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 *******The Black Hat Diaries, Part 5*******

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PostSubject: *******The Black Hat Diaries, Part 5*******   Thu May 19, 2011 12:02 pm

A lot has happened since my husband was 'hit' by Mr. M and his henchman. A lot indeed. We are supposed to get married, but something is standing in our way, or rather SOMEONE. But as time would have it, you become like the person you're around the most, and for me that's Mr. M. I have learned from him that when things get in the way of your happiness, you make those little problems 'disappear'...that's how he refers to things that get in his way, as 'little problems'. God, I love him...

Since I am of the female persuasion, a lot of people would think that I couldn't possibly be that 'cold' or unfeeling as to take care of a 'little problem' the same as my man would, but the truth is, every time we make love, a little bit of his character and ways of doing things becomes a part of me, so that the things I would probably not even entertain doing, being a woman and all, don't seem so heinous or unthinkable anymore. Little by little, I am becoming 'one' with him, in every way.

Believe it or not, I have actually entertained thoughts of doing 'hits' myself, and even finding new and unique ways of 'disposing of the evidence'. Very unladylike. I know. Still, he has wrapped himself around every part of my being, and I can't help but begin to think and act in ways that are exclusively 'him'. I love him so much. I'd do anything for him, and when I say anything, I do mean ANYTHING. Would I kill for him? In a heartbeat. I can't breathe without him. Ladies, watch yourselves.

At this point, I am so in love with him, so utterly 'sprung', that I would have no problem 'taking out' a bitch trying to fuck around with my man. Heaven help her ass if I ever found out. I have developed quite the attitude and am quite 'ballsy' nowadays. He doesn't know this, but I have obtained my own gun. It's a rather beautiful piece, if I do say so myself. A .38 caliber pistol with a beautiful pearl handle. Until today, I have hid it. No one has seen it but me and God. Until today...

Now normally, I go shopping or lounge about, because M doesn't like me to even think about work of any kind. He says he wants me 100% available to him 24/7. Not such a bad deal, if you ask me. LOL And believe me, I do take care of my man. We have a big house, with lots of rooms of different kinds for different purposes, and believe me, we 'christen' them several times a day, everyday of the week. When 'daddy' wants it, 'daddy' gets it. I ain't a fussy bitch when it comes to satisfying him.

Today is a day like any other. He calls for me through our private intercom system, requesting me to come to his office and help him 'unwind'. I know what that means. Sure, baby, I'll be right there", I say as I have already leaped up from our big heart-shaped bed, preparing myself to go to him. What shall I wear? I believe this little tight-fitting black 2 piece suit is in order, and some black stilettos, sans underwear or hosiery. Only a pair of diamond earrings. Hair done in an upsweep. go!

I arrive at his office door, but I hear voices. And, is that a woman's voice I hear! Oh HELL no! I swing open the door, and sure enough, there is some bitch standing there in my man's face! Of course, all their conversation had ended when I had turned the doorknob to open the door, and M gave me this worried look. He knows that I am no longer a pushover and I won't just accept any bullshit answer he lays on me. I didn't say a word, just turned to leave the room. "DelVita, wait..."? he begged.

"Wait? for what, Michael? I don't want to hear it! Fuck her! Fuck you! Fuck all of this bullshit! Keep THAT bitch! I will NEVER speak to you again! Fuck you"! I yelled, half crying, half pissed the fuck off. "DelVita, please...you don't understand. Please wait! It's not what you think. Please? Don't go. Please"?! Michael pleaded, pursuing me down the halls as I made my way through, gathering my things, preparing to walk the fuck out. I finally stop in our bedroom, and I break down crying...

I just collapse on the floor in a fit of tears right next to our bed, scrunching up handfuls of the fluffy white carpet on our bedroom floor. I feel him get down on the floor next to me, and try to put his arms around me, but I jerk myself away from him. "Don't fucking touch me! Anyway, I knew this dream wouldn't last long. I knew you were too good to be true. Just let me leave. Please? I won't share you with anyone else. I'd die first, or kill that bitch", I say through tears.

"Vee, please...just listen to me, baby. It's not what you think. I should have told you, but I was married before too, and it was to her. She came by here to try to get more money out of me. Well, that and to try and get back with me, but I have no interest in her, and I told her so, but she told me if I don't do what she says, she'll ruin me. Vee, I would never lie to you, and you can always trust me. Just because a lot of women want me doesn't mean I feel the same", Michael said.

