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Michael is VERY sexy ;) (only 18 and over, please)
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 *******The Black Hat Diaries, Part 2*******

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PostSubject: *******The Black Hat Diaries, Part 2*******   Thu May 19, 2011 11:33 am

I wonder will I ever make it big in the music industry...seems so unlikely. I mean, I am stuck in this club, night after night, performing for a bunch of drunk hustlers and hoes. Damn! There has got to be something better in life than this! Well, there is one thing...It has been a month since I saw HIM that fateful night. Hell, I can't forget him...I don't know if I will ever see him again. I tried to call him, but no luck. Oh well, the show must go on...we have some gangsters coming in tonight.

These men are apparently new to this city, and I heard they have completely taken over, running most of the others out of town. I heard their boss is really no nonsense and quite 'Dangerous'...hmmm...I will be watching for this group when they come in tonight. I also heard they are big tippers, and pretty flashy dressers, too. Shouldn't be hard to spot. The lot that usually come in here could use a makeover and they are cheap as hell. I better get dressed...people are starting to come in.

Tonight, I am going to wear all black. I'm not sure why. It just seems right somehow. I am planning to perform a song called "Nasty, Naughty Boy", and I am planning to bring the house down, so this dress is 'on point' for such a performance: low-cut, black, knee length with a slight split up the side, no underwear, and thigh-high pantyhose. Can't leave out these hot ass red stilettos. Now for the hair...I think a long, sleek ponytail is in order. Just a dab or two of Chanel...and I'm all set. ;-)

I am sitting at the bar, having a 'pink lady' drink, watching the crowd roll in. They are placed in mediocre seating because the gangsters get the best seats in the house - the front tables, right in front of the stage. My performance is just 30 minutes away, and in comes these 5 guys, but I am not so much focused on four of them so much as I am their front guy...OMG! It couldn't be! No! It IS him! I'm going to play it cool and act like I don't see his ass. Hmph! The nerve of this man!

While sipping my drink, I smell the most heavenly fragrance, and I know WHO it belongs to. It is intoxicating me much more than this drink, and I try to compose myself. I feel him right behind me. He puts his lips so close to my ear, and he whispers, "Hey, doll. Did you miss 'daddy'?" and he blows in my ear slightly. I feel his hot, sexy breath on my ear and my neck, and instantly my eyes close, my lips part, and a slight moan escapes them, and I know I am doomed. This man has taken my soul...

Oh hell no! WTF?! What does he think this is?! I come to myself. I keep sipping my drink, attempting to ignore him, and ignore him, I did! That is until he took his finger and ran it along my jawline, down my neck, only stopping at my cleavage. Without any warning, this little deceitful, two-faced bitch between my legs spoke up and made herself heard by the ensuing flood which I felt drench the insides of my thighs. Damn her! It's obvious to him what is happening to me, and he laughs to himself.

I get up and turn to look at him. He is standing here right before my eyes, a nice tall drink of water (hell yes) wearing a cream color suit, a caramel brown silk shirt, dark shoes, and no hat??? hmmm...He is still wearing that sexy ass curly hair pulled back into a ponytail, and he's smiling at me, showing that beautiful smile. He is looking me up and down now, and then licks his lips. "Girl, I must have you tonight. I've missed you so much". I just stared at him. I got my show to do...

The more I look at him, and think of our last 'encounter', the more I know he is the mob boss everyone is talking about! "You are a gangster? Have you come here to murder someone tonight"? I said angrily. His gaze is fixed on me, and he says, "Doll, trust me. The only thing I came to murder tonight is the pussy; mainly YOURS, and murder the pussy, I will". He is so cocky. I can't stand him! I roll my eyes, secretly knowing that if he even puts his hand out, the pussy will jump into his hand.

We are just staring at each other, and he finally says, "Baby, I heard about the song you are performing. I'm kinda jealous, so make sure you are singing to me only and for me only. And oh yes, we WILL pick up where we left off before. Go, do your thing, doll". He grabs me, turns me around, smacks my ass, and sends me on my way. I'm walking toward the stage so I can be standing by when they call me up. Him and his cronies take their seats at the front tables. Should I be afraid of him???

I overhear him say to his 'people', "If you even look at her, I will shoot you. Got it?" and they were like "Yes, Boss. We won't. Promise." I was called up on stage, so I went up, signaled to the lighting person to dim the lights just right and make it a red glow, and I cued the music. I have the hat as a prop on stage and it is placed on a stool. So just before I start singing, I put on his black hat and pull it low so one eye is covered only. Time to channel my inner burlesque singer. LOL

I begin to sing while staring sexily at him, "You've been a bad, bad boy...I'm gonna' take my time, so enjoy...there's no need to feel no shame. Relax and sip upon my champagne, cause I wanna' give you a little taste, of the sugar below my waste, you nasty boy..." The men in the crowd were whistling as I licked a finger and slid it down my dress slowly moving toward my inner thighs. He was sitting there, a near-orgasmic look on his face, just watching me, still as a statue. I continued my song..

