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Michael is VERY sexy ;) (only 18 and over, please)
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 *******The Black Hat Diaries, Part 6*******

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PostSubject: *******The Black Hat Diaries, Part 6*******   Thu May 19, 2011 12:32 pm

After the death of Lisa Marie's triflin' ass, and my induction as Mr. M's 'enforcer', I have been settling into my new role quite nicely. This has been such a contrast from my old life of club singer. I never thought in a million years that I'd be part of the mafia, let alone Mr. M's group. I am still shocked myself at all these turn of events. Everything seems so unreal, yet it fits me like a glove...just like Mr. M. does. He fits me like no other man ever could.

I know today will be just as sexy and dangerous as all our previous days and nights together, but of course, Mr. M. wouldn't have it any other way. ;-) I think he thrives on the unexpected, and lives for the magic of being #1 in whatever he does. Everywhere we go, everyone knows him; everyone pays respect to him. Of course, if they didn't...well, let's just say that would be their last time not doing so. (lol) Other than the fact that he is no nonsense, most find him to be quite loveable.

Last week, he gave me a present. You will never guess what it was! Guess!? It was the keys to the nightclub where I have worked all these years!!! I now own it. Yes! hahaha I have never ran a club before, but I would never refuse a gift from him. I know that whatever he gives, he gives from his heart. 'Vee babe, I wanted to give this to you. It's yours. Do whatever you want with it. I hope we can 'christen' it sometime soon', he said making the sexiest eyes at me, instantly turning me on...

I know he is trying to get me into bed, but I have things to do. I am supposed to go across town, pick up some cash that is owed to him, and then I'm supposed to shoot the guy. Wow. I can't believe I'm actually saying that, or that I'm actually going to do it. (lol) Amazing how times have changed. He grabs my hips, pulling me toward him as we stand near the bed. Yeah, I can see where this is going. (lol) I can feel the hardness of his dick pressing between my buttocks aiming for my pussy...

'Michael? baby, what is this so early in the day? Have you forgotten what I have to do this morning'? I question in a husky voice. 'Nahh, girl, I didn't forget, and you WILL be there, but 'daddy' needs a little TLC right NOW', he whispers sexily into my ear while nibbling it from behind. Already, his hands are sliding up my thighs, pushing my skirt further and further up my hips until it's up over them, and from behind his hand finds its way to my extremely wet slit, his fingers enjoying it...

'Damn, girl...you're so...wet...' he moans as his fingers slide over my pussy easily, finding their way into my hot, wet vee spot. I am practically on the edge myself as I am so fucking turned on, my ass could blast through the damn roof right now. As his fingers revel in my juicy goodness, his other hand finds its way to the front of me, up under my blouse, under my bra, and grips my left breast, squeezing it, rolling its nipple between his fingers...I can't do shit but moan...

'Ohhhh Mike...' and before I realize what happened, he has pushed me forward, face down, onto our bed, my legs apart, I hear the sound of his pants unzip, and he says, 'I wanna fuck you so bad...I wanna be inside you...' He takes his dick in hand, uses it to trace my pussy up and down, wetting the head of his massive dick with my sticky juices, and he grips my hips, forcefully taking me from behind, his dick tearing into my pussy with force, and I mean he tears it up, too. All the way in...

'Ahhhh, fuck Vee! Damn, your pussy so good'! Mike moans, still letting 'miss kitty' know he not playing today. (lol) For awhile, he just fucks me as hard as he can, ramming into me, enjoying squeezing my ass the whole time, smacking it every now and then, and then pulling all the way out of me, only to just thrust himself all the way back up into me, up to his balls. I can feel myself nearing an orgasm cause the head of his dick keeps hitting my g-spot like a damn slot machine in Vegas...

'Michael! Michael! Oh yes! Yes, baby, yes! Ohhhh', I practically scream, trying to contain myself, but the shit ain't workin. He killing my pussy like it owes him money or something (Damn Mike! What the hell did 'miss kitty' ever do to you? LOL) 'Nah girl, don't cum yet! Wait for me', he pleads, and I wanna hold it, but damn it, he makin it hard to do. My pussy is so wet now that every time he thrusts, because the room is quiet except for us, you can hear that wet, slurpy sound...