"Okay, so what are you gonna' do!? if what you are saying is even true. I know you, Mike. No one tells you what to do. You are fearless. How does she hold so much sway over you? I know you would just 'take care of her' if you were so worried, so what's the problem"? I scoff. I roll my eyes and look away in disbelief, as I get to my feet, still packing my things, wanting to leave. He stands in front of me, blocking my way, and looks into my eyes, taking my face in his hands, "Vee, I love you.

"I don't know what to do if you won't believe me. I'll be so hurt if you leave me. I told you I can't live without you. You're my other half. I love you so much, girl. I must tell you that I have never in my career put a 'hit' on a woman. I try to respect all women, but she is really a low life bitch and I want nothing to do with her ever again in life. She always lied to me, and didn't keep her word about certain things, but you? I need you. Please, dear. Don't leave". Michael said.

I felt what he said hit my heart like the sharpest arrow, and it hit me hard, the feeling behind his words, but still, I am jealous, and in that respect, I do not want to listen, so I pull away and try to walk out of the bedroom, but he grabs me rather abruptly. "No! I won't let you leave me! It won't ever end between us! You know that! 'We' didn't just happen, Vee! don't you feel that?! Maybe I wasn't lucky enough to find you in other lifetimes, but I found you now, and I won't ever let go"...

"Michael, let me go! I know you love me, and I love you, too, but it seems that you have some things to work out first. Please, just let me go for awhile, until you straighten out this thing with your ex-wife", I say while pulling away yet again. "No, Vee! No"! Michael said through clenched teeth, as he grabs me yet again, ripping my suit off at the top, exposing my breasts. He seems to take leave of his senses entirely as he rips off my skirt, and there I stand completely naked.

"Michael, no...", I say as he drags me over to the bed, and pushes me onto it. "Yes, Vee. Yes"! he says in a sultry tone. Oh boy, he's trying to keep me here. In a few seconds, he is naked from the waist up, pants unzipped, and he has even taken his hair down. Oh my God...he's not playing fair. I'm trying to cover up my body parts, but he snatches my hands away, taking me in a fit of uncontrollable passion. "Mike,please", I manage while he furiously parts my thighs to get in between them....

With one hand, he holds both of my hands together over my head while with his other hand, he rubs my pussy, working up the wetness already becoming evident with each stroke. He leans close to my ear and says, "Give it to me, girl..." "Michael, no...I..." before I could finish, he covered my mouth with his, his tongue searching my mouth. Before I know it, he's inside me, thrusting away. "Michael, baby, please..." I moan. "Nahh, girl, you know this is mine. I don't wanna hear it. Give in..."

I wanna give in, but I know that bitch is still waiting downstairs, and just being aware of her presence pisses me off even more, and I can't get in the mood, even though I love what he's doing to me. And he did mention other women being interested in him...okay, that's it. No orgasm for me. My mojo is flojo right now. Just who are these bitches!? I am starting to feel my trigger finger itching. Wow...when did I get so murderous? what has happened to my sweet, soft-spoken self...damn

As mad as I am, when he starts talking to me in my ear, and I feel his hot breath all on my neck, and he whispers to me, "How 'daddy' feel to ya, baby"? my orgasm just comes out of thin air, hits my ass hard, too. "Ooooh, baby, oooh...oh 'daddy', oh...Yes, baby, yes...you feel so good...mmmm". And when I hear him cum, his voice strong and sexy in my ear, the vibrations going through his body as he shoots his hot cum up into me somehow vibrating through my own body as well, I cum a 2nd time.

As our orgasms subside and we start to melt into eachother, I hear that bitch on our stairs, coming the fuck up here to our bedroom! Oh hell no! "Michael! Michael! Where the fuck are you!? I know you ain't up here fucking that bitch in what used to be OUR house?! Oh hell no!" she said. Michael was so surprised at what was transpiring, his mouth agape, raised up off me onto one elbow. I said, "Mike, what's that bitch name"? He said, "Lisa Marie..." I get up from the bed, I throw on my robe...

After getting my robe on, I reach into my purse, which was laying on the floor by the bed, and I pull out my .38, put it down into the pocket of my robe just as that triflin bitch burst her ass up into our room! Oh hell no! No she didn't! "Bitch, what the fuck you doing up here fucking my man"!? she came at me with her words. "First of all, hoe, this is MY man, and this is OUR house. I suggest you turn yo burnt up ugly ass around and get the fuck outta here", I said through gritted teeth.

