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Michael is VERY sexy ;) (only 18 and over, please)
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 *******The Black Hat Diaries, Part 1*******

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PostSubject: *******The Black Hat Diaries, Part 1*******   Thu May 19, 2011 11:29 am

My first gig at the The Cotton Club. I am nervous, no doubt, but I really want to sing, so this is the best way to get recognized. It is the 1920's, and this club is jumpin'. What am I gonna' wear? Oh just a slinky red silk dress with spaghetti string straps, black stockings with the sexy line up the back of the leg, and red stilettos. I better get dressed and get out there. This could be my big break. I'm a little sad...my husband left me for another woman, but oh well, the show must go on...

I'm up on stage now. I better calm down before my voice gets shaky. There's a good crowd here tonight, but the one that catches my eye out of the whole group is this very handsome gentleman. He's about 5'9"/5'10", slim, curly hair pulled back into a ponytail tucked nicely underneath a black fedora hat that just happens to be pulled down so that I can't see his eyes. He's wearing a black suit with a silky, baby blue shirt underneath. Oh my God! I am even more nervous now. He is right in front....

The music starts, but my eyes are fixed on this vision of sexiness only a few feet in front of me. I am looking all kinds of stupid standing up here and I have missed my cue to my song. I am mesmerized by him. The worst part is that he KNOWS he is having this effect on me. I see him give a little sexy half-smile from underneath that hat. Damn it! I wanna' pull his ass right up here on the stage and fuck the hell outta him while he wearing that hat...

I am shameless...standing here licking my lips, feeling myself getting *wet* between my legs, up here in front of all these people, but staring at him, I just don't give a damn. He is well aware of the effect he is having me, so he is having fun with it. He licks his lips, and bites his bottom lip in a playful manner. Sitting there, stroking the rim of that hat ever so slowly...I request another cue for my song, and this time, I manage to start singing. It's a Jazz number by Nina Simone - "I Put A Spell On You".

I am working it now, moving seductively and sexily before him, making my voice extra low and sultry. I think I am turning him on. You might ask how I know this. Well, because the whole time I'm singing, I'm staring at the crotch of his pants, and he has a noticeable bulge in the front of his pants. His chair is situated in front of his table, and he is sitting wide-legged in the chair, leaned back, all gangster with his shit, already owning my ass and we haven't even met yet. Damn, I want him...

The club is dark and smoky, the lights are hitting me just right, my voice is on point, and yet he is the center of attention for all the ladies, but I know he has eyes only for me, and I can feel them watching my body move and checking out my curves through my dress, though they are concealed by that black hat. To me, there is no one else in this room, but me and him, and I feel as though I am singing only to him, "I put a spell on you...cause you're mine..."

I tone my voice so there is no mistake in his mind that I am singing this song directly to and for him. I see him wipe his mouth with the back of his hand, and the shit is so sexy that I feel my pussy twitch between my legs. (This two-faced little bitch, betraying my ass while I'm up on stage in front of all these people! I swear this hoe is triflin'! Gettin wet at the drop of a hat! LMAO) I do a move where I slap my thigh, and slowly drag my hand up my thigh, pulling my dress up on that side...showing my leg almost up to my hip, then I move my hips around in a grinding motion while closing my eyes and pouting my lips seductively. Yes, I am trying my best to seduce this man, and apparently, he is noticing cause I see him take his hand and move it over his crotch. This man is bold! Actually stroking his dick through his pants while watching me up on stage, and he knows I am performing just for him. I think he wants a 'private performance' after this one. I'm damn sure available...

My song is ending, and while I am wrapping up my gig, I see the black hat gentleman signal to one of the nightclub staff and hand him something. My song ends. I give the man of my dreams one last look, and walk off stage, thinking I will probably never see him again. Isn't that how life goes? I am on my way back to my dressing room. I go inside and close the door behind me, and turn down the lights. I take a breather by sitting in my chair, leaning back with my eyes closed for a few minutes.

After about 5 minutes, there is a light but determined knock on my dressing room door. "Come in", I say, not even bothering to move or open my eyes. I hear the doorknob turn, and the door open slowly. Seconds later, I hear the door close, but I know that there is someone in the room with me. I am startled, so I sit up quickly and open my eyes, and there he stands, only a few steps away, and damn it, I STILL can't see his eyes. "Can I help you, sir"? He doesn't say one single word...just grabs me...

"Hey, what are you doing"?! Still, he says nothing, and he covers my mouth with his, and holds me so close to him that I lose my breath. Damn, he smells so fucking good! I am intoxicated by his cologne, and I get weak in his arms. He slowly pulls his lips away from mine and says, "Shhh..." I can't say another word. I am puddy in his hands. I just wish I could see his eyes...I have to admit that he is one sexy, mysterious guy...but who is he??? He hasn't even spoke one word to me...I am intrigued...

He backs me up over to my dressing room table, slides his hands up my thighs until he gets his hands underneath my dress on both sides, and lifts me up onto the table. I can't even speak. My breath and voice are both gone. He steps back, unzips his pants, and he's so big and so hard, I don't know how he kept all that contained in his pants the whole evening. D-zam! He puts his hand between my legs, and discovers a) that I am soaking wet and b) that I am wearing panties for a change.

In one motion, he grabs a hold of one side of my panties, and snatches them and rips them completely off and they are almost ripped in two. He takes them, lifts them to his nose, sniffs them, and holds them between his teeth while he is rubbing my slippery, wet pussy , teasing the hole of it with one of his fingers. "Mmmmm....ooooooohhh...at least tell me your name". He says in a lower whisper, "You can call me 'daddy'". The nerve of this man. (lol) He forces like 4 fingers up into me, roughly.

