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 *******The Black Hat Diaries, Part 3*******

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PostSubject: *******The Black Hat Diaries, Part 3*******   Thu May 19, 2011 11:37 am

I could already tell this was gonna be a helluva night. Apparently, while I was away, there were auditions of some kind for a male performer here at the club. I can't help but wonder who these men were, and why exactly we needed a male performer to start with. Things had been just fine with only having women perform. I can only imagine what will become of the club now. Oh well...guess I'll just have to prepare to share the stage with a male counterpart. No time to dawdle. Time to get ready...

Tonight, I'm wearing a low-cut, spaghetti string strapped little black dress, embellished with silver stardust glitter all over. It comes just above my knees, with a flirty split on the side, just allowing a peek of my juicy peach-colored thigh. Working the thigh-high black stockings with the solid black line up the backs. Wearing a garter, but no panties to hold these stockings in place. Shoes? can't forget those! All black stilettos with a silver metal toe. Hair? tousled and wild. I'm good!

Upon leaving my dressing room, several ladies pass by on their way to the ladies room, and in passing, they whisper about some fine ass man or other they saw come in, and about how he was going to be performing tonight. Okay, now I'm pissed! I was supposed to perform tonight! Damn them! I make my way into the main club area where it all happens every night, and everyone is starting to come in for the night's show. I gotta find my boss and find out what the fuck's going on! Oh yeah, I'm pissed!

I find that ass hole in the bar area..."Hey, Nick! What the fuck are you doing giving away my nightly spot to some newbie?! and a guy at that!" Nick just looked at me and said, "DelVita, trust me. You will like him. I can almost guarantee it. Just wait until you see him. He's gonna knock 'em dead tonight. I smell (sniff) money in the air!" he walked away from me, leaving me fuming there where I stood, as he continued sniffing the air for this unseen cash. I am now even more incensed.

I need a drink, so I go over to the bar and ask for a pomegranate martini. Once I get my drink, I find a small table near the stage, and I sit and sulk over looking so hot and not even being able to go on stage tonight. This is some bullshit right here! The man better be good, stealing my fucking spot! Everyone is excited. Wish I was. The lights are being dimmed now, and there is an atmosphere of expectancy that is quite tangible in the club tonight; there is a presence that is somehow familiar.

Since a man is performing tonight, it's ladies upfront tonight, and boy are they anxious! These bitches need to calm the fuck down. I am sure whoever it is, ain't all that! In the darkness of the stage, a man appears front and center, his black jacket all sparkly with black sequins over a plain white t-shirt. He is also wearing black dress slacks, white socks, and black loafers. What the fuck?! AND he's wearing the black fedora hat Mr. M gave me! Not only stealing my show, now my accessories?!

The music starts, and it's the most beautiful music I've ever heard, soft and sensuous...he slowly moves closer to the edge of the stage, readying himself to take the mic. The lights come up only a little, just enough to make the ambiance extra sexy. The hat is pulled low on his head, covering his eyes, and I can see him pouting his lips as he is about to sing. He is really into it...wow. Wait a minute! I know those lips! I know that hat! and (sniff) I know that cologne! Michael?! I feel faint..

Just before he sings his first verse, he reaches up, pushes his hat up a little so I can see his eyes, winks at me, and very slow and sexy like lowers the brim of his hat back down to cover them. I shift in my seat because already 'miss kitty' has recognized and identified her owner and master, and she want it 'on and poppin' before the night is over. (shhh...down 'miss kitty'. he is on stage for God sake lol) He begins, "There'll be no darkness tonight...Lady, our love will shine..."

"Just put your trust in my heart...and meet me in paradise...cause girl, you're every wonder in this world to me...a treasure time won't steal away". I didn't even realize that my eyes had closed while listening to him sing, and I had moaned out loud there in the club in front of everyone! No one heard me because all the women in the club had lost their damn mind over his velvety soft sexy voice. And I came to realize that my hand had started moving over my body as he sang. What is he doing 2 me?

Why does he have to do this to me here, in front of everyone? and I can't help it...I can't even be still in this fucking chair anymore. (Pull it together, bitch! damn!) "So listen to my heart...lay your body close to mine...let me touch you with my love...I can make ya feel alright..." Hot damn! This my shit right here! Fuck these other bitches in this club! I gotta have him. Gotta have him! "Lay back in my tenderness...let's make this a night we won't forget...girl, I need your sweet caress.."