"Lisa, get the fuck out"! Michael shouted at her from over on the bed. Anger and madness filled her eyes as she took a few steps toward me and lunged at me. I step to the side, and let that bitch hit the fucking nightstand. Damn, that's a big ass knot she got on her forehead right about now. hahaha "Would you like some help up, bitch"? I say as I grab her arm, snatching her ass up off the floor, and I hold her in her collar while pointing at Mike, and I say, "He's mine, bitch, got it"?!

"No! I won't let him go"! she shouts, and tries to take a swing on me, and I step out of her strike range. I catch her arm, spin her ass around, and push her arm up behind her back, and say quite seriously, "Look, cow, I am not playing wit yo ass right now. Okay? so you need to quit while you still can. The way I feel about him is no joke. I will not hesitate to kill yo ass over him, so I'm warning you"! I let her ass go with a hard push, and she flipped over the arm chair. Oh well...

Michael kinda let out a giggle, and said, "Vee, she isn't worth it, doll. Just leave her". She heard what he said, and jumped up from the floor, running at me full speed with the heel of her shoe, seemingly about to try and hit me in the head. I grab one of Michael's leather belts off the back of the chaise lounge, and I crack her several good times as hard as I can, over the head, across her back, on the legs, in the face, wherever, and then I snatched the shoe out of her hand.

She keeps on trying to come at me, and finally, I just say 'fuck it', and we go at it! I picked that little hideous bitch up and body slammed her ass properly on the carpet, sat on her, and went to work on her face. I rip her fucking cheap ass earrings out, slap and punch her face until it looks like fucking hamburger meat, and I pull her hair while ramming the back of her head into the floor. Can you tell how angry I am? "Leave Michael alone, bitch, or I swear to God I'll kill you"! I say.

"Vee! That's enough, girl. You're gonna kill her" Mike says. He has gotten up now, zipping up his pants, making her even more furious cause I know that heinous bitch still remembers the good dick he used to hit her with, but now it belongs to ME, so her ass is livid now. Oh well, bitch! Oh well! hahaha I get up off her ass, and start adjusting my robe, straightening it as some of my 'fun parts' were hanging out. lol She gets up off the floor, as my back is turned and I'm talking to Michael.

Next thing I know, I hear the sound of a click beside my ear, and I know it's the sound of her cocking her pistol. But, she isn't aiming for me. She's aiming over my shoulder directly at Michael. This is a tricky situation because if I show her what I have in mind, she will shoot him, and he's my heart. I can't let her kill him. I love him too much. Even if she takes my life, that bitch will go with me. I'll make sure with my last breath that she doesn't hurt him in any way. Hell no...

Michael doesn't move. He looks as if his life has flashed before his eyes. (Don't worry, baby. I got you, I think to myself.) While she's busy staring at him through bitter tears, I slowly and carefully reach down into my robe pocket, my hand on my .38. Yes, it's still there, even through those few tussles. I wink my eye at him, and he looks at me, and his eyes search my face for an explanation, but I don't give one. I inhale and exhale to dispel the fear, hoping my plan will work...

"You left me?! me?! and then now you have moved this...this...slut into our home?! How could you?! no, no, I can't live without you, and I won't let you live without me...", Lisa went on talking her bullshit through her useless tears. Michael said, "Don't call her a slut...she's not like that...she's mine. I love her. She understands me. She doesn't lie to me, and I know she has my back. You and I are finished. Just put the gun down, and you may leave alive". Emphasis on 'may'...

"Shut up, Michael! Just...shut up! You don't know what you want! You don't know I'm the only one for you"! Lisa shouted as she continued to point the gun over my shoulder at him. This shit has gone on long enough, I think to myself, and I elbow that bitch in her stomach so hard that she drops her pistol and doubles over in pain. Michael is thoroughly shocked at my aggressiveness. I see the bitch is already recovering, and reaching for her gun on the floor. I'm ready for her ass, too...

Just as suspected, she thought to pick up that pistol and shoot my man, but I am standing in front of him, arms folded, and he leans in to my ear, and whispers, "Vee, what are you trying to do? I'm not scared to die, and I won't let her hurt you because of me. Please step out of the way". "No, I won't move. I love you. She wants to kill you, Michael, and if she succeeds, I won't be able to go on. I'd die anyway, so just let me handle this. Don't worry", I say. I stand there, in front of him.

