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Michael is VERY sexy ;) (only 18 and over, please)
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 I Wanna Be Michael's Sex Slave, part 2

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PostSubject: I Wanna Be Michael's Sex Slave, part 2   Tue May 17, 2011 11:30 am

"DelVita, since you were such a naughty girl in the limo, and you made me cum before I was ready, I told you that I was gonna' tap that ass again when we got home, right? so go and sit on the side of the bed...now"! "Yes, Michael". I walked over to the bed and sat down on the side. He seemed a little angry yet turned on. He had that same sexy smirk on his face as he had in the limo. I am not sure I have recovered enough for this 2nd round, but here we are...I have to do whatever he says...

He starts unzipping his pants as he walks towards me, kicks off his shoes and starts taking off his shirt. Damn! he's fine...he comes and stands in front of me, just stares at me, trying to look mean, and he starts running his hand along my cheek softly, when suddenly, he grabs the back of my hair, and hold my ponytail, lifts my face up with the other hand, and says, "I wanna' fuck your mouth...open wide, girl". He takes the one hand off my face, and reaches in his pants and pulls his dick out..

Just from the sight of it, I was *wet* again...(damn! how is he able to do this to me all the time? lol) I opened my mouth, and with one hand, he moved my head toward it, and with the other hand, he held his dick firmly and shoved it into my mouth. When I closed my mouth around it, he said, "Now, girl, YOU hold it, and I want you to suck the life out of it. Lick on it, too! Like you are licking a lollipop." I put my hand around it, and he just stood there with his hands on his hips, watching me.

"oohhhhh...ahhh...mmmmm...baby, you are a fucking 'head doctor'...damn! I never got 'head' like this before! ughhhh....ahhhhh..you better not make me cum soon, or I'll have to punish you more". He was watching his hardness slide in and out of my mouth, me making eyes at him, French-kissing his dick, wrapping my tongue around it, slurping on it, nibbling on it. "Mmmm...Michael...you taste so good, baby...mmmmmmm..." His whole body was shaking...he was sweating and biting his bottom lip...

When I deep-throated him, he moaned out loud, and must have suddenly realized that I was again trying to reverse his game on him, so he pulled away from me. "I know what you are trying to do, girl. I know! but it won't work. I own YOUR ass, NOT the other way around! Are we clear on that? Now, lay back on the bed for 'daddy', and play with your pussy for me." I laid back on the bed, legs spread wide so he could see everything...and with my right hand, I started touching myself right there in front of him.

"Yeah, baby, that's HOT...keep going..." He was massaging his dick while watching me touch myself. Everytime I would stick my finger slightly inside my wet pussy, he would move a step closer to me. And when I started moving my hips around with it, letting my eyes slightly close like I was really enjoying it, he came and jumped on me. He wrapped my legs around his elbows, and thrust deep into me. "Ohhhh...ooohhh, Michael...please...it's too much today...please..."

"Be quiet, girl! I told you, right? this pussy belongs to me, and whenever I want it, it's on and poppin', got it!? so just (thrust) shut your (thrust) mouth! uughh...ahhh...Damn, girl! This pussy so good, I could throw it up in the air and make sunshine! Damn!" Since I couldn't stop being so loud, he covered my mouth with his, and began to kiss me deeply, his tongue practically down my throat. I swear I had died and went to heaven somewhere between the first and second thrust. His dick is magic...

He moved his hips to the left (thrust) and hit it, and then he moved his hips to the right (thrust) and hit it, and then he pulled out a little, and (thrust) rammed into me hard again, but then again he would get as far inside me as he possibly could and then, rotate his hips in a circular manner, slowly, just grinding my pussy. Now he was hittin it hard and fast..."What's my name, girl? say it!" "Michael...ohhh Michael..." "And whose pussy is this?" "It's yours, daddy...only yours...ooohh"

He leaned over me and began biting and sucking on my neck, and made a big ass purple hickey on it. Then, he went down a little further and did the same to my left breast. "I'm marking my territory...and it's all mine, so I can do that.." (I didn't say anything and I didn't mind either, his little Marquise Da Saad attitude. It's kinda cute. lol) He already had my legs in the air, but now he reached up and pushed my arms up over my head and held them there, his body heavy on mine...his sweat on me, his body hot against mine.

"Grind your pussy against me, baby...tighten up on my dick" I started rotating my hips around, grinding against his hips, and tightening my pussy around his dick so that it squeezed it for several seconds, and then slowly released him, so it was like my pussy was giving him 'head' now. "Oh, baby...oooh...ooh...I'm gonna cum! Damn, girl! ahhh....ahhhh....ooooooooohhhhhhhhh." He pulled out suddenly, got on his knees over my stomach, and while holding his dick, shot his hot cum all over my breasts, and I rubbed it all over them, and licked it off my fingers. (Damn, his cum tastes like melted marshmallows..mmmmmmmm.. he is so damn sexy...) He rolled over onto the bed, breathing hard, staring up at the ceiling...he pulled me over to him..."Girrrrrrrl, you wanna' know something? I love you, too..." "What?!"

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I Wanna Be Michael's Sex Slave, part 2
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