(Michael, you ain't right for this shit right here...) Tears form in my eyes cause at the same time I'm lusting for him, I realize that I really, really love him. He holds his hand out to the audience while singing, and there is a hushed silence in the room as women wonder WHO is the lucky woman he's calling to him. I know it's me, and I don't waste a second getting up to go to him. I take his hand as I step up on the stage, and he pulls me close to his body. He's a perfect fit...the boy is mine...

Women start to cheer, but their jealousy is speaking much louder than their claps and whistles. (Hate on, bitches...hate on lol) "You're my lady, and I love you, girl! oooh! Stay with me! Don't you go nowhere! And I love you, baby" He is just holding me, swaying with me, his body against mine, there on the stage while singing. "Oooh oooh, babe. Dontcha go nowhere...you're my lady...all through the night..." I can feel my fucking knees buckling. His face is burning hot against mine; intensity...

I want him so bad, and not just a quick fuck, I wanna make love to him, in the worst way. As he ends the song, he whispers in my ear, "I love you", and kisses my cheek, so soft and gentle, and as he squeezes me close to him and the people in the club go nuts, a tear rolls down my cheek. No man has ever done this to me before. I pull away from him briefly, look into his eyes, and we embrace in a passionate kiss right there on the stage, forgetting all those in the club are watching...

He drops the mic out of his hand onto the stage, and closes his arms around me, and it takes my breath away briefly. Being so close to him though, I can feel that he is 'happy' to see me, cause I can feel his dick pressing into the front of my dress. Oh hell no! We gotta be alone...NOW! I let him go, pick up the mic off the stage, and make a rather bold announcement: MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE! YOU AIN'T GOTTA GO HOME, BUT YA'LL GOTTA GET THE FUCK UP OUTTA HERE 'RAT NAH'! GET OUT! GET OUT!

HEY, BITCH! DID YOU JUST SAY SOME OFF COLOR SHIT TO ME? YOU AND THAT OTHER LAZY EYE-HAVING BITCH BETTER ROLL THE FUCK OUT! WHAT?! I DIDN'T THINK SO! I CUTZ BIXCHES! (thanks Gem for that one lol) MOVE! MOVE! MOVE!" Everybody was rolling out, but my boss had murder in his eyes. "DelVita, I'll deal with you tomorrow, and only cause I think you may have lost your damn mind. Lock up, will ya? if you're sane enough to even do that". Michael was standing there, slight smile on, amazed at my 'gangster'.

My boss gave me a mean look, then turned and walked out of the club, locking the door behind him. I turned to look at Michael. He just starts giggling, takes his hat off, places it on my head, and says, "Here, I think you deserve to wear this hat. I'm renaming you 'Vee the Enforcer'!" He just keeps giggling. "What is so funny there, you?! huh? I could lose my job now, and all cause of you, and your supernatural sexy, magical ass!" Oh why did I say that?! Now he is doubled over with laughter!

Oh hell no! no he didn't! Now he has fallen over onto the stage with laughter! what the hell!? "Michael! Stop it! It's not funny! Unlike you, I'm not rich! Everyone is not at my beck and call! Stop laughing right now or leave!" Instantly, he stops laughing, gets up on one elbow, reaches for my ankle, and lifts it toward him. "I love it when you wear high heels...I'm fantasizing right now about fucking you right here on this stage while you're wearing these shoes". He runs his hand up my leg....

I shudder with pleasure at the feel of his hand on my stockinged leg. My eyes close and my lips part in a moan at the thought of being with him again. He crawls toward me where I stand there on the stage, and he pushes my dress up with his face, inciting in me the urge to widen my legs in anticipation of his mouth finding it's way between my thighs. "Oh my God...these stockings and this garter belt are so sexy. Oh and look! No panties". He is looking up at me with hunger in his eyes. I'm all his...

As I feel him touch my pussy with his tongue, I can't help but cry out. As he lifts one of my legs and rests it over his shoulder, I hold the back of his head and bury my fingers in his curls. Oh my God! It feels so good, him eating my pussy here on stage. Just imagine if there was a crowd here, watching. Boy, would they get their money's worth! (lol) "Oh, Michael...mmm..." He is teasing my clit with the tip of his tongue. He better stop that before he gets a 'cream pie' in the face..."Ahhh..."

"Oh shit! ooooh! baby, stop...uh uh..." he is sucking my clit, rather hard if I may add. LOL "Relax, babe. I'm on stage, and this is my home. Enjoy the performance" he says. He wiggles his face from side to side, forcing his tongue farther and farther into my now soaking wet cunt. "Mmmm damn, girl. I love your smell, and all this 'Vee juice' just for me?.." "Ohh, Michael...Ohhh baby...ohhh" but when his tongue hit my V spot, oh my goodness! I was about to drop straight down to the damn floor.