Oh don't worry. My right hand is cleverly concealed inside my robe pocket and she doesn't even notice that I have already cocked my .38. She points the gun at us once she gets to her feet, tears in her eyes, and says, "Michael, please...if nothing else, just fuck me one last time...please? It's been so long...I want you inside me so bad". He stepped from behind me and said, "HELL NO! What?! How dare you?! I wouldn't fuck you with somebody else's dick...the fuck outta here". Oh she's mad now.

"Then, fuck you! I'm going to kill you cause I'm not handing you over to that whore", she said in a low tone, pointing the gun at us more intently now, her hand shaking as she looks ready to pull the trigger. My hand is already on my pistol, just waiting for her bitch ass to bust a move. I ain't playin with this slag. I don't know alot about her scraggly ass, but I'm tired of her already. Just as she yells, "Fuck you" to us and is about to pull the trigger, I pull out my pistol...

I say, "No, fuck YOU, bitch", and I pull the trigger. Truth be told, I ended up shooting her ass twice, once between the fucking eyes and once in her damn annoying ass mouth. Needless to say, that little bitch took her last breath right there on our bedroom floor, pining away for my man's dick. I should shoot her dead ass again just cause I know she thinking about it even in her damn dead ass dreams! I bet she'll shut her fucking mouth now. She was almost the end of me and M's relationship..

Michael was more shocked than I'd ever seen him, as he stepped out from behind me, mouth agape once again, and saw that bitch straight smoothed out on the floor. Yep, I smoked her ass. Sure did. Bitch deserved that shit, too, gonna roll up in OUR house, trying to fuck MY man?! Oh hell no. A bitch had to handle that. Bitches gettin it TWISTED, but DON'T...GET IT...TWISTED! My first kill...how does it feel? hmm...well, it doesn't bother me much at all, shit, IF at all. Fuck her!

Somebody get that bitch some paper towels, blood running all over my nice, white carpet and shit. I should shoot her ass again for bleeding on my damn floor! Anyway, Michael says, "Vee, where did you get the gun? and are you okay? Vee, YOU shot someone? You? Damn.." He put his head down, shaking it in disbelief, and began to giggle to himself, and then he said, "Well, today, you made history. I was wondering when I would stop hearing this bitch's mouth, and I guess today is my lucky day".

Honestly, I am still mad. I got this big adrenaline rush from shooting her ass, and I can't put the gun down. It's still pointing at her, as if she'll move again, ever. "Baby, give me the gun...", Michael said in a calm voice, coming over to me to try and remove it from my hand, but I'm stuck here in this pose, hand trembling, teeth gritting, fire in my eyes. Before he can take the gun from me, I shoot that bitch again, right in her heart. Now, he is more than a little worried about me...

"Vee! Stop it! It's over. She's gone! Please...give me the gun...", Michael tries again to take the gun from me. With fire in my eyes, I look at him, and I say, "I can't give you the gun, Mike. I can't. I don't know how to release it from my hand. I think it is now apart of me, this killing. I'm so...confused...I'm so angry...please help me...I can't let it go", I cry. He takes me in his arms, holding me as I cry uncontrollably into his shoulder. He tries to calm me with baby talk in my ear.

"Shhhh...baby, it's gonna be okay. I promise. This is the first time you have ever killed anyone. It's a natural reaction. It will pass with time", he says while planting kisses on my cheek and neck. He finally coaxes the gun from my hand. He takes it, wraps it in a nearby cloth, calls his fellas, and when they come in, they say, "Hi Boss, what can we do for you today"? "I need you to dispose of this gun, and I need you to get this bitch up off my floor. It's upsetting to Vee". Mike says.

"Sure thing, Boss", the one which is called 'Tony 5 fingers' said. (He was called this because all the fingers of his left hand had been cut off in a street fight some 15 years ago). Some of the men took the gun out with 'Tony 5 Fingers' and the other men found an area rug in another room, came back in, and rolled that dead bitch on the floor up like a fucking burrito in there, and carried her ass out. Thank God. Still, there was blood all over the floor and nearby furniture.

Michael calls for one of his men whose job it is to 'clean up' these 'little messes'. He comes right away to remove any traces of blood or tissue on the carpet and furniture, and as fast as he came in, he was gone. The room looked as if nothing had ever happened. Wow. "Is it better now, Vee"? Michael asked in a concerned voice. "Yes, baby, I'm okay", I lie. He embraces me and I embrace him back, again upset about the possibility of him being killed today by that little bitch.