'Uh uh, girl. This pussy is talkin to ya 'daddy'. Come here', he says while lifting my hips and ass up until I am on my knees, and he just goes deep into me, enjoying the pleasurable cries escaping my lips at the moment. With his hands, he grips my ass, separating the cheeks so he can get a bird's eye view of my treasure, and he gets so turned on that he pulls out of me, gets down on his knees, grips my thighs, and begins licking my pussy from the back, moaning as he does it...

The way he is holding my hips and squeezing them, I can't get away if I wanted to, but soon, he uses his fingers to hold my pussy lips open as he shoves his tongue inside me as far as it will go, inciting in me a moan from somewhere deep inside, one that surely even the damn neighbors heard, so no doubt the servants heard me. I know he is searching for my G-spot with his tongue. He is so not slick. lol Oh my God! Did he just...curl...his tongue...inside of me? 'oh yes'! I scream...he smiles.

Since I had never had a squirting orgasm before, I guess there is a first time for everything, and today was the day! LOL I squirt him all in the face, but he didn't seem to mind or care, and when THAT happened, he KNEW he had touched a place in me NO man had EVER touched before, and truly he is the first to do this to me. After licking my pussy dry on the outside, he stuck a finger just inside my hole, and began scooping out my cum, licking it off his fingers. Hell fuckin YEAH, I love him...

I'm spent, but guess what? He's not. He rolls me over onto my back, pushes my legs up and out, and thrusts himself into me with a force I had yet to feel before as long as we had been going out. I thought he had knocked the bottom out of my coochie, and I think he was in fact trying to, but she wasn't giving up without a fight lol 'Ahhh, girl...oooh! Damn! fuck! this pussy is good, baby...can I go deeper'? when I heard that shit, I was like wtf? you mean you not all the way in? LOL

He put my legs over his shoulders now, and put his full weight on me, forcing his dick in as far as it would go, filling me up, stretching me open further. Oh my God! The way this man fucks me, there are no words to describe it! I cry out in pain and pleasure, and surely loving the sound, he puts his ear close to my mouth, enjoying all the sexy sounds I'm making, knowing HE is the one doing that for me. Oh shit! but my appointment! Fuck! I gotta go. NOW! 'Baby, I gotta go now...' I moan...

'I know, doll, but 'daddy' needs you, too, right now...' he says through squinty eyes and gritted teeth, letting me know he's about to cum any minute now. He rips open my blouse and unhooks my bra in the front, letting my breasts go free, and he squeezes them tight while sucking them hard. He is all the way inside me, grinding his hips against mine slowly and methodically, his teeth playfully biting my nipples. Oh shit. Another orgasm for Vee. lol Oh my God...

He is flicking his tongue over my nipples and then blowing on them. Yep, he tryna kill me LOL He slides in and out of me easily now because I am so wet, and he is using the slipperiness to his advantage. 'Michael, please baby...I gotta go...I promise when I get back, we can pick up where we left off...' I reason. 'Vee, please baby...I just wanna stay inside you today...I wanna live up in this pussy. You not going nowhere...' Mike said. I began trying to put my legs down and get up, but...he just kept right on thrusting, pinning my hips in place, his breathing heavy and shallow...'Mike, I gotta run to the bathroom. I will be back before you know it." I say, planning my escape. lol 'What? now you have to go? Okay babe. Come right back...' he says, sighing heavily. I get up and leave the room, all wet between the legs. Yeah, I gotta clean up before I leave for my 'appointment'. In the bathroom, very quickly, I bathe and fix myself up, making sure I have my gun on me...

I do. I sneak out into the hallway. All clear. I am creeping down the long corridor, making my way to the front door, and I open the front door when suddenly Mike comes up behind me, and grabs me by my waist, pulling me back in toward him. 'You gotta get up pretty early to fool me, Vee. lol Nice try though...I'm not done with you yet...' he begins running his hands back to the front of me, moving his hands up and down my thighs, lifting my skirt, feeling me up til he has found my pussy again.

He slips his hand inside my panties at the crotch area. "Mmm just as I suspected...still hot...still wet...still in need of 'daddy' to beat it up", Mike cooed. Shameless man! LOL There in the corridor, he pushed me up against a nearby wall facing him, lifted one of my legs up to his hip level, and with the other hand began massaging my pussy again. Here we go again lol He stuck his middle finger up in me, and began moving it around, flicking in some places, twirling in others...mmmm....