Michael stops, catches me just in time, and gently lays me down on the floor of the stage. As I lay here, not knowing what to expect now, I do know I am a little frustrated because my climax was cut short by my untimely tumbling. (lol) Before I know it, he's back at it again, his face buried between my thighs, licking and slurping away. I close my eyes and drift off to the moon or some fucking where. This man is incredible, fucking unforgettable. and what he does next should be against the law..

He pushes my legs up to my chest, holds them there, and starts licking me up and down, parting the lips of my pussy with his flexible tongue, letting the tip of his tongue flirt with my pleasure cave, and then he buries his tongue deep inside me, intermittently coming up for air to say, "Girl, where's 'daddy's' cream filling?" I feel waves of passion ravage my body, and as if a bolt of lightning struck me, my orgasm comes fast and furious, his face from nose to chin covered in my creamy goodness...

Watching him lick his lips after that hot ass move, I gotta have him inside me right now. I sit up and say, "Come here, boy. I wanna taste what you taste". I pull his face toward me, and start licking my own juices off his face, slow and sexy like, sucking on his face in some areas, sucking on his lips, even licking them, and tongue kissing him so I can taste myself on his tongue. (damn, I'm tasty lol) When I'm done, I unzip his pants and push them down around his thighs, and I lay on the floor and I take my legs, put them in the air, hold them open as wide as they'll go, and I smile naughtily at him, while biting my lower lip, giving him the eyes, and I say all low-toned "Come get me, 'daddy'". You think he didn't when he did? LOL Before I know it, he's whipping his gorgeous dick out, already hard, veins showing, throbbing and shit, ready to pounce on 'lil mama. "Girl, you done did it now! 'Daddy' gonna shake the spot tonight here on this stage". With that, he plunged into me...

I scream, but that shit gets caught in my throat. Now that is what I call PAIN and PLEASURE all at once. "Girl, don't let those legs go! " and he just keeps right on fucking me. Oh, this shit is so good. Way too good. With every thrust, the heat of his body transmits to mine and I feel like I'm on fire. D-zam! this man is hotter than hell! Now he gets up while still in me, grabs my ankles, holds them, and continues.

(Yes, I'm still wearing his hat. Through all this 'pussy abuse', I'm surprised it hasn't popped off my head and rolled cross the floor LMAO) ANYWAY, I can't help but think he is punishing me for some shit I don't even realize I did. Oh shit! Now he's licking the tops of my feet while holding my ankles on his shoulders. "Damn, Vee, these shoes are so fucking sexy!" I think he's really excited right now cause he's hitting my G-spot at a whole other angle. He is showing no signs of slowing down.

For about an hour, he has my legs up, killing and drilling my pussy with no mercy. Damn, what the fuck did I ever do to him? I think he really does think he's performing on stage, and technically he is, but not with song and dance. (haha) But I can't help but think someone is watching us. I am almost sure of it. Oh well. Maybe I'm paranoid. There could very well be somebody here getting a free sex show. I guess their ass gonna learn something from us tonight. (lol) Did I just hear something???

"Michael, I think someone's here", I say. "Nahh, girl. We're the only ones here", he says, breathlessly. "No really. I heard a loud sound coming from the back somewhere, but I can't see anybody because of the lighting". "Well, I'm not stopping my stroke for nobody, so fuck 'em", and he just puts it out of his mind. Still, I am now certain someone is here. He lays down on top of me, and pulls the front of my dress down to expose my breasts, then he starts to suck on them passionately...

Oh my God! Now he's licking them. I think I might explode, but I wanna wait for him. I hear someone clear their throat in the back of the room somewhere. "Michael, I know you heard that! Someone IS here!" , I said. "Hey asshole! If someone is here, interrupting my swerve, I WILL shoot you! Come out now!", Michael says, stopping mid-stroke. A man walked forward. His brother Marlon?! WTF!? "Marlon, what the fuck are YOU doing, man? following me? I should shoot your papperazzi-like ass!"

"Michael, I followed you because I want some of her, too. Just a lick, or something. Damn, a brother can't get none? we family, man! We supposed to share!", Marlon whined. "Marlon, have you lost your fucking mind? this is my lady. Do you actually think I'd let you bang my woman? Fuck you! big lipped ass! Get the fuck outta here!", Michael said. "You scared, huh Mike? You scared that if I licked that pussy just once, she won't want your ass no more. Tell the truth, muhfucka", Marlon said.