"I'll give you some 'ooh la-la..voulez vouz couchez avec mois'...I got you breaking into a sweat! Got you hot, bothered, and wet, you nasty boy." Singing that part of the song, I am running my hands up and down my body, swerving my hips in a suggestive manner, all for him. I am also watching him. He is shifting in his seat, adjusting his crotch every so often. Seems like he can't be still, and it's all my fault. Oh well. He wanted to see the show. LOL Guess 'miss kitty' is sending him subliminal signals. LOL

"Oohh, baby, for all it's worth, I swear I'll be the first to blow...your...mind! Now, if you're ready, come and get me! I'll give you that hot, sweet, sexy lovin'!" Again, more whistles and cheers from the men. But him? he is mesmerized. He can't say or do anything. Can't be calm either. I am looking at his crotch. He is having trouble hiding the fact that he is as hard as a marble pillar. His dick is saluting me through his pants. This song IS the shit though. Let me continue...

"Hush now, don't say a word...I'm gonna' give you what you deserve. Now, you better gimme a little taste; put your icing on my cake, you nasty boy"! "Oh, there I go again! I need a spankin' cause I've...been...bad. So, let my body do the talkin'. I'll slip you that hot, sweet, sexy lovin'." The dance I am doing to this, you will just have to imagine cause it's nothing short of sex. lol He can't take his eyes off me, and I see him pouting those lips and biting his bottom lip at me. I want him...

"oohh oooh...ha! come on daddy...ooh ohh oohh ohho oh yeah! oh yeah oh! come on sugar! I got you breakin' into a sweat! got you hot, bothered, and wet, you nasty boy!!!" "Baby, for all it's worth, I swear I'll be the first to blow...your...mind...now that you're ready, give it to me! Just give me that hot, sweet, sexy lovin'...now give me a little spankin'....Ohhh oh yeah! come on now! Don't play wit me!" He can't take this song or my dance any more, but he is trying to be cool. I got him...lol

"Oooh, gimme that hot, sweet, nasty; boy, don't you make me wait! You better gimme a little taste, put your icing on my cake, you nasty boy!!!" As I hit the high note on this part, I take off his hat, and fling it out into the audience toward him and he catches it, and puts it on ever so smooth. I love how he just slaps it on quick, but then slides his fingers down the front of it to the rim, and tips it down over his eyes...he is so hot...I wish I could pull him on stage and fuck him right here.

My song is now over, and I get a standing ovation from everyone in the room, but especially the guys. Mr. M turns to survey the room, whispers something to his 'people', and within minutes, his guys are rushing everyone out the door, including the employees, and then his 'people' leave, too. I come down off the stage, mouth open in amazement at what I have just witnessed. He and I are now alone in the club..He is just standing there, staring at me. I am weak in the knees, anticipating his touch.

He does his classic sexy ass slow stroll over to me. I want to run from him, but I can't move from this spot. When he gets to me, he grabs my arm and pulls me to him. He takes his finger and slowly outlines my lips with it, and then he takes that same finger and licks it. He pulls my face to his, and envelopes me in a passionate kiss such as I have never experienced, not even with him the last time. He bites my bottom lip a little hard, nicks it, so that it bleeds a little, and sucks on it.

He pulls away from me, walks over to a table, knocks off the dishes and candles from the tabletop, grabs me, puts me up on the table, pushes me back onto it so that I am laying on my back. OMG! Right here? In the middle of the fucking club? He undoes his belt, unzips his pants, grabs hold of the front of my dress and rips it down the front so that it is laying open, and my body is open to him. He grabs my hips and pulls me down closer to his hips. He is between my legs...leaning over me.

He stares into my eyes, and says, "So girl, you want me to 'put my icing on your cake'? Well, I wanna' decorate the middle first". He takes his dick in his hand and rubs it over my pussy until he finds the hole, and he pushes himself inside me with a sharp thrust. Oh my God, I can feel him so far inside me, touching me from every angle, and he is pushing into me so hard, I'd swear he wants his balls inside me, too. Hell, they might already be. His hip thrusts are nothing short of amazing...damn!

The table he has me on is rockin', and I hope it doesn't turn over, but I could care less to be honest. This fine ass man all over me, all up in me, looking hot, smellin good, and he didn't lie. He IS murdering the pussy. He is holding onto my shoulders, and has me pinned to the table. I think he wants to make sure my ass ain't goin nowhere. "Baby, you been missin 'daddy', huh? so talk to me, girl. Tell 'daddy' what you want", he said. "Oooh baby..oooh. Fuck me, 'daddy'. Fuck me..ohhh yes...."

He is squeezing my breasts now, licking and sucking my nipples sort of rough and hard, and I love it! When he runs his tongue across my nipples and then blows on them, it is hard for me to control the urge to cum, especially while feeling him inside me. "Ooh girl, you feel so good inside. mmmmm..." He pulls all the way out and then thrusts back into me about 10 times, and each time hittin it from a different angle. I am becoming sore. This 'abuse' has went on for an hour so far, and he isn't done.

"Daddy, please. I am sore. I can't take it anymore." He pulls out of me, pulls me up off the table, grabs me by the hand and pulls me over to the pool table. "Get on the table on all fours, girl." He smacks me on the ass again, and snatches the dress completely off of me. Now I only have on the red stiletto pumps. I climb onto the pool table, and get on all fours as he said for me to do. "Arch your back for me, girl. Show me what you workin wit". So, I arch my back while making sexy eyes at him.