He suddenly hit my g-spot and I was about to drop to the floor, but he held me there in that spot, still teasing and taunting that magnificent spot, my body shuddering, nearing it's peak. Oh shit! he hit it! he hit the spot! got damn! LOL I moaned so loud and uncontrollably that he had to cover my mouth with one hand, but still fingering me with the other hand, my cum running all over his hand as I thrust my hips against his fingers, grinding myself right into another orgasm...this man...damn

This only served to turn him on more. After removing his fingers, he pressed his body up close to mine as he held up my leg so he could work his dick back up into me. He fucked me so hard and so fiercely that the back of my head hit the wall behind me a few times, but I didn't care. I put my arms around his neck and held on, our lips touching and then sucking each other's tongues. As his thrusts became more insistent, I knew he was about to cum, so with one of my hands, I grabbed his ass...and he moved his hips around up closer to me, grinding me until he worked his way deeper inside me. "Oh shit! Damn girl! Ahhhhh..." Mike yelled, in almost what sounded like a growl. He pulled out a little, and just as he was about to cum, he rammed into me so hard that again my head hit the wall behind me, and also my lower back, and in the room behind that wall, I heard something fall off the wall, hit the floor, and break. He had me pinned to that wall as every drop of his cum spent in me.

He held me close and kissed me passionately, but all I could think of was that meeting I was missing. This was my chance to prove myself to him and for him to take me seriously. Now that he has had his release, maybe he will release me. lol 'Thank you, doll. I was so tense. You really know how to relax me' Michael said as he hugged me tight, and then he was off to the bathroom to get cleaned up. Now I could escape! hahaha I went into another bathroom, cleaned up, and went on my way.

As I was leaving, Mr. M's henchman called from behind, 'Miss V', I can come along, you know, just in case there's any trouble'. 'No, Tony. It's okay. I'll be fine', I say, as if he is asking more than telling. 'Miss V', you don't understand. See, if something happens to you, it's MY ass. Can't let that happen. I promise not to get in your way at all. You won't even know I'm there', he said. Hmph...somehow I doubt that. I get in the car, he does the same, and then I am on my way...

Tony and I arrived at the warehouse where I am supposed to collect the money, but true to his word, he hung back, letting me go ahead and assert myself in the situation. Once inside, I knew to ask for a man named Jermaine. I did just that and was told to wait, so I stayed where I was, my hand never far from my pistol. This Jermaine appeared, a smile playing across his lips. He said, 'Hmmm you must be Vee, my brother's latest whore'. Wait...What?! Brother? Here we go again... O_O

"Your brother? and latest whore? What the fuck are you talking about"?! I question him. 'Oh nothing, dear. It's just that I've heard all about you. You are quite popular all over this town...you are known to fuck my brother anywhere, anytime. Sounds like his whore to me', Jermaine smirked. 'Okay, listen, grease monkey! I don't have time to shoot the shit with you. You owe my fiance money. I am here to collect it. Hand it over', I say in my most authoritative tone. He just smiles.

"I won't give him one dime. Fuck him! He owes ME money! That son of a bitch stepped on each one of us to get where he is now. Should we sit back and let him have everything', as he slowly moved toward me, my hand readied itself on my pistol. I would hate to shoot my man's brother, but come to think of it, I am sick of his mouth! 'Especially since he has such fine...taste....(this he said as he made a move toward me, even tried to touch my breast through my blouse). I stepped back...

'Don't ever EVER touch me, ass hole. I am his and ONLY his, you got it, Lee press-on hair'!? I snapped, as I pulled out my pistol, aiming it at him. 'LOL Now just what do you plan to do with that? Do you think I am here alone? I have my men posted in strategic places around this warehouse, any of them capable of killing you with little effort. Now, let me make this simple. If you let me fuck you just one time, I will give you the money, and it'll be our little secret', Jermaine hissed. WTF?!