"Bitch, please! The girl is mine, and so is the pussy. You need to walk them big soup cooler lips of yours up outta here, bruh", Michael said. He has covered me up and got to his feet now to face off with his brother. This is ridiculous. "Just one lick, Mike. Just one. I won't ask ever again. If you not scared, just one lick", Marlon said. I can't believe Michael was actually standing here considering this shit! "Okay, muhfucka! 1 lick! That's it! No more! then you get the fuck out!" "Agreed"...

"Michael, you can't be serious. I'm not gonna let him touch me! I love YOU!", I said. But Michael couldn't hear me. His pride was on the line. "DelVita, it's only 1 lick. Then after that, YOU will tell him to fuck off. If you love me, you'll let him", Michael said. I can't believe what I'm hearing, but I can't refuse my King. I walk over to his brother slowly, looking at him like he's the scum of the fucking earth. "Here it is, in your face. Lick it, and get to steppin", I said, angrily.

He lifts my dress, exposing my inner thighs, not caring that he was about to lick the place his brother's dick had just been only a few minutes before, and he starts to lick me just this one time. The next thing I hear is a click, and I see Mike's arm extended, holding a .38 Saturday Night Special to his brother's temple, and when his brother realizes it, it's too late. Michael shoots his brother at point blank range, right there at my feet, and the rage is evident in his eyes, so are the tears.

I am very shocked at what has just happened. "Michael, I don't understand...I" He stopped me.."DelVita, you are everything to me, and any man that touches you other than me, I will kill that same man, family or stranger. I could never stand for another man to touch you, much less fuck you. I know you think it's cold cause he's my brother, and he is, but you're my lady, just like I sung to you tonight, here on this very stage. I meant every word." He dropped the gun, his eyes filled w/tears.

Marlon started to stir, laying there on the floor. "Michael, please call an ambulance. Your brother can probably still be saved", I said. "No, I don't want to. How dare him do what he did tonight! No! Fuck that!", Michael said. "Michael please? for me? please call an ambulance for your brother", I begged. I looked at him with pleading eyes, so he walked over to the phone and dialed 911. "They're on the way", he said. I hugged Michael to me. He squeezed me tight to him, and said...

"You're my lady, and I love you, girl. I would do anything for you", he wept into my shoulder. "I know, Michael, It is very evident tonight, but please don't shoot anyone else, baby", I said. He giggled, and said, "Can I agree to that tomorrow night because I'm supposed to shoot 4 people by midnight tonight". We both laughed together, still holding each other, when he said, "No, I'm serious. And just in case I have to be in jail after tonight, lemme finish what I started"....

He raises my dress up around my ass, lifts me onto the bar countertop, unzips his pants, and enters me again. The ambulance has now arrived. Oh God! They're gonna see us here fucking on the bar counter while there's a half-dead big-lip motherfucker laying on the damn club floor! "Mike!" "Don't worry, baby..(thrust)...I'm cummin'...I'm cummin'...ahhhh...oohhh...damn girl! and you think I won't shoot somebody over THIS pussy? you gotta be trippin'" (thrust) "Oh Mike..Ohhh" I hold onto him tight...

Just as the paramedics are coming toward the door, Michael pulls my hips to him roughly, and thrusts hard into me, and he cums, fast and hard, and I can feel it shoot up into me like a rocket, hot and explosive. I cry out, and he moans, just as the paramedics are about to knock on the club door. We hold each other for brief moment, and he pulls me down from the counter, and I slip my dress back down into place while he zips up his pants. I go unlock the club door, and let the EMT's in.

"What happened to this man"? the EMT's asked. "I thought he was an intruder, so I shot him", I said. "But...", Mike began. "No, Michael, I shot him", I said. "Okay, ma'am. We're gonna have to report this to the police, and if everything happened like you said, you'll be good to go. If not, well, you'll be doing time", the EMT said. "Yes, I understand", I said. Michael stares at me, a worried look on his face. As they roll out Marlon, I say to Mike, "I will take the fall for you. I love you".

"D, I...You love me THIS much"?, Mike asks me. "This much, and even more. I would die for you. No questions asked", I say to him with tears in my eyes. He grabs me and pulls me close to him, "Babe, I could never let you take the fall for me. I know you love me, but I will take responsibility for anything I've done wrong. Girl, I love you so much", he said. I removed the hat, placed it on his head, and said, "Michael, only YOU deserve to wear THIS hat. You're the O.G. (original gangster).

The End
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PostSubject: Re: *******The Black Hat Diaries, Part 3*******   Sun Oct 23, 2011 11:43 am

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*******The Black Hat Diaries, Part 3*******
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