While hugging me, he says, "DelVita, please don't lie to me. I know you better than you know yourself. Don't believe me? I know that you are thinking right now 'what if', meaning what if something had happened to me today, but I don't fear death. If anything, it's a great adventure, and I may have to pretend to die sooner or later to save my life and yours. Just be ready for anything, baby. It's sad to say, but that's the way my life has always been. Always. Every since I can remember".

I feel so sad at what he has just told me. What he doesn't know is that I would do anything to protect him, to preserve his life. I would die for him, no questions asked. He's my heart and soul, my very life. I squeeze him tighter now, never wanting to let him go, never again wanting to let him out of my sight. I want to breathe him in, forever, taking the essence of him into myself. He's everything I have ever wanted. So what if he doesn't work a 9 to 5 like a schmuck? does it matter. No...

"Michael, what do you mean about you may have to fake your death one day"?, I questioned. "Vee, I don't wanna' say too much, because I don't want you in danger, but I feel that time coming just as surely as I have ever felt anything in my life, but when that time comes, I need for you NOT to believe what is printed in the papers and announced by TV and radio. Just beLIEve in me, because you know me better than anyone. And always know that I will always, ALWAYS come back to you, ALWAYS".

I am still taken aback by what he has told me. I can't believe my ears, but he really did say what I thought he said. He is so well-loved by those that really know him, and how on earth would they react when this happens? I hate to think of all the people this would affect. "Come with me, baby girl", he says to me, and pulls me into our master bathroom, turns on the shower, unties my robe, and lets it slip down my body onto the floor. I have never felt so attracted to him as I do right now.

I undid his pants, and helped them fall to the floor, and he stepped out of them, and taking my hand, pulls me into the shower. He starts up the shower, and the water is HOTTT, but comfortable enough to bear it. With my peach-colored bath pouf, he pours blueberry body wash onto it, and slowly rubs the fragrant smelling soap all over my body, not missing a curve or crevice. He is very attentive to me, and I love it. I close my eyes, my lips parted in a sigh, as his hands rove all over me...mmm

When he is done soaping me up, I do the same for him, paying special attention to all his sensitive areas, knowing him just like the back of my own hand, and knowing just how to please him. He will tell you there is nothing like when I give him a hand job in the shower while he's all soaped up. He sleeps good on those nights, lemme tell you. lol We stand underneath the flow of warm water, caressing every inch of eachother's body, rubbing up against eachother while remnants of soap remain....

He feels so good to me, mmmm, just touching him, feeling him up, letting my hands explore all of him, and trust me, he has A LOT of sensitive spots for me to play around with, but I don't wanna make him climax so soon. It is fun to 'play' before we make love. Now he's trying to mess with me, all up close to me, his rock hard dick poking me in the gap between my legs, and his naughty self sort of running it back and forth, teasing my clit. Okay, this is soooooooo not fair! LOL damn him!

He squeezes my ass while lifting me up against the shower wall, pushing that amazing dick up into me slow and easy, making me practically drool with pleasure. His body all up against mine, all hot and wet, slippery even, our tongues entwined as we kiss, and I even nibble his bottom lip a little whenever he hits my G spot. "Girl, talk to me (thrust), talk to 'daddy' (thrust)..you got somethin you wanna say to 'daddy', don't ya (thrust)"? Michael coos in my ear, slowly pushing me over the edge...

"Mike, please...baby, no...It's too much. I can't take this...please" I moan, only to have him ignore me and say right back, "Come on, girl (thrust). 'Daddy's' home, you know how that go (thrust). Talk to me, girl (thrust)". I can't even fake this shit no more, damn. It's too fucking intense and too fucking extraordinary, and him all up in me is a beautiful fucking thing. Fuck what ya heard. (LOL Share this? hell no! Fuck that. Fuck ya'll! I ain't goin' LOL nope hahaha) Losing my breath...

I'm digging my nails into his back because he is hittin it just right, and he ain't missed a stroke yet. "Oooh baby, ooh..ahhh, mmmm...ohhh 'daddy', that's it! Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Oh yes! ooohh....yes, right there! Right there! mmmmmmm...Oh Michael, yes! yes! Ohhhh"...shit, I can't stop. Glad we live in a big ass house and the neighbors can't hear us. lol "Ohh, damn girl, ahhhh...you're so (thrust) hot...inside...mmm...you feel to so good to me...ahhh...(thrust) (thrust) (thrust) mmm.."