'Motherfucker, you must be out of your damn mind! I wouldn't fuck you with somebody else's pussy'! I snapped again. 'Oh but you will. See, my brother has never just had only 1 woman, til now, and I know it must be because you bring heat. Just let me stick it in, just enough to wet it. No one will ever know, and you'll walk away with the money I owe him plus whatever you want, no strings attached', he said, salivating at the mouth. 'No deal, you jerk'! I yelled.

I cocked my pistol, but someone grabbed me from behind, holding my arms. I turned just enough to see it was my man's henchman, Tony! He is helping this bastard! :-( As Jermaine cleared off a high table, Tony forced me over to it, and threw me up onto it. He continued to hold my wrists but over my head. Tony said, 'After you're finished fucking her, I wanna fuck her, too'. 'Sure, no problem. He won't want her anymore once he finds out both of us have been up in her', Jermaine laughed. He was unzipping his pants!

He then proceeded to rip open my blouse, exposing my chest, and he began fondling my breasts. I attempted to scream, but one of Jermaine's men came and taped my mouth shut. Jermaine had raised my skirt up over my hips, had opened my legs, and was just about to be inside me, when I heard a thud and a pistol cock. I opened my eyes, and saw Tony laying on the floor unconscious, and Mr. M. standing there at the table looking mad as fuck, his pistol pointing right at Jermaine's dick! 'Leave baby'...

I hopped down from the table, pulling my skirt back down to where it was supposed to be, and started trying to close up my blouse. Mr. M. had fire in his eyes, and an itchy trigger finger. I wouldn't leave him there alone. I just stood to the back of the area, watching everything. 'So...Jermaine. Is this what you had in mind? to rape my fiancee when I am not around'? Michael said, while pacing the floor, holding his pistol. 'Mike, look. No offense, man, but she's HOT! I want her, too'.

'Oh...I see. You want my lady...you WANT my lady...' Mr. M. just kept saying over and over, until he came to a stop directly in front of Jermaine, never taking his eyes off him. 'You so hot in the pants Jermaine? Let me help you, you bastard'! Having said that, Michael shot Jermaine right in the nuts. I was shocked, mouth hanging agape, not believing my eyes. Jermaine let out a scream that was probably heard in other towns, as he dropped to the ground. 'Where is my money'! Mr. M. demanded.

'Mike, man, please. You just shot me. I will need to see a doctor. How can I pay you now'? Jermaine reasoned. 'I don't fucking care, motherfucker! I want my money. Right now, before I shoot you in that damn plastic ass head of yours'! Mike said. I had to laugh to myself cause Jermaine does look like a fucking wax statue from Madame Toussaud's Wax Museum LOL He thought Mike wouldn't do what he said, so he kept fucking around...until Mike put the gun to his head. 'It's in my pocket', said Jerm.

Mike took an envelope out from Jergrease's pocket, and counted it out. It was all there. 'Oh, and if you ever, ever touch my lady again, or even look at her, I will shoot out your fucking beady ass eyes'! Mr. M threatened him. 'I'm sorry, man. Aren't you gonna call an ambulance for me'? Jermaine pleaded. 'Call 'em ya damn self, ya bastard', Michael said. He stopped right next to Tony, looking down at him, pulled out his pistol, and shot Tony dead right there on the spot, stepping over him...

Michael approached me, took my hands in his, and pulled me close to him. 'Are you alright, doll'? he inquired, looking deep into my eyes. 'Yes, baby. It's okay. I'm fine', I lied. 'If had...I mean, if...I would have killed him without thinking twice about it, brother or no brother...he was always jealous of me anyway, and jealousy is a sin', Mike said to me. He held me in his arms tight, always able to make me feel 100% safe. Jermaine just had to open his mouth. 'Get them'! he told his men.

Me and Mike looked at each other, and he said, 'Vee, do you have your pistol'? 'Yes, baby, why'? I say. 'Because only a few of my men came with me, and you and I will have to handle most of this mess', Mike says, worried. 'I look into his eyes, 'Daddy', I got confidence in you, and in us, and I KNOW we will survive this. Let's do it'! I say, smiling at him with my eyes. I make my way to one side of the warehouse as Mr. M covers me. His men are in other places, here and there, watching.