"Ooohhh...ahhh...please fuck me...I know you want to". He doesn't say a word. He just keeps right on moving his fingers all around in me, then taking his hand out and starting all over again. It hurts but it feels so good, him stretching me like this. He whispers, "Cum for me, girl"...Then, he shoves all five of his fingers up in me, and he has some long fingers! "Oh yes! yes! yes! I'm cumming! oooh" My body is going wild on the fucking dressing table! He pushes his fingers even further inside.

He is moving his fingers in and out of my pussy faster and faster, harder and harder. I have came at least twice so far. I am panting hard and trying to move away from him, but he pulls me back toward him and opens my legs wider. He pushes my upper body back against the mirror, and I can tell he is watching himself finger-fuck me. I wanna' see his eyes, the lust in them, but he won't let me. He pulls his fingers out and they are covered in my cum up to half-way his hand.

He takes that hand and smears my cum all over my mouth, and then he pulls my face to his and he starts licking my cum off my face, sucking my lips and shoving his tongue in my mouth. What the fuck is he trying to do to me? damn...He is between my legs now, fully clothed, wearing that hat pulled down over his eyes, and he grabs my ass with both hands and pulls me toward him. He thrust up into me with one swift, hard push, holding me tight against his pelvis. He starts grinding me slow and hard...

There is not an inch between us. He is all up inside me and yes, I can FEEL IT. LOL He thrusts away in me for what seems like hours. I swear I am sore and half-fucking dead, but I don't care. We got a damn rhythm going. "So, girl, you put a spell on me, huh? well, I'm just showing you what putting a spell on ME will get ya", he says in a low sexy tone. "And I can do this all night..." Now I'm scared. LOL I am all out of breath, I can't even whimper, moan, nothing. I just hold on to him...

(Side note: It's like muhfuckin' Campbell's Soup - "Mmm mmm Good"! Damn, did I just hear my coochie *pop*? hell no! My shit is officially *KO'd*. LOL) He grabs my neck and pulls my face towards his, and starts tongue-kissing me deeply. I love the taste of his tongue and I wanna' bite it off. "Damn, girl. This pussy so tight and slippery, I might be fucking you all night...damn"! he growls between clenched teeth. I cum again after hearing his words...all over the front of his nice pants...

I guess this turns him on because he cums too shortly after that..."Ohh, ahhh...mmmm...oh girl, whoooooooo!!! oooooohhhh..." He gives me one last hard thrust, and I think I'm bleeding although I ain't no virgin. Who the fuck is this man??? and where do I find his ass at next time? He pulls out of me after that, grabs my face and pulls it towards him, gives me a long, slow passionate kiss at the end of which he playfully bites my lower lip and draws blood, walks to the door, turns and looks at me and I can see just half of his face, from his nose down, and he smiles at me, and turns to leave. "Hey, wait"! I yell. He stops and waits without turning to look at me. "Who are you? at least tell me your name. Will I ever see you again? at least remove the hat so I can see your face properly". He turns to face me again, hat still tipped low, he fingers the rim of it all sexy like, and tips it further down, so I can see even less. He turns to the door again while saying, "I left you a message".

"With who"? I said. "With the waiter. I really must be going...maybe we'll meet again. Remember me" he said in a whisper, and on that note, he was gone. I can't believe what just happened to me. I wracked my brain to try to figure out who this man could possibly be. I don't know anyone that smooth. I was about to run out to the bar area when I remember the night's 'activities', and while pulling my dress down properly, I felt a big wet spot on the front and back of my dress, and I realized I had a combination of blood and cum running out of me down my thighs and legs. WTF?!!! and then there was the matter of the small bite/cut on my lower lip. And I think he stole my torn panties and took them with him! I go in the bathroom and try to pull myself together, and I change my dress, throw on a long coat, and run down to the bar, maybe I can still catch him, if I'm lucky, but first I gotta find that waiter. I see him..."Hey! come here, Kenny"! He comes over to me. "Yes"? "You have a message for me"? "Oh yeah, here you go". He handed it to me and turned and left. I opened the message, and it said, "Annie, are you okay??? if not, call me, cause you've been hit by, you've been struck by, a "Smooth Criminal" - 1 (555) 423-7787 - MJ" OMG!!! WTF!? I run outside, and I see a white limo as it's pulling off slowly, and the back window rolls down, and I see it's him. I know he is looking at me.

Suddenly, he lifts his hat, and I see those eyes...He winks at me, and smiles, pulls his hat back down to midway his face, blows me a kiss, rolls up the window, and the driver pulls off...I am standing there, the night's passion still fresh on my body, my body still craving his sweet abuse...suddenly, the limo stops, backs up, and I walk toward it. The back window rolls down, and he sticks his arm out the window, black fedora in hand, and he flings it at me. It twirls like magic through the air toward me. I catch it. The limo pulls off. It smells just like him...

I stand there watching the limo until I can no longer see it. I miss him already. I hug the fedora to my chest as if his head is still in it. His initials are in it. I pull out the note he left for me with the waiter and read it again out loud. "Annie, are you okay?" "No, Michael...Annie is NOT okay...will I ever see you again?" I close up the note and put it back in my coat pocket, and return to the club, missing the hell outta him. I wonder if he has left me with more than just this hat...

THE END (or is it? Wink
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*******The Black Hat Diaries, Part 1*******
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