When I feel his hot, creamy cum spurt up into me, filling me with his warm delicious goodness, it sends me over the edge almost like falling off a damn cliff, my ass ain't comin back. lol We hold eachother tighter as our bodies shake and tremble with passion, as we grind our hips together, making our own furious rhythmic dance here in the shower. My own sweet, sticky cum covers his dick from top to base as my pussy clinches him, sucking out every last drop of cum from his anaconda. mmmmmm...

When we're all 'spent', we hold eachother just like that, in the same position, for several minutes as the high of making love subsides. He lets me down off the shower wall, but still keeps his arms around me, and we kiss and look passionately into eachother's eyes. There is silence for a few minutes between us, but our eyes dance together with a passion that has been there for ages and times past. We understand eachother. We KNOW eachother. We FEEL eachother. I have his back and he has mine...

He asks me with this totally blissed out look on his face, "Vee, would you really do anything for me? would you really die for me? you love me that much"? I looked back at him and said, "Michael, do I really need to answer those questions? can't you see all the answers to your questions in my eyes"? He studied my face and my eyes for several minutes, reading me. He then says, "Vee, I love you so very much, and I feel I can trust you with my life. I want you as 2nd in command, and my wife".

"Michael, you have already asked me to marry you, hence the engagement ring, but what's this about being 2nd in command? you mean..."? I said shocked. "Yes, Vee. I want us to marry right away. That's what I'm getting at. Let's not wait. Let's just do it! We don't need some big thing. Let's just go for it! and by 2nd in command, I mean, you and I will be partners in this mafia family. You won't have to lift a finger if you don't want to, but please say yes". Michael smiled into my eyes.

"Alright, 'daddy'. If that's what you want. Sure. I'll be your co-boss, if you're really sure", I said, smiling slightly. "Babe, this is the best day of my life, 2nd only to the day I met you, and yes, I'm sure", he said right before planting a wet, sexy kiss on me. We got out of the tub, and Michael put my robe around me before he put his own robe on, which always hung behind the bathroom door, and took my hand, taking me into the bedroom again. He said, 'Close your eyes, doll". So I did...

I could tell he went across the room for something, but I kept my eyes closed as instructed. I felt when he came back near me. I felt him rest something on my head, put something in my mouth, and something in my hand. "Open your eyes, doll", Michael said as he pushed me toward the full length mirror. I opened my eyes, and there I stood, black hat cocked to the side on my head popped down cool as hell over my left eye, a cigar in my mouth, and Michael's .45 in my hand. "Welcome to the family".

That is what Michael says to me as he stands behind me while I look into the mirror at the new person I have suddenly become. His smile is really gigantic right now, proud as I have ever seen him. "So Vee...what job do you choose"? Michael asks me, very seriously. I consider it for a moment, as he wraps his arms around my waist. I say, "Vee the Enforcer". No smile crosses my lips now as I stare into the mirror, stepping out of my old self into this new role. Oh don't worry. I WILL represent.

THE END (well, not really LOL)

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PostSubject: :-/ This ain't it   Mon May 23, 2011 9:16 pm

In reading over these again, I am finding that part 4 is missing. Sad I gotta search through my PMs on YT and find it. Once I find it, I will fix this. Thanks.
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PostSubject: Re: *******The Black Hat Diaries, Part 5*******   Mon Sep 05, 2011 7:05 pm

YEY!!!! I love your BHD series. That shit should be on DVD. I'd buy it! Mr. M and Vee the Enforcer...CLASSIC! Waitin on the next one bounce
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PostSubject: Hey Shan XD   Mon Sep 05, 2011 10:58 pm

Thanks, girl. LOL I wish I could put thaton DVD LOL Ms. Katherine might sue my ass though. LOL I still can't find part 4. :-/ Don't know when I will get part 7 done.
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PostSubject: Re: *******The Black Hat Diaries, Part 5*******   Tue Jun 19, 2012 4:51 am

cheers BRAVO DOLL! BRAVO!!!!!! cheers cheers
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PostSubject: Re: *******The Black Hat Diaries, Part 5*******   

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*******The Black Hat Diaries, Part 5*******
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