He takes his suit jacket off and his shirt, but he keeps his hat, pants, and socks on. He climbs up on the pool table behind me on all fours, and says, "You sore, girl? well, let me wet you up..." He then separates and squeezes my ass cheeks so that he can see my pussy, and he pulls the cheeks apart so my pussy is open in front of him, and he sticks out his tongue and licks me from my clit all the way back to my ass hole; up and down, up and down, real slow. (I think I hear 'miss kitty' purring)

Then, he does the unthinkable and sticks his tongue inside my pussy, tongue-fucking the hell outta me. When I try to move away from him, he pulls my hips back toward his face, and stick his tongue inside me again and starts moving it around inside me. "Oh 'daddy', please...no more...it's too much..ooohh...please, baby, please...no more...I'm gonna' cum..." I say. "Girl, it's been a month. You through wit 'daddy' already"? he laughs to himself. Next thing I know, he is inside me again...

He is pushing down on my ass and hips and raises himself up so he can go down into me at a different angle. This shit hurts but I ain't mad at him though. lol He pushes my back down so that my chest and head are down on the pool table, and he pulls my arms up behind me, and holds them behind my back while fucking me. He moves his knees farther apart which forces mine farther apart, and just keeps on thrusting away as hard as he can. "Can you feel me, girl? Can you feel me?!" "Yes! Oh oh yes, baby..."

Now, he lays down on my back and pins my whole body down on the pool table while still inside me. With his hands, he pushes my arms up ahead of me and interlocks his fingers with mine, and rests his head on top of mine, with our heads turned to the side. I can hear him moaning softly in my ear, breathing heavy. He is riding my ass like there is no tomorrow, and I hope he never stops, sore or not. "Ohhh, girl...ooohhh...mmmm....ahhhh...you like this dick, don't you? I know you love me, girl..."

He starts stroking my hair on the side by my ear, the one he is whispering in. He whispers, "You know I'm in love with you, right? I know you do. I can't stay away from you (thrust)...I have to have you (thrust)...I can't forget you (thrust)...please be mine and only mine...(hard thrust)..." I am in tears. I don't know whether to give in to the pain or the pleasure of it, but one thing is certain, I can't forget him either, and I want to be with him, too...but he's a mob boss. What to do?

"Cum for me, baby...Cum for 'daddy'." Now, he starts moving his hips around slowly, in a circular motion, hitting my G-spot. Damn him! He is trying to put a spell on my ass. I swear everytime he hits my spot, I slip into a fucking trance. "Cum for me, girl. 'Daddy' loves your sounds. I WANNA put my 'icing on your cake', girl" (if you're wondering. YES, he IS still wearing the hat lol) He pulls out of me and turns me over on my back, gets between my legs, and puts my feet on his shoulders.

"Girl, you are working these red pumps. I love it! and seeing them up in the air in front of me is even better. Nice view." He entered me again forcefully, knocking the breath out of me. He is running his hands all over my body and watching the faces I am making beneath him, knowing he is the cause of them, and he is secretly happy at the thought of it, a slight smile playing on his lips. I see this through half-closed eyelids. I can feel him throbbing inside me, and his body is hot like fire.

He looks so damn sexy in that hat, face and upper body all sweaty, hovering over me. I swear that hat should be registered as a lethal weapon at the police department. lol Oh no! He's doing it! That sexy look on his face, eyes closed, gritting those teeth, turning up those sexy ass lips. D-zam! And no he isn't doing that body wave thing on me that he does on stage! Damn it! "Oh, baby, ooh..I'm cumming...oohh oooh....ahhhh..." I let myself go all over his *magic stick*, and I see him bite his lip...

His whole body is shaking, and I can tell he is about to explode. I pull him down onto me, into my arms, and we kiss, our tongues playing inside eachother's mouth. "Oooh girl, I'm gonna cum! ooh...girl, get ready. 'Daddy' is about to put his 'icing on your cake' right now, girl.." He raised up suddenly, and pulled out of me, and squirted his hot creamy cum all over this pussy that he just finished 'murdering', and when he was done, I reached down to put my hand in it...and I licked it off...

Slowly sucking each of my fingers. He is watching me..."You like the taste of me, girl"? "Yeah, I do. You got a problem with that"? We laugh together and hold eachother there on the pool table. I don't want to be in love with a gangster, but damn, he's fine! AND he be dickin me down like crazy!...I can't (muah)...let him (muah)....go (muah). "So, girl, what's your answer? you want me or not"? "Yes, I do want you, and I'm yours...ALL yours...I love you, boy".

He smiles, takes off his hat, and places it on MY head. He just stares at me and says, "You deserve to wear this hat, girl. You won MY heart. That makes YOU the smoothest criminal I know"...

THE END...or is it???
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PostSubject: Michael is a Nasty Naughty Boy ;)   Sun Jun 17, 2012 10:28 am

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*******The Black Hat Diaries, Part 2*******
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