I sneak up on one of Jermaine's men, and I hit him over the head as hard as I can with the butt of my pistol. He goes down like a house of cards. As I make my way through that side of the warehouse, I continue this pattern of knocking people the fuck out, and I see Michael securing his side of the warehouse as well. I thought my side was all clear when I heard Michael yell from his side, 'Vee! Look out'! and I see him running toward me, and as I spin around to see what he sees, they shot him.

The whole room was spinning as I see my baby drop to his knees, blood spurting out from his chest...it's like my life flashes before my eyes, and I realize I had no life before him. I scream, 'NOOOOOOO'!!! my eyes filling up with tears, as I turn to see the culprit. Jermaine and his secret girlfriend, Madonna. Both of them laughing seeing Mike about to fall over on the ground. I run to Michael, forgetting everything else. I catch him before he falls over to the ground. I hold him, crying...

'Baby, no! Don't give up! Stay with me! Don't close your eyes...please!? Please don't go...', I beg him. Through labored breaths, he says, 'Vee, it's okay, baby. This had to happen one day. Look at the life I chose to lead. It was inevitable, baby. Please Vee. Don't cry'. 'Michael! No! You stay with me! Remember, baby? It's me and you against the world? You can't leave me! You can't'! I cry, holding him, rocking him back and forth. His men come and carry him away to take him to the hospital.

Oh it's ON now! A bitch is THROUGH playing! I can still hear his voice, that voice I love more than anything in the world. I can still smell his skin on my own from our lovemaking earlier that day. Oh HELL no! my baby's blood all over the floor. The life is in the blood, and I know if they don't get him to the hospital soon, he will die. :-( I dip one of my fingers in his blood, bring it to my lips, and smear it across, tasting the fury of my anger, I must have an end result to this matter.

I take out my pistol, and I go looking for that wax figure dummy and his overly done up hooker. I find them in the store room. 'Oh Jermaine. You win,' I say, 'I'll give you what you want. Come and get me'. He approaches me as if on cue. Stupid idiot! I am holding my gun behind my back. 'So, you've come to your senses then? I knew you wanted me' he says, so full of himself I want to vomit! 'Yeah, I want you. Oh I want you alright', I say through clenched teeth and tears. I cock the pistol...

As soon as he came and tried to put his arms around me, I shot him...right in the chest, where he shot Michael. Madonna tried to reach for her gun, and I shot her in the face. (Trust me. It's a fucking improvement). She dropped to the floor like a sack of potatoes. Jermaine tried to stay standing even though this was his 2nd time getting shot today. I pushed him over, and he hit the floor hard. I began kicking him with my hi heels on, all in the face, everywhere. He was unconscious. Good!

I told Jermaine's men to get lost, or I would kill them. They scattered like roaches when the light come on in the kitchen at night LOL I left the building. Suddenly, I was colder than I had ever been. There was an icy chill in the air. I hope it's not the reason I think it is. :-( I rush to the hospital to see Michael. They don't want to let me in as he is in critical condition, but I force my way in. I had to see him. I love him so much and we are supposed to get married soon. Please live...


He is not conscious, but he is at least alive and very peaceful looking. Still, I am used to him being all full of life and feisty. I sit by his hospital bed, catch hold of his hand, and I hold onto it for dear life. I lay my head on his bed next to his thigh, and just close my eyes, as tears begin to trickle down my face. I know if it's the end of his life, it is also the end of mine. If he is gone, I don't want to live another minute. I can't live without him. He is everything to me...:-(

I prayed harder than I've probably ever prayed in my life, for God to please not take Michael away from me. He must have heard me because I was awakened to the feeling of my hand being squeezed, and it was Michael doing the squeezing. I smiled at him, squeezing his hand back. He looked weak and fragile, right now, but I know he'll be as good as new real soon. 'Baby, how long you been here'? he asked groggily. 'All night, babe', I say. 'I couldn't leave you here alone. You know that'. I say.

'Yeah, I know....' he says, smiling at me. I get up and hug him tight. 'Ow! babe!?' he yells. "Oh! Sorry G. LOL I was just really worried about you, and I'm happy you are going to be okay', I say. He laughs, 'Babe, you DO know that this is the 7th time I've been shot, right'??? 'WHAT'?!! O_o

THE END (yeah right LOL)

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*******The Black Hat Diaries, Part 6*******
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