk to her or listen to her...now she's...she's...dead..."

"Dead? What?! Michael! Why?! Did she harm herself?" "No, mother. It was nothing like that. I think her heart could not take my coldness toward her, and she just wished to die...I'm sorry, mother. I'm sorry. Please help me. I can't live without her. I just can't!" "Michael, calm down, and I am only saying what I am about to say because I know without any doubt that man lied to you, and that she loves you more than her next breath. What you have to do is 'love her back to life. That is all".

"But mother, what does that mean? I don't understand". "Michael, love her back to life. That is all I can tell you to do. Your heart will tell you how this is done. I cannot help in this matter, as much as I'd like to. YOU have to fix this, otherwise, she is gone forever...is that what you want"? "No, mother. It's not. I will do whatever it takes. I love you, mother. I will let you know what happens". "I know, Michael. I know". (hangs up phone) (sighs) "I won't let you go, DelVita. I won't".

He laid down beside my lifeless body on the bed, and began to whisper into my ears and heart things which he had never said to me before when I was living, things I never knew he felt. Somehow, I could hear him, everything he said, and it was bringing something in me back to life. The more he talked, the warmer I felt, and the more he said, I left the place where I was, and began to run as fast as I could toward my body. My soul was just about to come back into my body, but it hesitated...

Michael held me tight, and pressed his face up against mine, kissing my face, and my eyes. Then, he began to sing to me, "Lady In My Life". He knows that's my favorite song, and he sings it extra special just for me. I could actually feel my body now little by little, as what felt like an electrical current rose from my toes to the top of my head. My eyelids began to flutter, and I could feel my heart beating again, and I was breathing again. He was still singing to me with his eyes closed, so..he didn't notice that my eyes were open. I was looking around the room, my eyes moving all around, wondering how it was possible for me to be back here. At the same time, I felt so much love coming from him that it was overwhelming me. As he continued to sing, I lifted a hand and touched his face to wipe his tears, and he was startled yet happy all at the same time. "My dearest! Is it you? Is it really you? You came back to me? I'm so sorry. Please forgive me." He hugged me so tight...

I hugged him back, and when we pulled back to look at each other, we embraced again, but this time, in a passionate kiss. No one ever kissed me like this before. It was like this: as he breathed throughout the kiss, he was breathing love and life back into me. The more he did this, the more I knew and understood that I could not live without him...because how can you live without breathing? We ended up making love for hours, each time, him giving more of his life and breath to me..that's L.O.V.E.

Before we slept, he had to call his mother. "Mother!!! Everything is fine now. She is here with me. She's fine. How is it that you always know how to fix things?" "Because I'm your mother, Michael. LOL I know you, and I know what's best for you, and I want you to be happy always. She loves you, and I want you to have that love as long as possible. Goodnight, son. I love you". "I love you, too, mother. Goodnight."

He climbed back into bed with me, and held me tight, our hearts beating as one, more than they ever had before. I guess he couldn't understand my love for him until he lost me, then it became painfully obvious to him. The one good thing that came out of all this? He will never doubt my love for him again. He will always remember this day. To me, the sun rises and sets in this man, and his eyes are my destruction. I am a prisoner, locked away in them forever. Michael, I love you. I really do...


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PostSubject: My King   Tue May 24, 2011 11:27 pm

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Michael: My King
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